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"The Coin is mine now... and the only person I'll be handing it to is the Highest Bidder."
―Loriyan to Rita Repulsa[src]

Character History

Over 10,000 years ago, Loriyan stole the Dragon Power coin from Ninjor as an assignment from Rita Repulsa. He then decided not to hand the coin to Rita, but to keep it and sell it to a bidder to get rich. He was then attacked by Rita, and he tried to defend himself by morphing into the Green Ranger. This proved to be useless as the Dragon Coin deemed him unworthy, which resulted in an unstable morphed form and he was quickly defeated by Rita with the witch telling him that he could not wield the power. Badly wounded, Loriyan begged to be spared of Rita's terrible wrath, claiming that the coin's power tempted him and he wasn't in his right mind when he used it, which was a lie that Rita could see right through. She then sent him away, but reassured him that he would be with the Dragon Coin "forever".

In the present, when Rita was looking for the Dragon Coin in the Temple of Repulsa, she found the chained up skeleton of Loriyan holding the Dragon Coin in the treasure chamber. This means that Loriyan's final fate was being chained up to a throne in the treasure chamber and sealed inside to be left to die, unable to escape or use the very coin he desired to steal as a form of cruel ironic punishment.

Green Ranger



  • Loriyan's morphed form as the Green Ranger is the only one not to have the Dragon Shield. Despite this, the outfit still has gold bands around the cuffs of the gloves and boots in addition to a unique triangular decorative pattern, traits oddly unique to the Green Ranger powers.
    • It is later revealed in Issue 17 of Go Go Power Rangers that the Dragon Shield may not be part of the original Green Ranger powers as it can be seen being worn by Rita's mother, Lady Fienna.
    • The Dragon Shield is later seen as a part of JJ Oliver's SPD Green Dragon Ranger suit. This implies that the Dragon Shield may be its own individual armament and can be passed between mulitple users and sets of Ranger powers. This is consistent with how the shield has been passed between multiple rangers throughout the various canons. 

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