This article is about a/an vehicle/robo in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger and Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2.

The Machine Itashar (マシンイタッシャー Mashin Itasshā) is the Akibarangers' red Z-Cune Aoi-decorated itasha Toyota Prius.

Machine Itasha - Car

It can transform into the Itasha Robo (イタッシャーロボ Itasshā Robo), achieved through "Unofficial Transformation" by playing a Z-Cune Aoi CD on the car stereo at full blast.. Since it transforms from a normal car, its' size is nowhere near that of the official Super Sentai robos. To control the robot, a large portion of "Delusion Power" is needed. When not in use, Itasha is parked in the Tenant Building that houses the Himitsu Kichi Sentai Cafe.

Itasha Robo dodges an opponent's attack by performing wotagei and is outfitted with itself with the Ita Launchers (痛ランチャー Ita Ranchā) and the Ita Machine Guns (痛マシンガン Ita Mashin Gan). Once in the real world, Itasha Robo can convert parts of Akihabara into weapons using Delusion Power, such as a Signage Rifle, which can perform the Kanban Bang (カンバンバン Kanban Ban, lit. Signboard Bang) attack, and dual Tsundere Swords (ツンデレソード Tsundere Sōdo).



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