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MM Mogu (モーモーモグー MōMō Mogū, 4 & 5)

Character History

Bowzock's best eater. Grotch brought him along to find out which Earth food made Bowzock enlarge, using Ichitaro as a hostage for Souichirou to bring them the food Grotch ate earlier, including Imo-Youkan. However, he brought non-Imocho-brand Imo-youkan and Mogu shrank as he and Grotch ran away from the Tenma men. Mogu stayed this way for a week until he and Grotch made their way to Imocho, buying enough Imo-youkan to turn the tiny Mogu into a giant. Mogu was reluctant to attack, due to belly button lint, until Grotch talked the Gorotsuki into ignoring such a minor concern and go on an enlarged feeding frenzy. Mogu was the first to be killed by the RV Robo, as he was too busy eating to see the final attack coming.


MM Mogu is a very stupid and gluttonous Bowzock who will eat literally any thing. He is very sensitive about his appearance, refusing to go into battle because he didn't want any one to see the lint in his belly button. It wasn't until Grotch talked him out of it that he decided to go and fight. He is also very easily distracted, as he was destroyed because he was to busy eating to see RV Robo's final attack.

Modus and Arsenal

Bowzock's best eater, he will eat absolutely anything and everything. He wields a giant fork and knife, which he uses to help him eat and fight the Carrangers.




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Behind the Scenes

  • "Moguu-moguu" is the sound of chewing.
  • His motif is that of a mouth and the red-eyed tree frog.

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