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Love Stings is the eleventh episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. It marks the last appearance of Venoma and the Galactic Ninjas.


Preston learns not to believe everything he hears.


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Ninja Power Stars


  • Despite the Rangers seemingly returning from Summer Vacation in Echoes of Evil, this episode takes place on Valentine's Day, placing it 5 months later.
    • Due to the more tightly-knit structure of the "Galactic Ninjas Arc", this would imply either a couple of weekly time skips in between Episode 1 through 5 or a large time skip at some point.
  • The Serpent Zord cockpit's symbol had part of the symbol copied and placed over it in an odd position.
  • Venoma's medallion is green in the previous episodes and it is blue in this episode.
  • During his solo battle against Venoma, whilst fighting near some containers, Preston took a swing that didn't have a remotes chance of hitting.
  • The jump Preston made to reach Venoma atop a container would never have allowed him to reach anywhere near her but he manages to land there in the next shot.


  • Venoma is the last of the Galactic Ninjas to be defeated by the Ninja Steel Rangers.
  • A similar plot was used in Time Forces "Lovestruck Rangers" and Dino Super Charges "Love at First Fight".
  • At one point, Preston fights Venoma one on one and eventually develops a vendetta with her. The reason being is that in the Sentai footage in the episode Venoma's counterpart Suzumebachi ironically fell in love with Yakumo Katou (Preston's counterpart).
  • This is the first episode to have a solo morph since Gold Rush.
  • Calvin, Hayley and Sarah are now the only Ninja Steel Rangers to not have a solo morph.
  • Last appearance of Preston's love interest Sandy.

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