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Love-Sickness Ninja Chupid (恋煩い忍者チューピッド Koiwazurainin Chūpitsudo, 26): A mouse-themed Chunin robot armed with a crossbow. Chupid uses his trademark love arrows on a person, making them fall in love with the first person/thing they saw. Though it seemed non-harmful, Chupid's methods have a long-term effect that would render society asunder. He even made Isshuu Kasumi and Shurikenger fall in love with Nanami Nono. However, Isshu's blind love was strong enough to overcome Chupid's spell, impaling him with Stag Breaker. Windenu summons a Copy Giant to recreate Chupid. He uses his other Ninpou; "Knock-out Arrow", "Wildfire Arrow", and "Missile Arrow"; being killed by Tenkuu Gouraijin.

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