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Lumitor was a fire-elemental lion monster created by Lord Zedd's staff, possessing the ability to scorch his enemies just by coming into contact with them. Lumitor was sent by Zedd alongside Goldar and his Z Putty Patrollers to attack Angel Grove, luring the Power Rangers into battle so they can capture Adam and Aisha. The Power Ranger soon enough realize that, as a heat monster, Lumitor's weakness is water, and work out a way to defeat him with Billy suggesting using the Firebird Thunderzord as a cloud seeder. The Rangers take the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord into the city, where they encounter a giant Lumitor and battle him to a virtual standstill. After the Thunderzords change battle modes later on, the Mega Tigerzord launches the Firebird Thunderzord off its right arm, seeding the clouds and causing it to rain, which ultimately results in Lumitor's destruction as he melts into a puddle. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live


  • Along with the other monsters who exclusively appear in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live, Lumitor is an original creation and does not appear in any Super Sentai series.
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