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"You mean who is that thing! Allow me to drop the bomb. I'M LOUIE KABOOM!""
―Louie Kaboom's first words upon crashing in the Machine Skybase.[src]

"Archerina, my sweet! Forgive me - I am unworthy of your love!"
―Louie Kaboom's final words before his destruction.[src]

Louie Kaboom was sent by Rita and Lord Zedd in an attempt to take control of the Machine Empire after King Mondo was destroyed by the Zeo Rangers. However, Goldar and Rito lost the remote control they were using to control Louie and he went rogue.


Louie's missile form.

When the Zeo Rangers destroyed King Mondo, Rita and Zedd jumped on the chance to get rid of the Machine Empire. They created Louie Kaboom, a mechanical rocket monster, to infiltrate the Royal House of Gadgetry when it was at its most vulnerable. Goldar and Rito were sent to launch Louie from Earth (allegedly to prevent Queen Machina from discovering them on the moon), only for Rito to lose the remote.

Upon his arrival at the Machine Empire's palace, Louie took a liking to Machina, despite her rebukes. Taking advice from Klank, Louie decided to destroy the rangers to impress her. At this point, she let him remain on the moon under the pretense that he would dispose of them, in spite of his obnoxious personality. The rangers found Louie's remote and tried to shut him down, but he had himself rewired so it no longer affected him. Rita and Zedd would also try to reclaim Louie a few times, but their plans were less than successful. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Bomber in the Summer

Though Machina often argued with Louie, it was often playful and she allowed him to remain at the palace. Even Sprocket seemed to be on decent terms with him despite Louie's efforts to woo his mother. Louie spent a short amount of time trying to defeat the rangers and even made some of his own monsters, but met with failure each time.

Quickly growing tired of Sprocket and Machina, who would not become his queen, Louie somehow wrested control of the Machine Empire away from the two, declaring himself the new emperor.

Louie Kaboom destroyed for good.

When Prince Gasket and Archerina arrived on the moon, they set out to dispose of Louie. Archerina took control of him with one of her love arrows. She had him unfortunately attack Angel Grove and battle the Zeo Rangers. After a long and difficult battle for the rangers, Louie Kaboom was finally destroyed by the Super Zeo Ultrazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Joke's on Blue


Louie Kaboom is an egomaniac, and therefore tries to do things his way which always ends in failure. For comedic qualities, Louie tries to impress and flirt with the ladies and each time he gets his butt kicked. The most notable example of this was when he met Prince Gasket and Archerina, which was ironically the result of his downfall. However, Louie Kaboom is also a greedy thief; each time he gets his hands on an object belonging to the Rangers or one of their friends or family; he turns it into a monster until the Rangers destroy it. The only way to stop Louie is his remote, but Rito lost it, and the Rangers got their hands on it. Attempts to shut him down have failed since the Machine Empire rewired the bomb inside his chest, making it impossible to shut him down.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: Louie Kaboom is an extremely powerful robot who was surpassed in strength only by King Mondo himself.
  • Laser Vision: Louie can shoot pink energy lasers from his eyes.
  • Monster Conversion: Louie has a snatch beam in his eyes which will turn any object he captures into a monster. He used this to create Tough Tusks.
  • Missile Transformation: Louie can transform into missile mode for transport to his target.
    • Flight: In his missile form, Louie can fly using the rocket booster on his back.
  • Teleportation: Although he only used this once, to get to Earth for his final battle, Louie can teleport to any location at will.
  • Self-Growth: Like all monsters he has the ability the grow which requires a Megazord to destroy him. Unlike other monsters, he made himself grow instead of Klank and Orbus.


  • Weapon Proficiency: Louie Kaboom is proficient in wielding his sword and missile gauntlets for battle.


  • Vulnerability to Love Arrows: Louie is susceptible to Archerina's love arrows, which made him fall madly in love with her.


  • Chest Bomb: Inside Louie's chest is a bomb designed to explode once he hits his target. The Machine Empire has rewired the bomb, placing him under their control.
  • Right Sword Gauntlet: During the final battle against the Zeo Rangers, Louie Kaboom equipped a sword gauntlet with a face on his right arm.
    • Lightning Blast: Louie can project blue lightning from his sword gauntlet.
  • Left Missile Gauntlet: Louie Kaboom can equip a missile-like gauntlet with a face in it on his left arm. It is durable enough to be smacked into the Super Zeozords and Super Zeo Megazord without taking any damage.
    • Spark Blasts: Louie Kaboom can fire sparks from his missile gauntlet. This is his strongest attack because it easily wiped out the Super Zeo Megazord and heavily shook up Pyramidas.

Behind the Scenes


  • Louie is voiced by Lex Lang. He is given a heavy Brooklyn accent and his suit actor is Hirofumi Fukuzawa (福沢 博文 Fukuzawa Hirofumi).


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  • Monsters under Louie Kaboom control (Tough Tusks, Stenchy, Midas Hound) have the symbol of a heart with a missile through it. (this will foreshadow his fate as he would later be brainwashed to fall in love with Archerina).
  • Louie appears as the penultimate boss of the sidescroller Power Rangers Zeo vs The Machine Empire for the PC although for some reason, he is depicted as one of Mondo's generals.
    • This was probably due to his Sentai Counterpart Bomber the Great being the general of Mondo's Sentai Counterpart.
  • Louie Kaboom is the only major villain in Power Rangers Zeo to be a part of both major villain groups.
  • If Louie Kaboom is to be considered a main antagonist, then he is the shortest lived main villain in the entire franchise. Hydro Hog is the archenemy of the Alien Rangers but is not technically a central antagonist since he worked under Rita and Zedd.


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