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Love At First Fight is the eleventh episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge. This episode features the debut of the Ptera Charge Megazord Tricera Formation.


Beauticruel plans to use Poisandra's magic paint and brush to make any man fall love in with her; Heckyl devises a plan to steal the Rangers' energems.


Poisandra is receiving a manicure when she witnesses a Vivix bothering Curio because she's in love with him. Curio isn't interested because she looks ugly, so Poisandra gives the Vivix a makeover, thus creating Beauticruel. From this incident, Heckyl gets an idea on how to destroy the Rangers.

Kendall is seen trying to contact the Silver Ranger. At the same time, Chase is seen building a model rocket ship for his girlfriend Kaylee. Koda also built his own model rocket ship, but some of the pieces are glued to his hair and body. Chase goes on a date with Kaylee but bails when he has to go defeat a monster. Everyone but Kendall and Shelby appears at the scene.

There, they see Poisandra, Beauticruel, Wrench, and a bunch of Vivix. The Rangers morph, but the Vivix overpower them when Beauticruel uses Poisandra's magic makeup. Two Spikeballs also arrive at the scene. Wrench, Poisandra, and Beauticruel bail. Tyler and Chase go after them while the rest handle the Vivix and Spikeballs. Wrench holds off the two while Poisandra and Beauticruel find a random girl off the street. Poisandra uses her makeup to make Beauticruel look like the beautiful girl and the beautiful girl look like Beauticruel. They then throw the girl into a dumpster and lock her in.

Back at the original scene, Riley, Ivan, and Koda combine the power of their Dino Chargers to defeat the Vivix and Spikeballs. The makeup also wears off.

Wrench manages to escape. Meanwhile, Beauticruel, now looking like a beautiful girl, pretends to be in trouble with Poisandra to attract Tyler to her. The trap succeeds and Tyler falls under the spell of Beauticruel's makeup while Chase chases Poisandra.

Shelby finds Tyler and "his date" hanging out together and she quickly gets jealous. The two head off, and Riley says he's received a message from Kendall. Shelby thinks it's what's causing Tyler's mysterious behavior. But Chase runs into Kaylee, and he makes another excuse to leave.

The others arrive at the dumpster, and there they find Britney, the girl who the aliens transformed. She explains everything to them and gives them her purse to prove it. They promise to help.

Prince Phillip III arrives at the cafe, and he sees the girl, disguised as a ghost to not freak anyone out. They deduce that in order to switch the bodies back, they need to get the monster to agree to it. They decide that Chase should sweet-talk her into doing it.

They arrive at the scene where Tyler and Beauticruel are having a picnic. Chase charms Beauticruel while the others prevent Tyler from sabotaging the plan. Back at the ship, Snide is angry that the black ranger is sabotaging their plan, but Heckyl doesn't care. He only cares that Beauticruel destroys her new boyfriend, whether that be Chase or Tyler, as soon as she gets an Energem.

While Chase convinces Beauticruel to transform back, Kaylee witnesses them and gets sad that Chase might be cheating on her. She runs away, leaving Chase heartbroken.

Beauticruel frees Britney and swaps her body back. The Rangers then morph and fight while Kendall escorts Britney back to her home, even though Tyler is still in love with the monster. During the fight, Kaylee realizes that Chase is the black ranger. Chase destroys the magic makeup and Tyler is no longer loving the girl. Poisandra and Wrench also show up. They defeat Beauticruel, and Poisandra and Wrench escape.

Heckyl orders the Magna Beam to be fired on Beauticruel, and send to giant Spikeballs and Vivizords for reinforcements. The Rangers defeat them using the Titano Charge Megazord and Ptera Charge Megazord: Tricera Formation.

Angry that the plan is foiled, Heckyl uses what was left of Poisandra's makeup to swap her and Wrench's bodies as punishment. Back at the cafe, Kaylee reveals to Chase her knowledge, taking a big weight off of Chase's shoulders. Chase prepares to explain to everyone how Kaylee knows her identity when the Silver Ranger gives them a call. He asks for all the data on their Dino Chargers, to which they reluctantly agree to give.


Dino Chargers


  • When Poisandra is getting her nails done at the beginning of the episode, the breathing holes on a Vivix working on her nails can be seen for a brief second.

Two Kodas

  • During the first morph when Koda, Ivan, Riley, Tyler, and Chase say "Unleash the power", the word "power" echoes strangely twice before their helmets form.
  • During the final morph on both the original airing and the Netflix release of the episode, Riley's box doesn't feature Riley. Instead, it showed Koda's morph, displaying two Kodas on screen.
    • This error was fixed when the full episode was uploaded on the official Power Rangers YouTube channel.[1]
  • When Kaylee finds out that Chase is the Black Ranger, the rangers perform their Dinosaur Might movements, but they're saying "Power Rangers Dino Super Charge" instead of the usual phrase which is "Dinosaur Might, ready to fight!"
  • In new footage, Beauticruel has the standard brown chestpiece that all Vivix wear, but has a pink one with a collar in Sentai footage.
  • The T-Rex Super Charge Ranger in Tri-Stego Formation shot three blasts, one each of red, black, and pink.
  • While preparing to load the Dino Super Drive Saber with Dino Chargers, the Para Charger and the Raptor Charger both had Red Tyrannosaurus emblems on them.
    • In addition the charges are partially off centered, and are much closer to the camera, than normal, resulting to them both going off screen.
  • In the Megazord, Chase was in Tyler's spot, even though Tyler was present.
  • When Beauticruel switches bodies with Britney, they switch entirely. But when Heckyl switches Poisandra and Wrench's bodies they only switch heads.
  • It's unknown if Chase ever told the other Rangers about Kaylee knowing who he is.


  • This episode, centered on the Black Ranger, featured a Megazord formation involving the Ptera Zord and the Pink Ranger's zord, the Tricera Zord. In reverse, an earlier episode, centered on the Pink Ranger, featured a Megazord formation involving the Ptera Zord and the Black Ranger's zord, the Para Zord.
  • The costume used to disguise Britney while she was in Beauticruel's body was one of the ghost costumes worn by the rangers in The Ghostest With the Mostest.
  • This episode's name is a play on the phrase, "Love at first sight".
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