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"If you are in search of a fight Ranger... you came to the right place. Putties, remove this pest from my sight."
―Lord Zedd when confronted by the Red Omega Ranger.[src]

"So... you are real. Rangers hunting down the wicked from the shadows and locking us up for all eternity. You may have bested my dog... Now let's see you face against TRUE EVIL!"
―Zedd before taking on Jason. "You are real" presumably refers to the Omega Rangers being regarded as something of a myth by the side of evil. [src]

"Fools! You may have bested my minions but... I am LORD ZEDD! I have conquered planets and enslaved entire galaxies. You have posed a challenge on Earth but... this is MY DOMAIN!"
―Lord Zedd upon growing.[src]

"You loathsome, spineless creatures... I leave you alone for a moment and look what you've become. Pathetic."
―Lord Zedd after releasing himself from his imprisonment.[src]

"From the moment I escaped my captivity, I was certain I would return to find that you had fled Earth like the cowards you are. However...it would seem I was mistaken. In my absence, you attempted to destroy the Power Rangerrs. You obviously failed miserably without my leadership, but... your attempt pleases me."
―A rare bit of praise from Lord Zedd. It was this that led him to choose his minions to be his new Dark Rangers.[src]

Lord Zedd is an evil emperor and Rita Repulsa and her minions' master. After the events of Beyond the Grid, he replaced Rita as the primary antagonist, starting with the Necessary Evil storyline.

Character History


Lord Zedd is the lord of all evil who was once more human-looking before he tried to get the Zeo Crystal, which deformed his skin into more fleshy and zombie like.

Zedd was conquering the various planets across the universe before moving on Zordon and Eltar. Ten thousand years ago, Zedd (clothed in a cloak to disguise his deformed body) summoned the monkey monster Silverback and his brother Goldar to join Rita Repulsa and her ragtag member of space aliens to attack Earth. Silverback, already dissatisfied with Zedd because he was using his race (who he considered Zedd's elite warriors) being used for what is basically grunt work, decided to usurp Zedd and take power for himself. However, Zedd ripped off his cloak and mortally wounded Silverback with a massive energy blast and forced Goldar to kill his brother or meet the same fate. Once Goldar swore loyalty to him alone, Zedd sent him to Earth to join Rita. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 Annual

Justice League/Power Rangers

Lord Zedd is forcefully teleported out of the Command Center by Zack and due to the damage of the teleporters guidance systems, he and Zack are drifted out of their universe into the world of Earth 1 in the DC Universe. Zack jettisons him from the teleport stream, leaving him to float helplessly in space until he is picked up by a tractor beam and shrunken down into a bottle city. He soon encounters Brainiac and after enlarging back to his normal size, offers the mechanical menace an opportunity to collect the city of Angel Grove on his universe in exchange for attempting to conquer the DC Universe.Justice League/Power Rangers Issue 2

Necessary Evil

After sending Dayne in an attempt to kill the Rangers, the Omega Rangers intervened by capturing Dayne which forced Zedd to implement his Plan B and turn his minions into his new Dark Rangers. However, before he could complete the process, the Omega Rangers stormed Rita's Moon Palace as a proactive move to deal with Zedd once and for all. Whilst his minions took on the Omega Rangers outside, Jason (as the Red Omega Ranger) managed to break into Zedd's throne room where he ordered some Putties to dispose of him. Once they were decimated however, Zedd regarded the mythical Omega Rangers and thier proactive attacks on evil before deciding to take them on personally. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 44

Despite putting him up a good fight, Lord Zedd easily defeated Jason and tried to feed him to a massive shark monster but Kiya obliterated it with her Omega Trident and Zedd was then surrounded by the entire team of Omega Rangers. Jason demanded his surrender so, with his minions defeated and few choices left, Zedd enlarged himself into a giant and gloated over how they were trying to defeat him in his own environment but was immediately defeated when Jason fought dirty by using his Red Omega Zord to crush Zedd underfoot after he refused to surrender which knocked him out. Now unconscious, Zedd was captured by the Omega Rangers (though Goldar managed to take his Z Staff) and placed Zedd in a gigantic containment dumpster which was itself placed in a massive copper chamber in Safehaven prison.

Although Lord Zedd was captured, Jason and Zordon had a severe conversation with each other following his defeat. Jason was just glad that one of the greatest evils on the universe was going to jail for good but Zordon was worried that Zedd was manageable and his defeat would just cause other, more powerful villains to take over instead. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 45

Lord Zedd later broke loose on his own when his minions found his dumpster and brought it back to the Moon. He berrated his minions for being so inept (Goldar having acted as the leader of the group since Zedd was captured) but admitted that they did better than he thought. Rather than running away with their tails between their legs, they at least tried to destroy the Rangers which pleased him. He then returned to the Moon Palace. [[|Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 51]]

After another failed Putty attack, Zedd had Finster create a special Putty that resembled Rita to act as the leader of his new Dark Rangers. As for the members of his new team, he chose his minions as their reward for their semi-competence in his absence at which point he successfully empowered with the Green Chaos Crystal. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 53

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Lord Zedd was able to easily overwhelm and knock away Jason in his Red Omega Ranger form.
  • Durability: Lord Zedd was stamped flat into the ground by the Red Omega Zord but was only knocked out.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Lord Zedd was skilled enough to completely overwhelm Jason by himself.
  • Energy Beam: Lord Zedd can fire a massive white energy blast from his white hand powerful enough to cripple Silverback.
  • Energy Explosion: Lord Zedd can fire a massive wave of energy from his body strong enough to destroy the dumpster that he was trapped in.


  • Z-Staff-Lord Zedd wields a massive silver staff with a big Z on the top of it as his personal weapon.
    • Enlargement-Lord Zedd can enlarge himself at will by slamming the bottom of his staff into the ground which will generate red energy around himself that grows his body.


  • The writers intended to write Zedd as he was originally intended for television - dark, serious and malicious - instead of having him become goofier and less menacing.
    • The change in personality occurred in the first part of "The Wedding" as a result of a love potion. Said change was made due to parents complaining about him being too nasty (likely due to Mortal Kombat which came out one year before Season 1 aired). With standards changing and far more violent things on the market than Mortal Kombat 1, the comic writers have ignored the massive retcon.
  • Zedd is no match for an Omega Zord, which pummeled him so hard that he was put into a coma for several issues.


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