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PRWF - Merrick

PRWF - Merrick

"Wild Access!"

The Lunar Caller is the Morpher of the Lunar Wolf Ranger. Shaped like a stylized wolf's head with red eyelets and finished in metallic blue and silver, it has all the same cellphone functions of the Growl Phones but is smaller and more compact. When not in use it is worn on a silver brace on Merrick's wrist.

When Merrick's Wild Zords were purified and his Animal Crystals returned to him, they formed the Lunar Caller around his wrist and he somehow knew instantly how to use it.

After the final defeat of Master Org, Merrick and the other Wild Force Rangers surrendered their morphers to Princess Shayla.

Alternative to the Lunar Caller, the Super Mega Rangers used a Legendary Ranger Key provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger form as a Legendary Ranger Mode.

Morphing Sequence

This Morpher was activated in the same way as the Growl Phones, by opening it and pressing the central button. Merrick's morphing call, like the other Wild Force Rangers, was "Wild Access!".

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