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Lord Zedd's Holiday Humbug (also titled Lord Zedd's Holiday Humbug: A Christmas Story Featuring Alpha) is a literary adaptation of the DTV Christmas special Alpha's Magical Christmas. It features Alpha 5 as a central, if not main, character. Several key scenes from Magical Christmas are altered, certain songs are sung in different places, and the 'magic portal' is only implied rather than shown. The audio of the story was sold in two formats: audio cassette and CD.

The story is narrated by Dave Mallow and features the voice talents of Richard Steven Horvitz, Bob Manahan, Robert Axelrod, Kerrigan Mahan, Michael Sorich, Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost, Jason David Frank, Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley, Paul Schrier (as Primator) and Johnny Yong Bosch. Many of the songs and music cues are lifted directly from Magical Christmas, without dialogue and sound effects. Additionally, a lot of the full-color photos are from Magical Christmas, with some taken from deleted footage and scenes that did not make it to the actual special itself, such as Alpha holding a candy cane decoration. Also, several character and continuity errors are fixed, such as Tommy being in the White Ranger suit instead of the Green Ranger one. However, the songs that mention God, Jesus, and Christianity (Here We Come A-Caroling, Good King Wenceslas, and Silent Night) were removed.

This is a storybook adaptation of Alpha's Magical Christmas, taking place between The Wanna-Be Ranger and The Great Bookala Escape, but it removes all the problematic continuity references (Tommy is the White Ranger, for instance) and added Lord Zedd plus a monster fight with a resurrected Primator.


During Christmas Eve, Lord Zedd unleashes Primator on the Rangers once again, this time into framing the Rangers in several Christmas present heists in Angel Grove. Meanwhile, little Alpha 5 is upset that his best friends are busy at the North Pole; he misses them and is close to crying oily tears. To cheer Alpha up over being left alone again, Zordon presents Alpha with a Christmas tree and teleports in several children from faraway places to spend time with him. Oddly, Zedd doesn't notice this, but he goes ahead with his attack anyway. Throughout, Alpha and the kids sing carols while making decorations, baking cookies, and playing with toys.

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