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"I am Lord Zedd, Emperor of all I see. You have failed to complete the mission assigned to you. I will now resume command. Prepare the palace for my return."
―Lord Zedd's first lines when appearing in storm clouds over the Moon Palace.[src]

"QUIET! Those Power Rangers are nothing more than mere infants! YOU WERE DEFEATED BY CHILDREN! You dare call yourself an Empress of Evil?! You are not fit TO DESTROY A COCKROACH!"
―Lord Zedd's famous excoriating of Rita.[src]

"So, poor old Zordon is still around eh? Little does he realize his pitiful teenage do-gooders are no match for me!"
―Lord Zedd after seeing that his archenemy still lived.[src]

"Your Putties are as useless to me as you are. I have my own army of Putties, the likes of which you have never seen. "
―Lord Zedd before creating his Z Putty Patrollers after Goldar suggested using the regular Putties to attack the Power Rangers.[src]

"NO! THIS CAN’T BE!!! I will not tolerate being outsmarted BY THOSE POWER RANGERS!!! (...) Not for long. I’ll strip the Zords’ power and return them to the depths of the Earth from whence they came!"
―Lord Zedd after the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and Dragonzord were freed from his control. After he said this, he sent most of the Dinozords to their doom in a canyon of lava.[src]

"I didn't fail, you simpering twit! You Failed! You all failed! Just like you all failed before!"
―Zedd showing his anger after destruction of Pirantishead.[src]

"SILENCE!!! They have won this time, but none of us shall rest until the Rangers are completely destroyed. And THE EARTH IS REDUCED TO MERE CINDERS!!!"
―Zedd deciding to remain in command of the Evil Space Aliens to annihilate the planet Earth.[src]

"Ah, at last. The Green Ranger is no more. His powers now belong to Lord Zedd! And with this new power, we can begin the next phase of my plan. The elimination of the Power Rangers and the rise of the Dark Rangers! Ha ha ha ha ha!"
―Zedd after TurbanShell stole the last of Tommy's powers.[src]

"Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ah ha ha ha ha! Welcome Rangers. Perhaps you’re wondering where you are. Well, you’re now in my dimension known as The Otherworld. Ha ha ha! I’m afraid you’ll find that your Morphers are useless here and Zordon cannot help you either. With this Crystal, I have sealed off his precious Command Center forever! Ha ha ha ha ha! And now dear friends, it’s time to meet your replacements."
―Lord Zedd when meeting the Power Rangers for the first time and introducing his Dark Rangers to them.[src]

―Lord Zedd after the Green Crystal was smashed by Tommy and his Dark Rangers teleported away.[src]

"Do we have power yet, Thomas Edison? (...) What!? Here sits this deadly machinery and not enough power to destroy an ant!?"
―Lord Zedd’s most famous line after Serpentera lost power after the defeat of Silver Horns and before angrily retracting back to the Moon.[src]

"Don't even say it! I hereby proclaim, no more using the word recharge, ever again! Oh!"
―Lord Zedd's angry response after Goldar says to him that Serpentera needs to be recharged.[src]

"ZEDD! ZEDD, you sniveling Weasel! "Z", "E", "D", "D"! MY NAME IS LORD ZEDD!"
―Zedd admonishing Rito for getting his name wrong after Vampirus' destruction.[src]

"This calls for a Lava Juice toast! To the universe! A universe that shall belong to the Dark Specter!"
―Zedd calling a toast at the United Alliance of Evil's conference.[src]

"Watch out, Rita!"
―Lord Zedd reacting to Zordon's Energy Wave and his final lines before his purification.[src]

"Wanna dance?"
―Lord Zedd after his purification.[src]

"Behold! It is I!"
―The resurrected Lord Zedd's first lines when returning revealing himself to Void Knight.[src]

"After all this time, I'm free! I'M FREE!!!"
―Lord Zedd after being freed from his compliance collar.[src]

"Don't tell me how to feel. Oh, I hate how much I love her."
―Lord Zedd when trapped in a dream world.[src]

Lord Zedd, referring to himself as the Emperor of Evil, is the true leader of the Evil Space Aliens and one of the main antagonists of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, one of the two secondary antagonists of Power Rangers Zeo, a major antagonist of Power Rangers Dino Fury and the main antagonist of Power Rangers Cosmic Fury.

During the events of Power Rangers in Space, he is a minor antagonist and a member of the United Alliance of Evil lead by Dark Specter. Due to Zordon's sacrifice, he later became purified by the Z Wave energy, becoming human.

Years later, Lord Zedd returned in Power Rangers Dino Fury, resurrected by the necromancer Reaghoul. He became the secondary antagonists of the first and second season, created his new forces with a group of generals led by him, and temporarily allied himself with the Void Family. At the end of Dino Fury, Lord Zedd became imprisoned in a crystal and fell into the custody of the Morphin Masters. However six months later, he managed to escape with the Dino Fury Rangers in pursuit.

He became the main antagonist in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. In the final battle, he became trapped in a fantasy/nightmare world where he destroyed the Power Rangers and conquered the universe but was now stuck catering to his wife Rita Repulsa for all eternity.



It was mentioned by Rita that Zedd tried to take the Zeo Crystal for himself in the ancient past. However, because the Crystal was protected by a forcefield which damages the forces of evil, the attempt caused his skin to burn off, which gave him his flayed appearance.

Due to some unspecified failure, Lord Zedd stripped Goldar of his wings. Because he did not think Earth was important enough to warrant his attention, being to him just being a stepping stone to conquer the solar system, he left Rita Repulsa to conquer it while he pursued the conquest of other systems, leaving a group of minions behind to help her.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers[]

First Arrival[]


Lord Zedd Arrives

Many years later, a year after Rita was released from Zordon's dumpster, Lord Zedd arrived on the Moon, conjuring a thunderstorm over the Moon Palace which made Goldar realize who he was and horrified Rita. As the Rangers were having a race on Earth, Zedd appeared above the Palace in the clouds before berating Rita for being utterly useless before shooting lightning at them. After declaring that he'd take command, Zedd went into his throne room where Rita and her thugs went to greet him. Goldar arrived first and met him in the throne room, terrified by Zedd's snake before he turned it into his staff. Despite not initially recognizing Goldar, Zedd remembered him as the cowardly minion, and returned the wings that Rita took away when he realized his cowardly nature would make him a good follower. Zedd then spied on the Power Rangers only for Rita to enter and beg for forgiveness and another chance, but Zedd gave her a dressing down because she was "not fit to destroy a cockroach."

After watching the Power Rangers get called to the Command Center, he realized that Zordon was still alive and Goldar suggested sending Putties to destroy the Rangers. Zedd got a good laugh out of that and showed off his own Putty Patrollers. Despite her pleading with him, even kissing his feet, Lord Zedd punished Rita by stripping her of her powers and vaporizing her wand. He then shrunk her and imprisoned her within a space dumpster identical to the one Zordon had trapped her in before having his Putties hurl her into the depths of space. He then mutated a piranha from the lake into the monstrous Pirantishead, who assumed command of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and Dragonzord. The Rangers barely survived the attack, but managed to regain control of their Zords. Furious, Lord Zedd attempted to destroy the five Dinozords, only for the Rangers to turn the tables and transform the remains of them into the more powerful Thunderzords. The Thunder Megazord destroyed Pirantishead which led Zedd to decide to stay on Earth and try to destroy the Rangers, leading to his succeeding schemes.

After the Rangers' acquisition of the Thunderzords, Lord Zedd attacked again and again, each assault deadlier than the last. His monsters were created from objects on Earth with the power of his staff, and he made them grow using grenades - Zedd would throw the grenade down to the monster who would then catch it, pull out the pin and throw it to the ground to make itself grow. He once desired Kimberly to be his queen based on her good looks and tenacity, and sent Goldar to capture, brainwash and train her into being so, but his plan failed when it was discovered that the magic dust that was used to entrance her didn't work and that she was really doing a Rita impression to fool Goldar and buy the Rangers enough time to rescue her. Zedd has hated Kimberly ever since.

After seven or so schemes of just draining Tommy's powers, Lord Zedd decided to finally start his endgame and steal Tommy's powers once and for all. He later saw five punk teens (Justin, Zane, Bobby, Tina and Kristen) harassing a kid named Stewart as well as Tommy, Billy, and Zack; Zedd decided to make them his Dark Rangers to attack and destroy the Rangers. To do this, he decided to use the Green Crystal to take Tommy's powers to some personal use and use it to corrupt and empower the teens. When the punks confronted the Rangers (minus Tommy who was getting the negative results of his bioscan at the Command Center), Zedd zapped them with his lightning and teleported them to the so-called Otherworld where he would be operating from for the remainder of the two-parter. Zedd and Goldar met them there and hypnotized the five before Zedd proclaimed their goal to take over the world with their aid. Goldar pointed out that Tommy still had his powers so this was doomed to fail, but Zedd pointed out that the Crystal was still stealing his powers and he would soon create a monster to waste even more of it which pleased Goldar. With his minion sated, and inspired by Kimberly earlier finding a oddly large seashell at the beach, Zedd used his magic to create the TurbanShell monster from it.

Sometime later, Zedd was reminding Goldar of his plans for the Green Crystal when, to his amazement, TurbanShell showed up as he needed to "recharge his shell." Zedd berated him for letting the Rangers get away when he had them at his mercy and sent him away to fight. Presently, Zedd kidnapped Tommy and teleported him into a wheat field that was also in the Otherworld. TurbanShell confronted him there and, with Tommy's weakening powers, he was easily able to absorb his remaining powers into his shell. Zedd held up the Green Crystal which absorbed his remaining powers and began his next steps. With the Green Crystal fully charged, Zedd used it to surround the Command Center in a crushing forcefield and captured the remaining Power Rangers. He then introduced them to his newly powered Dark Rangers and revealed that he wished to use them to conquer the Earth. However, Zedd managed to shoot himself on the foot when he decided to send the Rangers back to Earth to make them watch TurbanShell destroy the city. His undoing came when Tommy escaped Goldar and returned to Angel Grove before returning to the Otherworld and smashed the Crystal. To Zedd's horror, this de-powered and teleported away the Dark Rangers at which point Tommy left to Zedd's despair. However, this was ultimately a success for Zedd since Tommy ultimately lost his powers once and for all as a result of this scheme. Tvicon TV STORY-Green No More

It's the finals for the Ninja Martial Arts Competition and Lord Zedd takes a liking to three cruel dark colored ninjas from Casper City and fancies them as his new evil team of ninjas. By the time that Jacob Anderson has been rescued from a potentially fatal stroller crash, everything is ready and Zedd assigns Goldar the mission of kidnapping the teens, although not before they won the competition, which was likely a decision made to ensure that they were as competent as they claimed and aren't just tooting their own horns. However, later that afternoon, they still haven't been kidnapped and Zedd demands to know why. Goldar's responds that they have been defeated in the competition by new Stone Canyon arrivals Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park and Aisha Campbell, Annoyed, Zedd decides to make them his new Dark Rangers instead since they are far more competent and he only needs the best to defeat the Power Rangers. However, as Zedd points out, the Black Ninjas were chosen because they were cruel and vindictive whereas this new trio are just as pure as the Power Rangers, so how would this work? Goldar then offers to search the planet for better candidates, but Zedd refuses because they are the best fighters he can find and he needs good fighters to defeat the Power Rangers; therefore, he orders Goldar to capture them anyway. Zedd then sends down Goldar with some Putties as backup, and was very happy when Goldar successfully kidnaps the trio and their teacher, Mr. Anderson.

Goldar reports back to Zedd and tells him that he needs more time to break them which Zedd rebuts since it is only a matter of time until the Rangers find them. Goldar reminds him how strong they are so Zedd decides to distract the Power Rangers with a toxic monster before using his telescopic vision to spy out some blossom trees. Using his magic, Zedd throws up quite a lot of wind which tosses some flowers off of the trees. He creates his Terror Blossom monster from the fallen petals. The Terror Blossom later resurrects the Hatchasaurus who summons Putties but they are decimated and he is knocked down, so Lord Zedd makes him grow. After the Thunder Megazord obliterates the monster, Zedd laments the defeat although it has distracted the Power Rangers. But Cardiatron has survived the destruction of the Hatchasaurus and quickly starts to reassemble the monster. Zordon tells the Power Rangers to destroy Cardiatron to prevent the Hatchasaurus from returning, but Zedd realizes that it is still alive and blasts it with his lightning, allowing the heart to reassemble the monster much faster; the Rangers are forced to fight the Hatchasaurus once again. Even so, the two Megazords make short work of him. Then Jason, Zack, and Trini are frozen by the Terror Blossom, but freed by Billy's inventions, Lord Zedd makes the monster grow and sends Putties to protect his captives, but they are easily defeated and his monster destroyed with the hostages being freed and finding out who the Power Rangers really are. Tvicon TV STORY-The Ninja Encounter


Lord Zedd and Goldar inside of Serpentera

Sometime after the defeat of the Beamcaster, Lord Zedd watches over the Earth and suddenly realizes that half of the Power Rangers have to attend a Swiss Peace Conference and delights in how crippled this will make the team. As such, he decides to go straight for the proverbial jugular and powers up Serpentera to destroy the Earth for good although he first sends down Squatt and Baboo to Earth with a special designed Sleep Machine to send everyone in the world to sleep and prevent Zordon from recruiting new Rangers. However, he soon realizes that they are headed to a Deserted Planet to obtain the Sword of Light that would allow them to transfer Jason, Zack and Trini’s powers to successors. As such, Zedd decides to annihilate them with Serpentera’s raw power. Zedd and Goldar set out in Serpentera shortly thereafter although Zedd, being the lazy and arrogant sort, forces Goldar to pilot it alone whilst he lounges around and monologues. Despite not having the capability to teleport, Serpentera arrives very shortly after the Power Rangers as Billy announces that the Sword of Light belongs to a statue. As five of the Power Rangers head for the statue, Jason summons the Red Dragon Thunderzord as well as the Thunderzord Assault Team to try and confront the colossal Evil Zord. They manage to briefly outrun it but have to dodge Serpentera’s jaws and Zedd is unimpressed by getting buzzed by a mosquito-sized Zord, but soon has to have Finster send Putties to stop Rocky, Adam and Aisha Campbell from smashing his Sleep Machine. Zedd sits back as Serpentera makes quick work of Tor the Shuttlezord and the Red Dragon Thunderzord and delights when it crushes the two Zords but releases them after the show of force to probably make their demise more satisfying for him. Serpentera disintegrates a random nearby upside-down pyramid but doing that means that Goldar loses track of the Power Rangers due to his Zord’s size. Zedd, realizing that they won’t be able to find the statue before the Rangers, decides that there is no kill like overkill and decides to destroy the entire planet with the Rangers on it. Goldar refuses due to the power drain so Zedd does it himself by hitting a cliché big red button. As such, Serpentera unleashes a devastating lightning blast that consumes the planet’s surface. Tvicon TV STORY-The Power Transfer, Part I

It is thusly revealed that the previous attack was a false cliffhanger since Serpentera returns to blasting the not-destroyed city. After the Stone Canyon trio destroy the Sleep Machine, Serpentera continues attacking the city before Zedd again decides to destroy the city. Once more, Goldar refuses due to the power drain so Zedd does it himself again by hitting the cliché big red button. As such, Serpentera unleashes a devastating lightning blast that consumes the planet’s surface. This seemingly kills the Power Rangers and destroys the planet so Zedd makes his way back but soon realizes that the Power Rangers escaped in good time. Zedd then returns to Earth in Serpentera but realizes that the Power Rangers have survived and isn’t able to arrive quickly enough to stop Rocky, Adam and Aisha from getting the Red, Black and Yellow Ranger powers. Bored and realizing that Serpentera won’t reach the Earth anytime soon, Zedd spots a stick in the park and creates the Silver Horns monster to at the very least delay the Power Rangers. Serpentera later arrives as Zedd makes Silver Horns grow and lands as Silver Horns meets the White Tigerzord. However, it runs out of power due to the excess used to destroy the Deserted Planet and Goldar and Zedd sit out the fight as the Thunder Ultrazord takes out Silver Horns. Once he is destroyed, Zedd asks if they have enough power to which Goldar responds that they only have enough to return to the Moon Palace. Enraged, Zedd kicks the cockpit in frustration before withdrawing, although not before swearing revenge for this in the future. Tvicon TV STORY-The Power Transfer, Part II

When Rocky enjoys playing Ernie's new play Pachinko game a bit too much, Lord Zedd casts a spell on it which causes Rocky to have an unhealthy addiction to having fun. His plan is to leave Rocky so carefree and annoying that the others will be at such a significant disadvantage that Zedd can easily destroy them and conquer Earth. Rocky thinks only about games but the others pick up on this so Zedd attacks them with the Putty Patrol after which he turns the automate into Pachinko Head. Once the monster easily turns everyone, except for Tommy, into giant pachinko balls, Zedd sets out in Serpentera to take over the Earth and then enlarges Pachinko Head after a battle in the fairgrounds. Serpentera arrives immediately after the Thunder Megazord slays the monster and rips apart the formation with its lightning. With the Red Dragon Thunderzord completely down and exposed, Rocky summons Tor the Shuttlezord to counteract it. Barely dodging the Serpentera’s foot, it rolls and enters itself in Warrior Mode’s armor, but Serpentera kicks it over and back into Shuttle Mode. Although it spends about half a minute grinding Tor into the ground, the attempt somehow drains over half of Serpentera's power and Zedd and Goldar are forced to retreat back to the Moon once again. Tvicon TV STORY-Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun

When the Power Rangers are going on Harvey Garvey's TV show to promote education, Lord Zedd sees it as a chance to get rid of them once and for all, or at least ruin their public image. As such, he sends down Goldar and an army of Putties to capture them so that he can create evil twins to spread bad messages and smear their reputations. However, when this fails, he has to abandon this plan in favor of creating the Showbiz Monster partway through the episode's filming. He then enlarges him, but even that completely fails. Tvicon TV STORY-Lights, Camera, Action

The Power Rangers go on a scavenger hunt and Lord Zedd sees it as a chance to get rid of them forever by sending them to the Lost Universe from which there is no return and leave the Earth completely open to being conquered. As such, as he opens the dimensional gateway to this universe, he sends down Goldar and the Putties to take the scavenger hunt items for him to make a monster and accomplish this. After three Putties make off with the bag, Goldar informs Zedd that they have hidden a toy cannon in the middle of the park as requested. Using the toy, Zedd creates Cannontop but the monster’s bad aim inevitably prevents him from accomplishing his only objective. As such, when he is hit by the Power Blaster but is unfazed, Zedd makes Cannontop grow. But, the Mega Tigerzord makes short work of him anyway even though Zedd manages to open the Lost Dimension’s gateway. Enraged, Zedd berates Goldar and erupts at Squatt and Baboo for speaking up, before giving Goldar another chance and swearing that this is not the end, even after this defeat. Tvicon TV STORY-Scavenger Hunt

Lord Zedd apparently picks up on a massive energy reading and goes after it in Serpentera, finding it to be a UFO piloted by a Bookala from the planet of the same name. This is because Zedd realizes that the gem powering the ship (a Lightning Diamond) can provide Serpentera with infinite power and thus he can easily conquer or destroy the Earth. Serpentera shoots down the vessel but the Rangers find it and initiate repairs so Zedd creates Weldo from a welding machine in Billy’s garage to steal the Lightning Diamond for him but he is easily slain. Frustrated, and somehow not seeing the fake Bookala doll, Zedd sends down Goldar and the Putties who manage to steal the Lightning Diamond. Zedd is his usual impatient self by strumming his fingers but Goldar appears with the Lightning Diamond to his shock, whilst Goldar inserts the Lightning Diamond into the Power Grid. As they enter Earth’s atmosphere however, Bookala makes his escape attempt and Lord Zedd orders Goldar to fire on it but Serpentera is crippled by something. Zedd realizes too late that they have been tricked by the Rangers when Goldar takes the Lightning Diamond (which is in fact a fake designed to trick the villains) out of Serpentera's power grid and it fries into nothing. Shortly after. Bookala makes his mad dash for escape and Zedd orders Goldar to fire at the ship. However, this only succeeds in further damaging Serpentera to the point of it now not even being able to make the most barebones attempt at attacking Earth. Furious over his lost chance to steal the diamond, Zedd turns the fake Bookala into an evil version of the original to trick them into a trap. When this fails because he very dumbly creates the monster right in front of them Zedd enlarges his monster, but the Zord fight fails and he and Goldar have to retreat back to the Moon Palace. Tvicon TV STORY-The Great Bookala Escape

Rocky is acting as a volunteer lifeguard at Angel Grove Lake and is trying to motivate some children by claiming that he has never seen a monster in the lake. Inspired, Lord Zedd speaks to Goldar and decides to bring forth an army of fish monsters to destroy the Power Rangers through sheer numbers and prove Rocky wrong. After Bulk and Skull cause a false shark attack, Goldar informs Zedd that three of the Power Rangers have gone scuba diving and are thus unavailable but his master goes ahead anyway. Lord Zedd first resurrects the Slippery Shark right in front of Rocky, Billy and Aisha as they stand guard over the lake. Trying to follow that up, Zedd recreates Commander Crayfish, the Goo Fish, Pirantishead and then later on the Tube Monster who he then enlarges to destroy the city but they are all soon wiped out. Afterwards, Zedd asks Goldar what's for dinner and Goldar answers fish and chips, much to Zedd's rage. Tvicon TV STORY-A Reel Fish Story

Unholy Matrimony[]

Lord Zedd has to enter his thousand-year sleep to recharge his powers and leaves Goldar in charge of the Moon Palace. In the meantime though, no attacks shall be launched in his absence. However, Rita returns to the Moon Palace and has Finster create a love potion which she uses to brainwash Zedd into falling for her. Tvicon TV STORY-The Wedding, Part I

Rita eventually makes Zedd wake up using a feather and he immediately begins flirting with her and being overly goofy. Apparently hearing the loud flirting, Goldar appears and immediately orders the Putties to seize her, but Lord Zedd stops him and declares his intent to marry Rita, much to Goldar’s utter horror. Rita and Zedd later hold a toast of dry ice to their wedding but the Power Rangers then escape the Specter Theater so Zedd drops everything and enlarges the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster after Rita comes up with the idea. The enlarged monsters easily defeat the Thunderzords and Alpha sends them back to the Specter Theater. With the Power Rangers recontained and both the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster standing guard, Lord Zedd begins his wedding ceremony with his monsters as guests and witnesses. Tvicon TV STORY-The Wedding, Part II

Goldar confronts Lord Zedd and asks if he is genuine about his feelings but his master brushes him off dismissively. A few moments later, Goldar and Finster approach Zedd with a positive status report but, once Zedd asks Goldar to have the musicians play, Goldar reveals that he forgot to hire so (although this was clearly an attempt to sabotage the wedding). Unfortunately for Goldar, Zedd improvises by making the Snizzard his piano player and the wedding goes ahead anyway. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa then finally step up to the altar with Finster acting as the presiding priest. When Finster asks if anyone objects to the wedding, Goldar pipes up but Rita shuts him up with a smack from her wedding bouquet and thus finally marries Zedd, much to Goldar’s anger. During the afterparty, Rita and Zedd dance whilst flirting with each other.

Whilst the Power Rangers beat around the Peckster and the Rhinoblaster, Rita and Zedd discuss their wedding gifts for each other. Lord Zedd gets the trapped Power Rangers to do with what he wishes and Rita wants to be there when he destroys them which he happily accepts. They then decide to board Serpentera and go to destroy the Power Rangers themselves because there’s no kill like massive overkill. Leaving via the Season 1 balcony, they bid goodbye to their guests and claim that they will return as rulers of the Earth. Before they leave however, Rita tosses the bouquet which is caught in the Soccadillo’s mouth much to his joy. Inside Serpentera, Rita sits back on Lord Zedd’s command chair whilst Zedd pilots the Zord towards Earth. Goldar reports this to his master that the Power Rangers have outsmarted the immensely dense Peckster and the Rhinoblaster and have escaped. Zedd orders him to send the entire monster army to Earth and attack which he does, at which point Zedd enlarges all of them. However, they are all wiped out and Rita and Zedd withdraw to the Moon Palace in disgrace. Tvicon TV STORY-The Wedding, Part III

Rita and Zedd's plans[]


Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa

With the Power Rangers contemplating what time period that they would like to be born into, Lord Zedd wishes for a world without the Power Rangers and that he can just send all of them back in time. Goldar points out that the Ghost of Darkness can summon the Wizard of Deception but Zedd reminds him that he is a creation of Rita’s and she is not on good terms with him, for some reason. When Goldar points out that he can just demand Rita to obey him, Zedd reminds him that she is far too bullheaded to just roll over and obey them. Zedd then sends Goldar with his honest regards to try and get her to commit to this plan which Goldar reluctantly does. Before he can leave though, Zedd tells his general to tell Rita not to fail him and questions why he married her which delights Goldar but has to backpedal on his statement when Zedd confronts him about it. Goldar’s unseen method of convincing succeeds and Rita summons the Wizard of Deception via her creation in a plan to banish the Power Rangers to the past and kill Tommy with an evil clone. Later, when the Wizard of Deception ambushes Tommy. Zedd sees this, and has Goldar send down the Putty Patrollers to aid him in knocking out the White Ranger. This succeeds and Tommy is put into a coma whilst the Wizard creates Tom Oliver. After the Power Rangers split up for no reason, Zedd checks in on his minion and learns of the success in the plan so far and takes joy in this. However, he warns the Wizard of Deception that the Power Rangers always return, but the Wizard tells him that this is unlikely since he plans to send them “very far away indeed.” Delighted, Zedd gloats to Goldar about how his and Rita’s combined power has improved their circumstances which Goldar decides to outright ignore. Even though the villains have a strong advantage, the Wizard of Deception is inevitably killed and this plan fails miserably after Tommy steals his wand and uses it to rescue the Power Rangers. Tvicon TV STORY-Return of the Green Ranger

On the week of Angel Grove High's school president elections, Rita decides to take advantage of this for her own plans. But Lord Zedd turned out to be sexistic and claima her to be useless as a villain due to her gender before leaving to plan. When Goldar reports that she has created her own plan to exploit the elections, Zedd shrugs him off but tells him to spy on his wife. Once her White Tigerzord plot fails, Zedd gloats and flexes, much to her frustration. Tvicon TV STORY-Best Man for the Job

Lord Zedd is not involved with Rita's plot revolving around the Grumble the Magic Elf storybook plot since he is asleep. Tvicon TV STORY-Storybook Rangers

When Rita's brother Rito Revolto arrives on the Moon (even with Tengas and a Vampirus as very late wedding gifts) Lord Zedd is disgusted by the skeleton's stupidity, and bellows with rage every time Rito calls him "Ed." Tvicon TV STORY-Ninja Quest

Rita's love potion is eventually removed from Zedd thanks to Goldar after discovering Rita's original plot with "help" from Finster. To everyone's surprise, however, Zedd has grown to truly love Rita on his own and thus the love potion is now redundant. Tvicon TV STORY-The Potion Notion

After the Tenga Warriors kidnap Kimberly after the efforts from the brainwashed Katherine Hillard, Zedd has her held hostage to force the Rangers to use the Shogun Zords in his service, Lord Zedd battles Tommy personally to keep him from saving Kimberly from an alternate dimension. Though Zedd easily gains the upper hand against the White Ranger, mocking him relentlessly in the process, Tommy uses Saba to shatter Zedd's Z-Staff which forces him to retreat. Kat eventually rescues Kimberly and becomes the new Pink Ranger when she goes to Paris. Tvicon TV STORY-A Different Shade of Pink

When Master Vile arrives on the moon, Lord Zedd is pushed to the side as Vile takes over in his search for the Zeo Crystal. He expresses disdain for his father-in-law who constantly puts him down. Tvicon TV STORY-Master Vile and the Metallic Armor

Once Vile leaves after his army was defeated by the Aquitian Rangers, Zedd is ecstatic as the "old coot" is gone and he resumes his attacks on Earth. The Rangers have since been turned to children due to Vile's Orb of Doom and all that stand in Zedd's way are the Aquitian Rangers. Tvicon TV STORY-Alien Rangers of Aquitar

Goldar and Rito attempt to stop the Earth team from using a device to their proper ages. Taking the Ninja Power Coins that have been used to power the device, Goldar holds them off, which allows Rita and Zedd to vaporize them, but only after Billy returned to his normal age. Tvicon TV STORY-Climb Every Fountain

Rita and Zedd assign Goldar and Rito the mission of planting a bomb under the Command Center after Alpha 5 defused one outside it by order of Master Vile. Tvicon TV STORY-Attack of the 60' Bulk

While they attempt to set things right, Rita and Zedd plot their boldest move yet: they will destroy the Command Center and steal the powerful Zeo Crystal for themselves. The plan is ultimately a failure; Goldar and Rito's implosion device does go off but the Rangers are teleported out, while Zordon and Alpha 5 escape to a fortified Power Chamber underneath the wreckage. The Zeo Crystal turns up in the rubble as Goldar and Rito lost it during their getaway. Tvicon TV STORY-Hogday Afternoon


Despite the setbacks, Rita and Zedd celebrate their most significant victory over Zordon's forces by throwing a massive party in the throne room. Their good feelings, however, do not last as the Machine Empire, longtime rivals of both Rita and Zedd, stage a coup and force Rita and Zedd to flee the moon in Serpentera. Tvicon TV STORY-A Zeo Beginning

Rita and Zedd eventually return and exact revenge after the Machine Empire becomes a laughing stock due to their multiple defeats by the Zeo Rangers. Tvicon TV STORY-A Golden Homecoming

Rita and Zedd later have Finster build a missile to annihilate the Machine Empire after King Mondo's defeat, but it gains sentience as Louie Kaboom, who breaks free of their control and assumes command himself. Tvicon TV STORY-Bomber in the Summer

With the help of a bomb disguised as a gift, the ruling family of the Machine Empire is temporarily destroyed and Rita and Zedd once again ruled the moon for themselves. Rather than immediately resuming attacks however, Rita and Zedd opt to go on holiday and return to take their revenge at a later date. Tvicon TV STORY-Good as Gold


Lord-Zedd-Turbo-Movie sleep

Lord Zeed sleeps while Rita talks with Divatox.

Ultimately, Rita and Zedd opt not to resume their struggle with the Power Rangers and enter retirement in an unknown location. Zedd is asleep when Divatox calls Rita for advice to deal with the Power Rangers and his snoring is used to emphasize her point. Movieicon MOVIE STORY-Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Villains Hologram

Lord Zedd as a hologram along with the other villains shown by the Blue Senturion.

When the Blue Senturion came to the present to deliver a message to Dimitria, sparking interest in Divatox. She alters her voice to sound like Dimitria and asks the Blue Senturion to show her the message. The message revealed that by the year 2000, all the evil factions (Divatox, Rita and Lord Zedd, and the Machine Empire) would conquer Earth and equally divide its land.

Later, although the Blue Senturion manages to hold off the Rangers, they manage to hold him off long enough for Justin to turn him off. As Justin deactivates the detonator, he activates the message, sees the villains in the hologram (Divatox, Rita and Lord Zedd, and the Machine Empire) and the Rangers see the first part of it. Wanting to know more about the message, Justin reactivates the Blue Senturion, who has been resetted back to knowing who is truly evil: Divatox. Tvicon TV STORY-The Millennium Message

In Space[]

Dark Specter's conference[]

Lord Zeed and Rita in Dark Specter's conference

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa in Dark Specter's conference.

Rita and Zedd join their comrades in the United Alliance of Evil under Dark Specter to mount a final assault on the forces of good throughout the galaxy. At a conference on the Cimmerian Planet, After discovering that Divatox has destroyed the Power Chamber and seemingly killed the Turbo Rangers. Rita turns to Zedd to confirm if this was true; to her horror, he explains that it is "kind of the talk of the universe now." Shortly after, once Goldar realizes that a mysterious Ranger has infiltrated the conference, Zedd tries to attack Andros with his staff but the Spiral Saber blocks it and Andros escapes on his Galaxy Glider. Tvicon TV STORY-From Out of Nowhere

United Alliance of Evil invasion[]

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa initially argue with Astronema over her plan, but they agree to follow her orders when they learn that Dark Specter has put her in charge, Rita and Zedd attack a planet in the Vica Galaxy and capture Trey of Triforia, the former Gold Zeo Ranger. Before victory can be achieved, Rita alongside Lord Zedd, see that Ecliptor appears in the sky to announce that Dark Specter has been destroyed and that Astronema is now the Queen of Evil. Tvicon TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction, Part 1

Zordon's sacrifice[]

Human lord zedd

Lord Zedd after being purified.

The following day, after Andros the Red Space Ranger destroyed Zordon's energy tube, freeing a great golden wave of good energy that goes through the universe, Rita screams for Zedd not to let it get her, but the wave finally washes over them. It destroys most of their army, but leaves her and Zedd alive as humans. Now purified, Rita expresses happiness that she and Zedd have been purified together and, at his request, engages in a dance whilst Trey looks on in confusion. Tvicon TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction, Part 2

The Lost Episode[]

Lord Zedd was seen in archive footage, along with various Villains and Rangers, when Austin St. John and Walter Jones related about the Power Rangers' team from Mighty Morphin until the recently Lost Galaxy. Tvicon TV STORY-The Lost Episode

Wild Force[]

Four years after the fall of the United Alliance of Evil, General Venjix the leader of the remnants of the Machine Empire mentioned Zedd, saying that he was a fool to bury Serpentera on the Moon. Venjix also mentions that it's Zedd's loss and their gain. Bulk and Skull were playing Psycho Ranger and Space Ranger chess at Club Bulkmeier, Bulk mentions that, he has known and met Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa while having a conversation with Skull about the early days of Power Rangers. When his enemy Tommy Oliver recounts to the other Red Rangers and mentions that years ago when Lord Zedd was defeated, his personal Zord was hidden on the lunar surface of the Moon. Tvicon TV STORY-Forever Red

Dino Thunder[]

Lord Zedd is featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy shortly after he forms the Dino Rangers six years later found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab after Mesogog captures Tommy. Tvicon TV STORY-Legacy of Power

Operation Overdrive[]

Years later, Thrax mentions that he seeks to rebuild his parents' legacy, disgusted by the fact that they were "lost to goodness" when Thrax formed his Evil Alliance. Thrax introduces himself as the son of Rita and Lord Zedd and promises to be the demise of the Overdrive Rangers.

Later, when the Retro Rangers defeated Flurious and his Chillers, in the Hartford Mansion, Adam is in the Control Center trying to help Mr. Hartford with all the repairs, and tells him of his battles with Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. Tvicon TV STORY-Once A Ranger (1)

Thrax is determine to get the Sword Excelsior, he mentions that his parents Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd were weak and succumbed to goodness but he will restore their legacy by destroying the Sentinel Knight with the powerful Sword Excelsior. Tvicon TV STORY-Once A Ranger (2)

Beast Morphers[]

After Ryjack’s ship is destroyed, the Grid Battleforce Rangers gather the relics from the ground, Ravi the Grid Battleforce Blue Ranger pick up the Z Staff mentioned that this weapon belongs to Lord Zedd the Emperor of Evil. Tvicon TV STORY-Finders Keepers

"Obviously, the one, the only... Lord Zedd! Hah ha ha ha . He and Rita Repulsa were going to rule the universe as king and queen of evil. Remember?"
―Lord Zedd mentioned by Scrozzle.[src]
Lord Zeed Archive footage beast morphers

Lord Zedd in Scrozzle's database.

Twenty two years after his purification, Lord Zedd's staff is one of the many villain relics in Ryjack's collection that are acquired by Evox and his minions. Evox plans to revive and gather the most notorious villains in the universe with Ryjack's Reanimizer after reviving Sledge's Crew and Snide. Lord Zedd was one of the candidates to be revived (another being Astronema, Koragg, The Knight Wolf and Psycho Red), but were debunked, due to backfired reasons, until Evox decides to revive Goldar instead. Zedd was Scrozzle's choice until Robo-Roxy reminds everyone of what Zedd and Rita did to King Mondo and his family the day after Jason returned the Gold Zeo powers back to Trey of Triforia, out of fear that Zedd would secretly plan to betray Evox as well once revived. Horrified, Scrozzle rests Zedd's staff, Robo-Roxy is very disappointed, and Sledge despises him and not wanting him on his team. Instead, Goldar was resurrected into Goldar Maximus. Tvicon TV STORY-Making Bad

Dino Fury[]



Lord Zedd attacks Void Knight on Area 62.

The Evil half of Lord Zedd is resurrected by Reaghoul but has been outfitted with a Compliance Collar and is sent to infiltrate Area 62 to steal the entire Sporix collection in Void Knight's possession for an unknown purpose. Despite Lord Zedd last seen being purified, it is stated that Reaghoul has resurrected his original evil self from before he was hit by the Z-Wave. Zedd was then confronted by Void Knight, Slyther, and Mucus. Having been wearing a cloak, he discards it in favor of a dramatic reveal and then attacks them in a fit of rage. After intimidating Mucus into backing off, Zedd picks up Void Knight’s own saber and prepares to finish him off for his defiance only to be stopped by Reaghoul since he desires an alliance instead. Zedd, along with the other two monsters, managed to capture four of the Dino Fury Rangers after Reaghoul and Void Knight make a deal to get more Sporix. When Ollie arrives to help, Zedd tries to attack him, but he teleports before he can get his hands on him, his anger tempered by Reaghoul when he tried to take his frustration out on the other Rangers.


Lord Zedd is freed from his compliance collar.

The Blue Ranger later returns to fight and manages to remove Zedd's Compliance Collar with his Dino Dagger, which makes the former Emperor regain consciousness and angrily attack Reaghoul until he teleports away again with Mucus. Zedd then brutally fights the other two monsters that are left along with the Dino Fury Rangers, who have been freed from their handcuffs, managing to hold his own even with their forces combined. Realizing that he doesn't have his staff, Zedd teleported away claiming that he will return someday and burn planet Earth to a cinder. Tvicon TV STORY-Old Foes

Destroying Rafkon[]

Zedd Recording Grid Battleforce

Zedd during the prison break at Grid Battleforce.

Lord Zedd's presence is enough of a threat for Master Green to free the Dino Fury Gold Ranger from his stasis in the ocean. Tvicon TV STORY-Storm SurgeTvicon TV STORY-Ancient History (Dino Fury)

Lord Zedd eventually set his new plans in motion, having Sizzurai create a prison break at Grid Battleforce so he can help the villain Scrozzle escape and recruit him to his cause. He also sent Lothorn, the nephew of Lokar, to distract the Dino Fury Rangers from going there. Tvicon TV STORY-Ultimate Mystery

When Zedd and his new team return to Area 62, they see that the power hierarchy had changed as now the villains are led by Void Queen, with Void Knight becoming Void King against his will. After Scrozzle was able to reclaim his Z Staff from the Crystal Dimension, Zedd pretended to ally himself with the Void Family to stop the Rangers when in reality, he only used them to find a way to create robotic allies.


Zedd tricks the Void Family into working together.

During a fight with the Dino Fury Rangers, Zedd had Sizzurai slash at Ollie with his arm blade laced with a poison, turning the Blue Ranger into his loyal minion. After Scrozzle created new robotic recruits with the blueprints the Void Family provided them, Zedd and his team left Earth while the other Rangers tried to save Ollie from the villain's mind control. They succeed it but Zedd got what he had searched: the entire message speaking of Rafkon. Tvicon TV STORY-Love Hate

Zedd arrives on Rafkon with Scrozzle, Sizzurai and his new recruits: Boomblaster and Nulleye. He teleports with Scrozzle and Sizzurai while his crew fight the Rangers. Later, he uses his Telescopic Vision to spy on them and he follows them. When the Rangers find the Sporix Generator, Zedd appears and reveals them his plan: to use the Sporix Generator to create his own army of Sporix to conquer the universe. Zedd and his forces fight the Rangers again. Aiyon was persuaded to be the one who will defeat Zedd and fights him along with Zayto while the other Rangers fight Sizzurai, Boomblaster and Nulleye. During the battle, Zedd easily defeats Aiyon and fights Zayto. Zedd accidentally destroys Sizzurai when Zayto deflects his attack on him. However, soon after he gravely injures Zayto, but Morphin Master Green teleports the Rangers to their base on the Earth. Tvicon TV STORY-Rafkon Revealed

Despite Sizzurai's death, Zedd finds the Sporix Generator and teleports with it and his crew. Rafkon explodes soon after, leaving the Rangers horrified. Zedd returns to Earth and is welcomed by Void Queen and Void King. They are furious to have been betrayed by the Emperor of Evil, but Zedd succeeds to trick them again, saying that their agreement is maintained. When the Rangers arrive, Boomblaster, Nulleye and Void King fight them while Void Queen teleports and Zedd and Scrozzle try to start the Sporix Generator. Aiyon destroys Boomblaster with the Dino Master Saber and the Legendary Dino Armor. After Boomblaster's death, Void King retreats with Nulleye. Seeing the Rangers charge them, Scrozzle says to Zedd that he can defeat them because he is so powerful and teleports. Zedd calls Scrozzle a coward and creates an energy shield while he activates the Sporix Generator. The Rangers try to destroy the shield with all their powers but failed. Aiyon wants to use the Ultimate Attack of the Dino Master Saber to destroy Zedd but this would cost him his life. He is about to strike but Morphin Master Green appears to stop him and destroys Zedd's shield. Furious, he attacks her. Zedd is more powerful than Morphin Master Green, he is about to defeat her when Aiyon intervenes, hitting Zedd's Staff allowing Morphin Master Green to attack Zedd, imprisoning him with her in a crystal prison and destroying the Sporix Generator. Soon after, the Morphin Masters Red and Blue arrive. Master Red frees Master Green leaving Zedd in his prison and the three Morphin Masters leave with him. Tvicon TV STORY-Morphin Master

Later, when an unknown space ship arrives to Dinohenge, the Dino Fury Rangers ask about it and Javi says that as they are unlucky in this moment, it could be Lord Zedd with Galvanax and Venjix. Tvicon TV STORY-The Invasion

Six months later, after the Rangers defeat the Sporix once and for all and purify Void King and Void Queen, Zayto who had presumed deceased in the final battle is resurrected by the Morphin Masters and returns to Earth to warn his team that Lord Zedd has escaped. Tvicon TV STORY-The Nemesis

Cosmic Fury[]

"OK team, Keep him busy while we fine-tune a strategy. Fine tune? We don't even have the start of one."
―Amelia and Ollie panicking to find a way to defeat Master Zedd.

During the six months after the Rangers defeated the Sporix, Zedd has been found on the planet Zordnia by Bajillia Naire the CEO of Squid Ink, Inc.. Bajillia and her company arrive on Zordnia for her resources but they found Zedd's crystal prison. They freed him and gave him an army of monsters to conquer the planet and the universe.

Lord Zedd New Group

Lord Zedd's new forces.

After being warned of Zedd's escape, the Dino Fury Rangers arrive on Zordnia and fight an army of monsters with Billy Cranston, the first Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger. Zedd looks on the battle with Bajillia, Inkworth and two Copyguards. Bajillia introduces herself to Zedd and explains him his freedom: She and his soldiers were to come on Zordnia for her resources but they found his crystal prison. Forty scientists are dead for that Zedd is free. Bajillia wishes an intergalactic war, when Zedd asks who will be in charge of this intergalactic war and the conquest of the universe, she reassures him, saying that it will be him. Zedd is happy but adds that he does not obey any one. When Squillia joins them, Zedd meets his great fan. Bajillia asks her daughter if her secret weapon is ready. Squillia answers that Scrozzle has not done it yet, saying that he is so slow. It is unknown if Zedd forgave Scrozzle for abandoning him.

When Bajillia's forces begin to be decimated by the Rangers and the Morphin Masters: three of their monsters and many Zentinels, he becomes furious. Bajillia reassures him again and shows him a Squidrill and calls a squad of Zentinels. Zedd is impressed to have an infinity army and decides to join the battle. Excited, Squillia asks her mother if she can join it too. Bajillia accepts but gives a Copyguard to protect her, Squillia calls him "Uggo" and teleports with him and Zedd in the battle. Zedd defeats Javi easily, fights Ollie and Amelia briefly and wins, then defeats Billy too, happy to defeat one of his old enemies. His two last monsters are defeated by the Rangers: the first sent into an unknown location with a Copyguard and the second destroyed, Zedd loses patience. Squillia calls Doodrip in reinforcement. Doodrip fires a blue slime at the Rangers, explaining that it will turn them evil under Zedd's command. However, Lord Zedd tells Doodrip that if he had a brain, he would know that the poison was specifically only meant for the Blue Ranger and while most of the Rangers are unaffected by the slime, Ollie is corrupted and turns evil.

After being corrupted by the poison, Ollie creates another Cosmic portal, and Zedd kicks Zayto into it, closing on the Ranger as Aiyon fails to save his friend. Amelia and Javi restrain Ollie and take away the Cosmic Dino Key before he can use it again. Amused, Zedd congratulates Doodrip for his work, but he fires him for failing to corrupt all the Rangers. Doodrip is taken away by two Zentinels while Zedd returns to the fight with Squillia and many other Zentinels. When Bajillia and Scrozzle capture all six Morphin Masters with the Master Captivator, the Rangers retreat before Zedd blasts them. Angry that the Rangers escaped, Lord Zedd confronts Bajillia for a new plan. Bajillia confidently says that without the Morphin Masters, the Rangers have no support like they used to. And with a Squidrill looking for the Rangers, Zedd is satisfied by the outlook, as it will be a matter of time before he rules as the Emperor of Evil again. Ollie goes out in the Squidrill and has Zentinels search for the Rangers.

Later, Zedd is seen on Bajillia's Mega Squidrill. Inkworth proposes another drink to the Emperor of Evil but Zedd berates him because this battle was not the victory that he hoped. Squillia appears and gives her report. Fed up with the Rangers interfering with his plans, Zedd decides to deal with them for good and has his forces go to Earth. Bajillia supports him, claiming that it is time to finish what he started many years ago and orders her fleet to reach Earth. Tvicon TV STORY-Lightning Strikes

Zedd is furious that their journey is too long before they reach Earth. He receives a message from Doodrip when he goes rogue and steals Squillia's Mega Squidrill to prove himself by defeating the Rangers. Zedd berates Squillia for this. Enraged that he could be a joke if this loser succeeded, Zedd says that if Doodrip succeeds in defeating the Rangers, he will destroy him and take the credit but if Doodrip fails, he will finish the job.

Soon after, Bajillia's Mega Squidrill and the fleet reach the Earth. Zedd and his crew learn that Squillia's Mega Squidrill was destroyed. Zedd sends many Zentinels to find Dinohenge. They find it and Zedd appears, defeats Billy and Aiyon and destroys the statues, (the Mosa, Ankylo, Saber Toothed Tiger, and Stego statues), except the Tricera Statue on Ollie's request so he can still serve him. Zedd is perplexed but Ollie proves his loyalty to the Emperor of Evil as throwing his Chromafury Saber at Amelia, cutting her cheek, and the Rangers are forced to teleport back to base. Zedd calls Bajillia to send a Squidrill for destroying the Rangers and their base once and for all. As the Squidrill burrows into the Earth, Aiyon and Solon have no choice but to push the red button on the console and teleport the base from Earth. Although Zedd is angry that the Rangers escaped his clutches again, he knows they will not last long without their powers. Also, Zedd orders Ollie to find his former teammates, which he accepts. Afterwards, Zedd orders the Zentinels to take the Tricera Statue in security to the Mega Squidrill and declares that the Earth is his to rule. Tvicon TV STORY-Beyond Repair

02 - Power Rangers Cosmic Fury – Beyond Repair

Lord Zedd in his new throne.

Back on the Mega Squidrill, Zedd watches in confusion over Squillia’s dance stream with other monsters: Krymzo, Quaddo, Jadana and Snoutia. Ollie enters the command room and shows Zedd the message Dr. Lani gave him about Zayto’s location. Impressed with Ollie’s good work, Zedd orders Scrozzle to give the former the gift he was promised. Then, Ollie requests that he lead a team of monsters to help him capture Zayto, explaining that he wants to adapt the team approach against the Rangers. Zedd allows this and gives Ollie Squillia’s backup dancers, despite the latter protesting this. Zedd leaves Squillia in charge of finishing Earth’s invasion with General Omwhyzo as he has another world to conquer. Tvicon TV STORY-Off Grid

Later, Zedd conquers the planet of his old deceased enemy Zordon: Eltar and builds his fortress there. He furiously berates Inkworth for a task poorly done. Ollie arrives and Zedd hopes good news but Ollie reports that his team was destroyed and the Rangers have new powers. Angry, Zedd prepares to punish him and Ollie says that he believed that teamwork would be enough to defeat his former teammates. Zedd starts to have a paternal attitude with Ollie, saying that he still thinks as a Ranger but must forget it and the teamwork to become completely evil and complete his quest of power. Ollie smiles evily and says that Zedd will be proud of him. Tvicon TV STORY-Team Work


"There is a saying in this universe, "No peace for the strongest, only survival." Think of all the warlords and emperors that came before me. They all failed and then were destroyed. (...) People of power, including Rangers, will always try to tear the top dog down. And if you're down, you're done for. The only way to survive is to stay on top. That's why I must become the most powerful being there is."
―Lord Zedd explaining his philosophy to Ollie Akana.[src]

As the hidden mastermind of the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, in his debut appearance and 40 episodes after, Zedd started off as very menacing, sadistic, and megalomaniacal. He coldly abused his lackeys, silencing Goldar and others frequently and blaming them for most failures rather than taking responsibility himself. However, during and after "The Wedding", thanks to Rita's Love Potion, his personality changed to a mostly-loving and caring person around Rita but he still abused her and others when he didn't get his way; for example, during their first marital argument, he silenced Rita and demanded her respect from him when she blamed him for their recent failure, then refused to comply to her listening to him from then on. Zedd harbored a lot of disrespect for his in-law Master Vile, especially when he got pushed to the side and also expressed disdain for him having stopped them from destroying Angel Grove. He is shown to hate being called "Ed" as he yells at Rito and Alpha 5 when they call him that. Zedd also showed some sexist traits as seen in the episode "Best Man For The Job" when he called Rita incompetent because of her gender and for no other reason.

When exposed to Zordon's Energy Wave, Zedd's evil personality traits were purged. Yet, his hunger for power remained as shown in Super Legends, when he missed his former power and traveled back in time to witness his former self, which led to him becoming evil again.

After he was resurrected by Reaghoul, his personality reverted back to before the Z-Wave hit him and before Rita's love potion, becoming just as cruel, intimidating and egocentric than ever. After Zedd became leader of a new evil empire, he went to extreme measures to make sure he would stay on top. He was also determined to rebuild his evil legacy and stopped at nothing to finish what he started years ago.

He became the main antagonist in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. Though mainly megalomaniacal and sociopathic, Zedd occasionally showed signs of dry, twisted humor throughout the season. In the final battle, he became trapped in a fantasy/nightmare world where he destroyed the Power Rangers and conquered the universe but was now stuck catering to his wife Rita Repulsa for all eternity, which he mostly despised.


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MMPR RitoRito   Rita RepulsaRita Lord Zedd
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Lord Zedd (MMPR)

Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd (DF)

Lord Zedd

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Power: Lord Zedd was more powerful than any of his minions and the original Power Rangers, whilst possibly being on par with Zordon. In terms of overall power, Zedd's powers, while formidable, are much weaker than Master Vile, King Mondo, and Dark Specter, as he was quite intimidated by them. Though to his credit, Lord Zedd is better known and feared than the other three; being one of the most notorious villains of Ranger history, as he was a candidate for the Reanimizer and chosen by Reaghoul over them. In more, Zedd had possibly became more powerful than his former rivals since his resurrection.
  • Super Strength: Lord Zedd has super physical strength, being able to pick Void Knight up above his head with one hand and send Slyther flying across the room with a single kick, easily beating them both up.
  • Immortality: Lord Zedd is known to have lived for at least 10,000 years without aging a day.
  • Growth Bomb Generation: Lord Zedd could generate white lightning around his palm to generate a grenade, which he would then throw to Earth, where it would explode upon contact on the ground with the explosion and enlarge the monster. Sometimes, the monster would grab it and slam it to the ground themselves.
  • Conjuration: Lord Zedd was able to conjure objects out of thin air, such as his staff (from a snake) or Growth Bombs.
  • Telescopic Vision: Lord Zedd's vision was so accurate, he could see what's happening on Earth just by looking at the planet and projecting a large red beam from his visor.
    • Galactic Vision: Lord Zedd also seemed to be able to see what happens in an entirely different solar system, as seen when the Rangers travelled to Edenoi.
  • Thunderstorm Creation: In his first appearance, Zedd caused a thunderstorm on the moon.
    • Projection: Zedd also created a giant projection of himself in the clouds of the said storm.
  • Teleportation: Zedd can teleport to any location.
  • Electric Strike: Lord Zedd could charge up his fist with white electricity and slam it down on his balcony's railing with enough force to bend the metal as shown repeatedly, although it was shown for the first time in the episode "The Mutiny: Part III" after the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and Dragonzord were freed from his control.
  • Lightning Bolts: Lord Zedd started firing off random bolts of white lightning from his hand across the throne room after the Bloom of Doom's demise.
  • Dimensional Gateway Opening: Lord Zedd was able to open a dimensional gateway to the Lost Universe for Cannontop to blast the Rangers through, but his bad aim made this scheme a dismal failure.
  • Power Sleep: Lord Zedd was able to recharge his powers by going to sleep every 100 years. How long he had to do this at a time remained unclear since Rita’s love potion interrupted it but it was at least several hours.
  • Telepathic Communication: In "Attack of the 60' Bulk", Zedd was able to focus his mind on Bratboy to talk to him telepathically.
  • Lightning Empowerment: In the Dino Fury episode "Old Foes", Lord Zedd was able to charge himself up with red and white lightning for an increase in strength.
  • Shockwave Strike: Also in the Dino Fury episode "Old Foes", Zedd was able to create red-pink shockwaves with every strike he makes. It was powerful enough to overwhelm Brineblast and Wolfgang.
  • Shockwave Brain Blast: In the same fight scene, Lord Zedd was able to fire off pink shockwave-like blasts from his brain strong enough to knock down all five Rangers with one hit.
  • Lightning Beams: In a security footage shown by General Shaw during the ending of "Ultimate Mystery", Zedd was seen firing white lightning beams from his hand.
  • Sensing: In "Love Hate", Lord Zedd was able to sense the Dino Fury Rangers were present despite their attempts to hide.
  • Monster Creation: Rita and Zedd could do a synchronized dance and chant to fire forth orange energy projections of their faces that created the Hate Master.
  • Communication: Lord Zedd can communicate with others by touching the side of his visor.


  • Hand to Hand Combat: Outside of his magical abilities, Lord Zedd proved himself to be an excellent hand-to-hand fighter, as he easily defeated Tommy in battle. Zedd used box strikes and staff swings (combined with his formidable magic abilities) while Tommy resorted to his usual martial arts. He was also stronger than Void Knight and his minions and defeated all five Dino Fury Rangers, as well as Wolfgang and Brineblast, with ease.
  • Weapon Designer: Lord Zedd is an expert designer of weapons, seeing as he single-handedly designed his own Zord, Serpentera, which is to date, still the largest Zord in the entire universe of Power Rangers and probably the most powerful if it weren't for its small energy supply.
  • Expert Tactician: Lord Zedd also seems to have a more tactical mind, compared to his subordinate and later wife Rita. Many of his plans involve trying to cause confusion or division among the Rangers, seeing as he realized their teamwork was their greatest asset, whereas Rita, during her solo tenure, was much more straightforward. He also did not limit himself to the standard plans of just sending out monsters, as he tried to create his own evil team of human Rangers on two separate occasions and changed the Rangers into children at another.
    • Psychological Warfare: Concerning his monsters, Lord Zedd also tended to create them from items personally important to one or more of the Rangers, attacking them psychologically in the hopes of making them useless in his war with Zordon. But after the Rangers realized whatever got turned into a monster always returned to normal where Lord Zedd zapped it, it stopped being effective.
  • Good American Football Player: As seen in the episode “Fourth Down and Long”, Lord Zedd was skilled at playing football with Centiback.
  • Expert Zord Pilot: Lord Zedd was able to expertly pilot Serpentera with no issues in “The Wedding-part III.”


  • Laws of Nature: Lord Zedd apparently could not defy the laws of nature, according to Zordon in the episode "The Ninja Encounter-Part II", when the writer tried to explain why he couldn't just use his magic to germinate the Terror Blossom's seeds, without needing a heat source.
  • Z-Staff Reliance: Despite being an immensely powerful magician, Lord Zedd required his staff to actually use his magic. If it was broken, as happened when he fought Tommy, he would be unable to fight or cast spells, meaning that he would have to retreat.
  • Vulnerability to Compliance Collar: In the Dino Fury episode "Old Foes", Zedd can be controlled through a Compliance Collar.


  • Z Staff: Lord Zedd wields a large silver staff with its end shaped like a Z for combat.
    • Lightning Generation: Zedd could fire white lightning from the Z at the top of his staff. A single lightning was powerful enough to take Tommy down with a single blast during their one-on-one battle, but they had many other effects:
      • Monster Creation: The staff's primary use. Whilst Rita had to rely on Finster and his Monster-Matic to create her monsters, Zedd could effortlessly create his own monster using nothing but lightning from his magic staff although he usually needed an object to create the monsters.
      • Monster Materialization: In the episodes "The Power Stealer" and "Where There's Smoke, There's Fire", Zedd can use his Z-Staff's lightning to create the Octophantom and later Flame Head and his stallion and Inciserator from nothing, showing that he could conjure monsters out of thin air.
      • Z-Putty Creation: Lord Zedd could create his own brand of Putties, dubbed Z-Putties by fans to differentiate them from Rita's Putties, by blasting an area of the ground using lightning from his staff.
      • Vaporization: Lord Zedd was able to vaporize Rita's wand with his staff's lightning attack, once he arrived on Earth.
      • Mind Control: Lord Zedd's staff could fire lightning capable of controlling people's minds. This was only shown in the episode "The Green Dream" when Goldar borrowed it to brainwash Tommy in order to get the Sword of Power.
      • Wind Generation: Lord Zedd was able to fire lightning from his staff to generate massive winds. He only did this once in the episode "The Ninja Encounter-part II" when he blew some cherry blossom tree petals into the air to create the Terror Blossom.
      • Resurrection: Lord Zedd was able to resurrect the Goo Fish, the Slippery Shark, Commander Crayfish, and Pirantishead with his staff's lightning.
      • Conjuration: Lord Zedd could create random objects with his staff's lightning. This was shown when Goldar tried to sabotage his wedding to Rita by not having musicians but Zedd solved the issue by creating a piano and teleporting the Snizzard onto it to play.
      • Communication: With his staff's lightning, Zedd was able to communicate with Hydro Hog.
    • Curses: On multiple occasions, Zedd managed to curse objects using his staff, giving them different effects such as cursing two pairs of sunglasses to make the wearer see everyone around them as a Putty, in hopes of turning the Rangers against each other in the episode "Putty on the Brain."
    • Monster Growth: Lord Zedd's Z-Staff can generate a lightning cloud that would fire off blue lightning to blast the monster with enough energy to make them grow. This was the primary way of growing monsters throughout Season 3. It can be crossed with Rita's magic wand to amplify its magic.
      • Monster Teleportation: Zedd could fire lightning from his staff to teleport monsters to Earth as seen when he did this for the Hate Master.
    • Energy Lasers: Lord Zedd can fire red, orange, or yellow energy lasers from his staff.
    • Energy Field: Lord Zedd can create a blood red energy field with his staff.
    • Fireballs: Lord Zedd can shoot large fireballs from his staff.
  • Serpentera: Zedd's personal Zord and the biggest Zord in Power Rangers history for nearly thirty years that was perfectly capable of destroying whole planets. Unlike other Zords, it was not destroyed under his control and four years after his purification, General Venjix took control of it.
  • Void Saber: Lord Zedd took Void Knight's personal weapon and tried to kill him with it, but was stopped by Reaghoul before he could strike.
  • Sleepy-Cuffs: In the Dino Fury episode "Old Foes", Zedd used these cuffs to put four of the five Dino Fury Rangers in a sleep-like state.
  • Sporix Generator: Lord Zedd stole the Sporix Generator on Rafkon as part of his plan to create his own army of Sporix Beasts.
  • Master Captivator: Lord Zedd used the Master Captivator and the energies stored inside to assume his Master form.

PRCF-Master Zedd

Master Zedd

Being Lord Zedd's most powerful form, it is safe to say the universe would've been doomed if he wasn't put in a position to give up all that power in order to survive.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Power: Master Zedd had the power of all the Morphin Masters combined, making him so powerful he wished Dark Specter could see him. This power possibly made him the strongest enemy throughout Power Rangers history, even more so than Venjix, since this ability made him stronger than any villain throughout the entire franchise, and had more than enough power to destroy the entire universe. It was believed an energy wave caused by his destruction could eradicate all the good in the universe similar to how the Z-Wave wiped out all the evil in the universe.
  • Force Field: Master Zedd could create a transparent purple force field to block attacks, such as a powerful blast from the Cosmic Blaster.


  • Metal Armor: Master Zedd is covered in metal armor that protects him from multiple attacks.
    • Energy Deflection: Master Zedd's metal armor can deflect energy attacks like they were nothing, such as laser blasts from the Cosmic Morphers.


  • Vulnerability to Master Captivator: Because his body is filled with the Morphin Masters' Energy, the same device used to capture them could also be used to capture him. In theory, destroying the Captivator with him inside would release his energy as a wave of pure evil capable of destroying all good in the universe, but also scattering his atoms and killing him.


  • Super Z-Staff: Master Zedd wields an extremely stronger version of his Z-Staff for combat.
    • Heat Lasers: Master Zedd can shoot a red heat-like energy laser from his staff. It is presumably an upgraded version of his original staff's energy lasers, and are shown to be extremely powerful, being strong enough to burn a large Z into a cliff and destroy the Cosmic Fury Zords in one hit.
Appearances: Cosmic Fury Episodes 9-10

Lord MindWaveZ

Lord MindWaveZ

Experiments with teleportation technology across time and space merged Evil Space Alien Lord Zedd, Cobra’s Dr. Mindbender and the Decepticon Shockwave into Lord MindWaveZ.

Created for the Worlds Collide: Battle for the Multiverse - An Essence20 Crossover Experience event featuring the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game at Gen Con 2023.

Powers and Abilities[]


to be added


to be added


to be added


to be added


to be added


Behind the Scenes[]



  • The person who designed Lord Zedd is unknown. According to costume designer Danielle Baker, "Lord Zedd was designed by a comic book illustrator who would come in and conceptualize everything for us." [1]


  • In Hebrew, the word Zed (זד) means evil.
  • His name utilized the British English pronunciation of the letter "Z."
    • It is perhaps also a pun on the Japanese rendition of the letter (“zetto”).


Zedd Live

Lord Zedd as seen in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live.

  • Lord Zedd was the first Power Ranger villain to be Power Rangers-exclusive and not derived from a Super Sentai series.
  • Throughout the entire franchise, Lord Zedd has been known to be left-handed.
  • Cards from the 90s presented the birthplace as Intergalactic Biosteel Labs.
  • While Lord Zedd referred to himself as the "Emperor of Evil", there are other titles he called himself:
  • Despite appearances across various seasons, Lord Zedd has never been destroyed by combat with Rangers. His only "death" was conversion to a good person by Zordon's energy wave, while every other "defeat" has been some form of imprisonment.
  • It is unclear how Lord MindWaveZ's name is supposed to be pronounced. It could be spoken as "Mind Waves," "Mind Wave Zee," or "Mind Wave Zed."


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie[]

  • Lord Zedd appeared as a hidden mini-boss in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie game for Sega Genesis. During the game's Ninja Encounter stage, the player can enter a cave where they face a giant Zedd.
    • Lord Zedd appeared in Game Boy's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. He appeared as both boss of a stage, and one of the five guards that are in Ivan's stage.

Power Rangers Super Legends[]

"(Future Omega Ranger): You! But you're no longer evil!
(Lord Zedd): Not in every timeline, Ranger!"
―Lord Zedd revealing his return to evil.[src]

Lord Zedd as he appears in Super Legends.

Lord Zedd appears as the main villain in the video game Power Rangers Super Legends. He is voiced by Steven Jay Blum in the game, rather than Robert Axelrod.

Years after the events of "Countdown to Destruction", Zedd's human form is an accomplished archaeologist on Earth, with no mention of his wife Rita anywhere. Despite being given a second chance at life, his human form wonders about his former life. Upon unearthing a set of time crystals, the human Zedd looks into the past and is instantly corrupted by the powers of his past self, who hated what he would become. Now evil again and with his powers restored, Zedd decided to enjoy making use of the time crystals to create chaos with the timeline, not caring of the consequences his actions may have on reality.

He visits various points in the future and past, forming alliances with generals and leaders of villain factions and giving them minions from the other time zones to help accomplish their goals. He even makes it a point to pay Goldar a visit while he was serving Rita in his place and had a plan to use a potion on the Angel Grove water supply to turn citizens into new Putties for his plans. However, this plan is thwarted by the original Pink and Red Rangers. At the end of the game, it takes the combined effort of various Rangers from the past, present, and future to defeat him. Zedd attempts to escape, but accidentally drops his time crystal when fleeing to a void outside of time. The Omega Ranger admits to his fellow Rangers that it may take Zedd eons to escape, bringing peace to the universe on at least one front.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars[]

Legacy Wars Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd as seen in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Lord Zedd is among the villains who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. He is a Rare (Leader), Epic (Assist) character.

Power Rangers Battle For The Grid[]

Lord Zeed BTFG

Lord Zedd in Battle For The Grid

Lord Zedd is a playable character in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. He uses his Z staff primarily as his weapon.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition[]

Lord zedd super

Lord Zedd using his super in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition.

Lord Zedd is a playable character in a fighting game made for the SNES called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition. In the game Lord Zedd is a formidable character. Possessing ranged attacks, teleports, an aerial dive attack, and a special move that draws in the opponent, he is very difficult to deal with and can be seen a high tier character with strong combos, mix-ups and pressure.

Puzzle and Dragons[]

As part of the collaboration by Hasbro in a limited game event, Lord Zedd was an unlockable character in Puzzle and Dragons.


  • 8 Turns ( 8 Turns at Lv.1 ). This card can be used as assist.

Leader Skill

  • Devil type cards HP x1.5, ATK x3.
  • All attribute cards ATK x5, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Dark and Dark combos at the same time.
  • Dark attribute cards ATK x4, RCV x3.
  • All attribute cards ATK x4, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Dark and Fire combos at the same time.

Power Rangers Action Card Game[]

Power Rangers Action Card Game Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd in Power Rangers Action Card Game.

Lord Zedd appears in the American trading card game Power Rangers Action Card Game.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid[]

Lord Zedd appears in the board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid as an opponent in the Kickstarter Exclusive Deluxe Box expansion. He is classified as a Boss.

Power Rangers Deck-Building Game[]

Lord Zedd appears as a playable character in the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game.

See Also[]


  1. Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History. 2018.


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