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Machine Beast Tamer Keris (マシン獣使いケリス Mashin Jū Tsukai Kerisu, 26-28): An Officer who came to Earth to help destroy KingRanger. She was in charge of taming the Machine Beasts. Could assume a combat form called Bara Keris (バラケリス Bara Kerisu). First enemy to be killed by King Pyramider's Battle Formation.

Machine Beast Tamer Keris



concept art


Keris was portrayed by Akiko Kuruso who also portrayed Doctor Mazenda and Gara.


Her name is based on Ceres, a Roman Goddess of Agriculture and the counterpart of Demeter.

Behind the Scenes

  • Her motif is that of an animal trainer.
  • While Keris was seen, though not-named, in the background, of the recycled Ohranger footage in Power Rangers Zeo, her costume was not used. Her head and hands were later repainted and combined with Ballinger Z to form Metal Mangler.
  • Reason for unused due to Keris wearing an outfit that resembles S&M. and her breasts obviously. 
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