Lord Zedd's Monster Heads: The Greatest Villains of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was an exclusive video release related to Power Rangers.


Lord Zedd obseves a Halloween party on Earth that the rangers are attending, and he seems impressed. Goldar suggests sending the Putties down, but Zedd turns around in anger; no, they will not be attacking the rangers today. They will give them a break from fighting evil for now, and let the humans of Earth have some peace for once. Instead, they will be having their own Halloween party, and there is no one better to do so than a Master of Evil such as himself. Previously destroyed monsters are recreated to serve as the guests for the party. Everyone has a good time, finally enjoying a day were they weren't dealt a defeat by the Power Rangers.

Fireworks go off outside the palace (which defies the laws of physics as there is no air in space), bringing the story to an end and closing it on a high note.




  • Knasty Knight, Eye Guy, and Terror Toad's episodes aired long before Lord Zedd first appeared, so it was strange that Zedd asked Finster to recreate them, as he most likely wouldn't know of their existence.

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