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Loupeloid (ルーペロイド Rūperoido) is the seventh active Messiah Metaloid, created when Messiah Card 10 infects Reika's magnifying glass after she steals it away from the Go-Busters.

A gentleman thief in personality, Loupeloid's objective is to gather data on human greed and suck it out of collectors. Loupeloid's right leg has the power of Messiah in it, giving him swift movement and high jumps.

Loupeloid can use his walking stick as a weapon along with his shoulder-mounted Loupe Bazookas to fire a single powerful beam. Loupeloid is eventually destroyed by the Go-Busters in Powered Custom mode.



  • Messiah Card: 10
  • Production Motif: Magnifying Glass
  • Height: 204 cm
  • Weight: 253 kg

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