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Lumbiaco (ロムビアコ, Romubiako, 31): Lumbiaco is a monster from the Sound World (サウンドワールド, Saundo Wārudo), which was destroyed by Kireizky, who comes to the Human World with the intent to feed on its noises. By doing so, it grows in size and takes a nap before it feeds again, with the cycle repeating until it's too big for the world to hold. The only means to shrink it is with beautiful sound, which Lumbaico hates and goes on a rampage upon hearing. In the end, the monster is stopped by the specially assembled G3 Princess group who shrink him and destroy him with their Princess Cannonball attack.


  • Its name is an anagram of "Columbia" (コロムビア, Koromubia), the record company that distributes the music for the Super Sentai Series.
  • This monster was never used in Power Rangers RPM, likely because it was defeated by unmorphed women and destroyed with help from Kegarasia (a blatantly Japanese woman) and not in the traditional Zord battle or blaster segment.
    • Also, several shots showed the villains with the Rangers celebrating it's defeat despite the fact that they would have been the ones to send it.

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