This article is about a/an location in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

The Machine Arena was an arena created by Prince Gasket where various monsters fought and were spectators.


Prince Gasket used this arena when he brainwashed Tommy Oliver to think that he was the ruler of the Machine Empire. Jason Lee Scott is lured into a portal leading to the Monster Arena with Bulk and Skull unknowingly follow him in. While Bulk and Skull were imprisoned and met a prisoner named Tritor, Jason ended up fighting Prince Gasket's monster Altor in the Monster Arena. After Jason destroyed Altor, Tommy was sent into the ring to fight him. The Rangers broke the mind-control on Tommy and Tritor destroyed the force field around the arena, allowing the Rangers to make their escape. King for a Day

Monsters in the Machine Arena

Among the monsters that were audience members of the Machine Arena are:

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