This article is about a/an crossover-exclusive villain in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.

Rakushaasa giving his allies golden horns

Lost Highness Duke Rakushaasa (はぐれハイネスデュークラクシャーサ Hagure Hainesu Dyūku Rakushāsa, Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai) is a powerful Org.

Character History

A hairy Org who happened to be the most powerful, the most evil, and the true leader of the Highness Duke Orgs, but his immense power caused his horn to be damaged and sent him into a coma. Once awakened, he starts to gather the fighting spirit of strong-willed warriors to fully heal his horn, using the fighting spirit the male Gaoranger core members except for GaoRed. He manages to make Duke Org Yabaiba and Duchess Org Tsuetsue stronger and upgrades the Orgettes, giving them golden horns. He was able to make himself grow. It takes the combined force of all previous Sentai heroes to destroy him. His hairy tendrils emerge from his remains and he takes back the power he gave to Yabaiba and TsueTsue to revive himself one more time. He is defeated by the Hyakujuuken and then again by the mecha of all of the Red warriors with GaoKing, and finally killed by the Gaoranger Storm. He is the only Highness Duke not to be revived in the series' finale. He is the only other Highness Org that doesn't represent senses.


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Behind the Scenes


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concept art

  • Lost Highness Duke Rakushaasa were designed by character designer Yoshiro Harada.
  • His name is the Japanese pronunciation of "Raksasa", the Indonesian word for "giant".
    • His ability to become giant on his own might be a reference to this.

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