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Lord Zedd is an evil emperor and Rita Repulsa and her minions' master. He was once more human-looking before he tried to get the Zeo Crystal, which deformed his skin. He makes his comic debut in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 Annual, and served as one of the two main antagonists during the Justice League/Power Rangers series. After the events of Shattered Grid and Beyond the Grid, he has since replaced Rita as the primary antagonist of the Necessary Evil arc for both the main comic story and Go Go Power Rangers.

Character History

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Justice League/Power Rangers

Lord Zedd is forcefully teleported out of the Command Center by Zack and due to the damage of the teleporters guidance systems, he and Zack are drifted out of their universe into the world of Earth 1 in the DC Universe. Zack jettisons him from the teleport stream, leaving him to float helplessly in space until he is picked up by a tractor beam and shrunken down into a bottle city. He soon encounters Brainiac and after enlarging back to his normal size, offers the mechanical menace an opportunity to collect the city of Angel Grove on his universe in exchange for attempting to conquer the DC Universe.Justice League/Power Rangers Issue 2


  • Z-Staff


  • It was first implied that Zedd's appearance was caused by the Zeo Crystal in the episode Master Vile and the Metallic Armor.
  • The writers of the comic intend to write Zedd as he was originally intended for television - dark, serious and malicious - instead of having him become goofier and less menacing.
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