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MMZ-01 Moe Moe Z-Cune (MMZ-01 モエモエズキューーン Emu Emu Zetto Zero Wan Moe Moe Zukyūn): The Akibarangers assume their fighting forms by using a device known as the MMZ-01, a doll-like object which transforms into the Akibarangers' main firearm weapon, with the activation call of "Jumoso" (ジューモーソー(重妄想) Jūmōsō, lit. "Grand Delusion") that links their minds so they can fight within the same delusion. Its firing is called Normal Attack (Temporary) (通常攻撃(仮) Tsūjō Kōgeki Kakkokari). The Akibarangers' finishing attacks are the Moe Magnum (萌えマグナム Moe Magunamu), firing all three MMZ-01s at an opponent, and the Moe Magnum Mega Moe Fire (萌えマグナム・激萌えファイヤー Moe Magunamu Geki Moe Faiyā), firing Akiba Yellow's MMZ-01 with Akiba Red and Akiba Blue's energy at an opponent. In addition, the MMZ-01s double as communication devices between the Akibarangers and Hiroyo. The devices, however, carry a curse that affects Hiroyo and would eventually rob her of her voice after the MMZ-01s are used enough times in the real world. But once the curse is revealed to be part of in-show retooling, it was dropped in favor for cancellation.

In Season Two, Malseena gets her own version of the Moe Moe Z-Cune called the MMZ-00 Moya Moya Z-Cune to transform into her Battle Mode. AkibaRed can also combine his MMZ-01 with the MMZ-02 Munyu Munyu Zubaan, which he uses to transform into Super Akiba Red, to form the Munyu Moe Zubakyuuun.

Transformation Sequence

Gunmode akibaranger

MMZ-01 Gun Mode - After Henshin

The Akibarangers do a firing pose shouting "Jumoso". The Z-Cune will transform into a gun and Aoi will shout "Z-Cune" and start to form the suits on the Akibarangers' bodies. When the helmets are formed, the Akibaranger logo is placed on their chests, completing the transformation.


MMZ-01 " Hissatsu Moe Magnum "


Z-Cune is a pun on "Zukyuun", the Japanese onomatopoeic word for a gun shooting (literally: Bang)


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