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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 is the first issue of the five-part crossover mini-series between Boom! Studios and IDW Publishing.


The Power Rangers arrive in New York City to find Tommy Oliver (a.k.a. The Mighty Morphin Green Ranger) but soon discover he's joined forces with the villainous Shredder and the Foot Clan! As the Rangers are sent reeling by this betrayal, they're confronted by another (fr)enemy... the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Can these heroes find a way to work together to defeat the bad guys and save the world from total destruction?![1]


The story opens on a series of scenes where various battles have ended. The first is in the sewer home of the Ninja Turtles in New York City with Donatello's Bo staff broken in half and Zack's Power Axe wedged in the floor. The second is at a wrecked Angel Grove Youth Center with Kimberly's Power Bow broken near the counter and Mikey's Nunchucks laying on a chair. The third is in a lab somewhere, with one of Leo's katanas and Jason's Power Sword embedded in the floor. The final image is Rita's palace on the Moon, with signs that Raphael was there as his Sais are discarded, with one embedded in Rita's telescope. During this, an unseen person talks to someone about the bonds of friendship and family and how bonds can create a family.

The Power Rangers are fighting Apocolyptopus, a mollusk humanoid monster terrorzing Angel Grove. They strugggle a bit fighting him and the Putties, as Zack points out that Tommy is MIA. Trini continusly tries to sever Apocolyptopus's tentacles until Billy points out that mollusks can just regrow thier limbs. Wanting to speed things up, Trini asks Jason if they can just get rid of the "eight legged freak" already. Jason agrees and they all summon the Power Cannon, fire it and destroy Apocolyptopus, with Trini celebrating their "undisputed 47th consecutive win" and wondering if any heroes can beat that record.

Meanwhile in New York City, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are once again fighting the Foot Clan while debating on what would make them enjoy being humans if they could change into them. Mikey says it would be great to wear shoes, Donatello says he would like to have five fingers, Leo guesses he would like to have hair on his bald head as he couldn't think of anything. Raphael does not wish to partake in the debate while Leo says that they need to focus on the task at hand for once instead of these hypothetical debates. Donnie gets that Raph is fine being himself, "Turtle Pride and all that" and defends the debates to Leo as a team building group focusing tool. Mikey says that Raph is totally lying, he does want to be human in some regard, with Donnie joking that Raph does have more clothes than any of them.

Raph is fighting some Foot Ninja and holding his own....until one is unmasked, revealing to be Tommy Oliver! Tommy beats up Raph and sends him flying in a single punch, which surprises his siblings, with Donnie and Mikey then joking that a lowly grunt just beat their brother and Mikey wishing he had a camera to take a picture. Tommy orders the Foot to retreat, with the Turtles trying to pursue but the ninjas manage to escape. Raph is angrily sulking on the roof top when Leo goes to check on him as Donnie and Mikey continue to make fun of him, with Mikey deciding to call the Foot Ninja that beat up Raph "Steve" when Donnie asks what they should name the "super Foot Ninja" that "Shoryukened" their brother. Raph then tells the two the best thing about being a human would be not having to be stuck with his three brothers. Leo tells the two to knock it off and says that even a win can feel like a loss.

Back in Angel Grove at the Youth Center, Trini is lamenting that she failed a physics test because she was out saving the world. Trini then goes on to say Mrs. Appleby inquired to her why she was not prepared for an exam, with Trini not lowering her voice and Jason then asking her to when she gets to the part about fighting a "King Calamari" instead of studying. Jason asks her if they should stop being Rangers just to make the honor roll. Trini says that isn't what she meant, with Zack wishing they weren't always Earth's last line of defense all the time as it is very stressful.

At the Command Center, Kimberly is asking Zordon and Alpha if they have heard anything from Tommy, surprised to learn they cannot locate him. She asks if they can track his morpher or something, as Tommy acted weird and told her he had family business to take care of and has been gone for a few weeks and hasn't called, texted or used the Wrist Communicator to talk to her. Zordon says that Tommy hasn't morphed in a while either, but it may be best to respect Tommy's privacy for now and if he was in trouble, they would know about it. Alpha 5 tells Kimberly that if Tommy morphs again, they will get his location via detecting spikes in Morphin Grid energy. Zordon reassures Kimberly that no matter where Tommy is, he can handle himself.

At a storage building in New York, Karai informs her new Foot Ninjas of the origins of the Foot Clan's sigil. Takeshi Tasuo, the ronin founder of the Foot Clan, was once a defeated and broken man who endured and walked bare foot in his own blood to cement the symbol his failure. But Takeshi learned from that failing, regained his strength and rose up to mercilessly crush his enemies. Karai then points out Tommy as an example of one who rose to the challenge among them and to be thankful for the Turtles, as each defeat by the four mutants makes the Foot stronger as they learn and grow from their mistakes and that will ultimately end with the destruction of the Turtles. Karai then speaks with "Tommy Marshall" on the rooftop, saying how proud she is and thanks him for saving his fellow ninjas last night. This has made such an impression that her master has given him a special assignment. But Karai first draws her blade and inquires why Tommy wanted to join the Foot Clan and what is to be gained from it. Tommy says he wants more, everyone in his life has tossed him aside and the world takes care of everyone but him. He wants to join the Foot so he doesn't just survive, it is so he and his brethren can take back what is rightfully theirs. And if she needs more convincing, he says he is always up for a fight.

Later that night, Tommy is ordered to break in to Mason Technologies to steal a specific item. As Tommy enters through the vents however, he finds the Ninja Turtles waiting for him. At first, they grade his performance at breaking in and then when Leo gives the order, they charge at him. Tommy then uses his Morpher to become the Green Ranger in self-defense, beleiving the Turtles to be monsters sent by Rita. Raphael enjoys brawling with Tommy and sends him flying through a wall just as the other Rangers detect Tommy's morph and teleport in to New York City to witness the Turtles coming out to face them. Like Tommy, the Rangers believe that the Turtles are Rita's minions, with Zack commenting that Finster must be "running out of ideas". While the two teams fight, they all exchange in a bit of banter/interactions with each other. Jason and Leo compliment each other's weapons, Donnie makes scientific inquiries to Billy about what the Rangers are including how the Green Ranger can play a flute through a face plate and Mikey asks Zack why superheroes are working with the Shredder before whacking him in the head with one of his nunchaku, which confuses Zack as he doesn't even know what Mikey is talking about.

Tommy tries to leave, but Kimberly stops him to ask what the heck is going on. Tommy apologizes to her saying he didn't want everyone involved in this, but its important and he needs to go, pleading to Kimberly to trust him on this. Annoyed, Kimberly walks off and tell him to just go. Raphael tries to attack Tommy before he can even leave, but Trini and Kimberly cover his escape by fighting the hotheaded turtle.

Karai is observing the fight from a nearby rooftop, with Shredder wanting a status update. Karai tells her master that the Green Ranger has escaped unharmed and he does carry the "prize" he is after. Karai is a little upset they let a Power Ranger into their ranks, but Shredder says that her confidence must be earned. If all goes well, the Power Ranger will soon become his to command!

To Be Continued...



  • When discussing how badly thier lives have been affected by being Power Rangers, Jason tells Trini to keep her voice down when discussing the monster they just though despite the fact that they just loudly described themselves as Power Rangers in the previous panel.


  • The designs tor the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters combines a variety of artstyles seen throughout thier franchise. The Turtles themselves are similar in design to the Michael Bay Turtles films (what with thier bulkier designs and masks covering over half of thier faces) whereas Karai is clearly based on her design from the 2003 TMNT show. The Shredder though seems to be a combination of his 1987 design (with the more rounded helmet and very flat spikes) mixed with the dark and imposing 2013 design.
  • Trini mentions in conversation that the Power Rangers have had "47 consecutive victories" and the team mentions that Rita is still active. This means that they are, at least from the point of the standalone continuity of this mini-series story, in alternate versions of the events of the later first season.
  • When Tommy calls for the Foot Ninjas to retreat, he cries out "Ninja, VANISH!" which is a line from the 1990 live action Ninja Turtles movie spoken by Master Tatsu.
    • This is even partially lampshaded in the issue itself by Karai mentioning that the Foot Clan was founded by Master Tatsuo.
  • After Tommy flees with the Foot, Donatello teases Raphael that he got "Shoryukened" by a Foot Ninja. This is a reference to the Street Fighter games, another franchise that has also crossed over with Power Rangers.
    • Unlike TMNT though, Street Fighter has never had a direct crossover. The only two times the franchise's have crossed paths is in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (which is its own standalone game) and Super Power Beat Down (which was sanctioned by Saban but not cannon to anything otherwise).
  • When Kimberly addresses her concerns over Tommy's whereabouts to Alpha and Zordon, she mentions Tommy could have been kidnapped by an evil version of himself from another dimension as one of the scenarios of something bad happening to him. This is a reference to the Rangers first encounter with Lord Drakkon.
  • Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 11.12.59 AM.png
    The back cover page of the NYCC New York Slice variants has a pizza box from Yoshi's Pizzeria and Juice Bar. The pizza box has references to both franchises:
    • The name of the establishment is a reference to Hamato Yoshi, Splinter's master, and Ernie's Juice Bar at the Angel Grove Youth Center. Its logo is a sewer manhole cover.
    • The delivery guarantee states that the customer should "never pay full price for cold pizza", which refers to a scene in the 1990 live action Ninja Turtles movie where the Domino's delivery driver was late arriving to Mikey's location and when he complained about how much he was paid Mikey responded "Wise man say: forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza". It also references Domino's 30 minute delivery guarantee.
    • The box also states that it was established in 1984, the year the Ninja Turtles debuted in their very first comic. The pizza shop is located on 5670 E. Man St. a reference to Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman.
  • When fighting Billy, Donatello questions how Tommy is able to play the Dragon Dagger through a faceplate. This has been a long running joke among fans over how silly this franchise can be.
  • The Alpha Comics Exclusive Variant Cover by Matt Frank pays tribute to the Infinity Gauntlet cover by Marvel Comics.


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