This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .

Lord Litter is a litter monster who ambushed T.J. and Erutan, the boy of nature itself, by blowing a fierce wind on him. T.J. fought the monster. Erutan was able to stop the attack, angry at the fact that anyone would try to trash the forest. Later, Lord Litter returned to the woods with Elgar and Piranhatrons, in an attempt to capture the boy for Divatox's own plans. Erutan was ensnared in a net, and T.J. took on the bad guys. Soon the others joined the battle. The monster trapped them inside big garbage cans, which the Rangers initially couldn't break free of. Then, when it looked like Lord Litter was about to finish off the Rangers, Erutan, brought down lightning from the sky which struck and temporarily paralyzed Lord Litter. Unfortunately, that move greatly weakened Erutan, and his life force began to slip away. The Rangers freed themselves from the trash cans and took Lord Litter down with the Turbine Laser and grew giant. T.J. saw Erutan and realized that he needed to help him. He volunteered to stay behind while asking the others to take the monster on by themselves. The other four Rangers destroyed Lord Litter with the Rescuezords with the Artillery Power.


  • His name, "Lord Litter", sounds similar to "Love Letter", which is the theme of his original Super Sentai counterpart in Carranger.

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