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Love Stings is the eleventh episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. It marks the last appearance of Venoma and the Galactic Ninjas.


Preston learns not to believe everything he hears.


Madame Odius asks for Badonna to give her Venoma's Medallion, the only one that survived the destruction of the Foxatron. When Badonna asks what the plan is, Odius reveals it is Valentine's Day, and she'll use the power of love to destroy the Rangers. Venoma appears at the scene and Odius orders her to use her special power to destroy the Rangers.

Preston is preparing to ask Sandy to the Valentine's Day dance at the school. Victor asks first, but she rejects him, saying she would rather go alone. Victor leaves her and emphasizes this to Monty. Preston overhears and feels heartbroken, thinking she wants to go by herself only. Victor then tries to ask Lori, who agrees, but wants a ton of items in return.

Preston tries to convince Sandy at the park to "change her mind", but Venoma shows up and shoots a love arrow at her backpack. He escorts Sandy and Venoma shoots Brody another love arrow and he falls in love. Hayley takes Brody away while the other three morph. Venoma tries to shoot Calvin another love arrow, but Preston, having morphed, pushes him out of the way. However, she still shoots Calvin and Levi with more love arrows and the two immediately swoon. They are forced into retreat.

Mick distracts the three swooning Rangers will the other three come up with a plan to get Venoma's arrows. Preston receives a text from Sandy to talk with her. She proposes to go with him to the Valentine's Day dance, but Preston is skeptical because he remembers that her backpack was struck by Venoma's love arrows. He rejects her, and Sandy leaves, upset. Haylee arrives and Preston explains what happened. But he realizes that the arrow struck her book, not her, and he feels guilty.

They come up with the plan to steal Venoma's arrows, but the three lovestruck Rangers snuck out of the lair. Thankfully, they don't make it that far because Calvin's car breaks down. While Preston searches for his friends, he finds honey stuck on a hubcap, and deduces that Venoma must be nearby. He morphs and the two battle.

Venoma shoots her love arrow to Preston, but it has no effect because of the metallic chest plate he is secretly wearing. He pretends to be in love to get close to her and destroys her last love arrow. The effect wears off and the three lovestruck rangers are now back to normal. The girls find them and they go to find Preston. Venoma reveals that she has more than one type of arrow - fighting arrows, that is. However, he manages to destroy her. Cosmo Gigantifies her and the Rangers destroy her using the Ninja Blaze Megazord, thus ending the Galactic Ninjas forever.

Preston manages to convince Sandy to give him another chance, to which she agrees. Victor gets all the things Lori wanted, but Monty accidentally pops the balloons. Lori rejects them but takes all the stuff they bought for her. Victor and Monty cry in despair.


Ninja Power Stars


  • Despite the Rangers seemingly returning from summer vacation in Echoes of Evil, this episode takes place on Valentine's Day, placing it five months later.
    • Due to the more tightly-knit structure of the "Galactic Ninjas Arc", this would imply either a couple of weekly time skips in between episode 1 through 5 or a large time skip at some point.
      • Episodes 1 and 2 take place within 3 days of each other, so a larger time skip may have occurred between episodes 2 and 3
  • The Serpent Zord cockpit's symbol had part of the symbol copied and placed over it in an odd position.
  • Venoma's medallion is yellow, yet is blue during the cold open, the color of Speedwing's medallion.
  • During his solo battle against Venoma, whilst fighting near some containers, Preston took a swing that did not have a remotes chance of hitting.
  • The jump Preston made to reach Venoma atop a container would never have allowed him to reach anywhere near her but he manages to land there in the next shot.


  • Venoma is the last of the Galactic Ninjas to be defeated by the Ninja Steel Rangers.
  • A similar plot was used in Time Force's Lovestruck Rangers and Dino Super Charge's Love at First Fight.
  • At one point, Preston fights Venoma one on one and eventually develops a vendetta with her. The reason being is that in the Sentai footage in the episode Venoma's counterpart ironically fell in love with Yakumo Kato.
  • This is the first episode to have a solo morph since Gold Rush.
  • Calvin, Hayley and Sarah are now the only Ninja Steel Rangers to not have a solo morph.
  • This is the last appearance of Preston's love interest Sandy.
  • Preston using a metal plate to stop Venoma's love arrow is similar to the same method used by Joe in 'A Fistful of Dollars' and Marty McFly in 'Back to the Future Part III'.

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