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""This wrench now belongs to MM Shuurisukii!""
―MM Shuurisukii's first words, upon acquiring Natsumi's wrench

MM Shuurisukii (メチャメチャシューリスキー MechaMecha Shūrisukī, 44) is the Bowzock's best auto mechanic, sent to look for a magical wrench that could make the ultimate modifications to any object, which turned out to be owned by Yellow Racer.

Character History

MM Shuurisukii was sent to Earth with a prototype vehicle provided by Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus, searching for the Legendary Evil Wrench, which was said to be able to modify any vehicle. He managed to steal it, turn it into its true evil form, and used it to adapt the vehicle he was using into the ultimate battle weapon for Exhaus with it. This resulted in a city-wide chase involving the Carrangers and Shuurisukii, who tormented his opponents with the vehicle he was constantly modifying. This resulted in both Pegasus Thunder and Dragon Cruiser sustaining serious damage, with the latter being too damaged to move early on. Yellow Racer, however, was able to repair Dragon Cruiser, despite her initial belief that she was only ever good at mechanic work because she possessed the legendary wrench before hand.

""Time to go giant!""
―MM Shuurisukii upon being enlarged, also his last words

After regaining her confidence, she eventually gained back the wrench and destroyed Shuurisukii's battle vehicle with the Navic Blaster, but Shuurisukii inexplicably survived the destruction of his vehicle and enlarged himself (whether by imo-youkan consumption or by himself is ambiguous, as it was not shown). However, he was quickly defeated by VRV Robo, and was slain by the Victory Twister attack.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • His motif is that of an auto mechanic.
  • MM Shuurisukii's protruding ears give him a slightly similar appearance to the iconic character Shrek from the Dreamworks film series of the same name.

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