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"Rhar! Bow to the princess."
―Drillion's first lines to Cosmo Royale after he and Princess Viera were introduced.[src]

"Oh yeah! Playtime's over!"
―Drillion when being gigantified for the first time.[src]

"Ahhhh! You threw a monkey wrench in my plan!"
―Drillion's final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"My upgrades are back!"
―Drillion upon being gigantified for the 2nd time.[src]

"Ahh! This is not a drill!"
―Drillion's final words before his destruction.[src]

Lord Drillion was a lion/toolbox-themed contestant from the Lion Galaxy who served as the main antagonist of the two-part episode "The Royal Rival" and "The Royal Rumble."


Drillion arrives on the Warrior Dome Ship with Princess Viera who orders him to destroy the Ninja Steel Rangers and take the Ninja Power Stars. He first appears in the park and causes mayhem with his drill arm before he fights the Power Rangers but a deflected laser blast sends Viera falling to the ground. When Viera is saved by Sarah, she orders to him to stop and they both withdrew. Galvanax convinces him to join him and that if Viera cannot destroy the Rangers, he must destroy them and her to become the new leader of the Lion Galaxy. Viera saves Sarah from Drillion but Cosmo Royale enlarges him with the Gigantify Machine and sends 2 Skullgators to help him. The Rangers destroy the two Skullgators with the Ninja Fusion Zord's Master Slash but Drillion defeats their Megazord. Fortunately, Viera uses the Lion Ship to help the Rangers and Drillion retreats due to being overwhelmed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Royal Rival

Drillion returns to Galvanax and Madame Odius makes him stronger by equipping his other arm with a toolbox. He fights the Rangers to destroy the Lion Ship but when Brody receives the new Lion Fire Armor Star, he destroys him. Furious, Galvanax orders a Kudabot to Gigantify Drillion, but the treacherous Royal Guard is finally destroyed by the Lion Fire Megazord's Lion Fire Slash Final Attack. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Royal Rumble


Drillion was a ruthless and sadistic warrior who was once dedicated to protecting Princess Viera and staying by her side, going as far by ordering those to bow before her. He enjoyed taunting his enemies whilst he laid waste upon them with malicious glee. He then noticed that Viera had ordered him to stop the fight which he did not like, making him come off as hesitant from leaving his objectives. It was only until Galvanax persuaded him to kill his former mistress so that he could rule the Lion Galaxy with a literal iron fist, thus revealing his true colors due to noticing that Viera didn't have the chance to destroy the Power Rangers while coming to his suspicion that Viera was too weak to rule. Even though he was then against Viera, he still feared the Lion Fire Zord's raw power and was not too proud to face it, running away to save himself.

Powers and Abilities


  • Power: Drillion was one of the strongest and most powerful monsters in the entire Power Rangers Ninja Steel series as it took two episodes for the Rangers to defeat him. He proved to be more powerful than Ripcon, due to the fact he can take down the Ninja Fusion Zord with ease while Ripcon was outmatched. Also, he is probably one of the most powerful beings in the Lion Fire Galaxy as he temporarily served as Princess Viera's personal bodyguard. Even Galvanax stated that he was "as strong as they come."
  • Teleportation: Drillion could teleport to any location at will.
  • Deflection: Lord Drillion was able to easily deflect the Lion Fire Spin Strike with no hassle.


  • Skilled Fighter: In addition to his incredible strength, Drillion was a skilled fighter who was able to avoid all of the Red Ranger's strikes. He also easily overwhelmed all six Rangers and it took all of them and Brody in Lion Fire Mode to end him.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Drillion could jump to incredible heights.
  • Strength: Drillion easily overpowered all five Ninja Steel Rangers with ease, threw a bike with one hand hard enough to make it explode, and break free from the Element Star Ninja Forest Attack with no bother whatsoever. The only things that could out-muscle him were the Lion Fire Red Ranger and the Lion Fire Megazord.
  • Durability: Drillion had a car explode in his face which had absolutely no effect and he easily walked through a literal wall of fire and was unaffected as well as being slashed by Levi and simultaneously shot by Calvin had no effect either. Even the Lion Fire Punch, Rapid Blast, and Spin Strike did nothing to him.


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  • Right Weaponized Power Tool Arm: Drillion was armed with multiple power tools on his right arm each with different functions. These included:
    • Power Drill Lance: A power drill-like lance that could be used for combat as a club.
      • Drilling Capabilities: Being a drill, Drillion's Power Drill Lance could spin and drill into anything. This was shown when he effortlessly drilled through a car and made it explode.
      • Energy Empowerment: Drillion could charge up his drill with white energy and slash at full force.
      • Energy Lasers: Drillion could launch purple energy lasers from his drill lance. Prior to gaining his upgrade, this was his strongest attack as it caused large explosions and made the Rangers dive away from him. When deflected by the Rangers and their Star Blades, it was enough to create a massive explosion on Viera's balcony which almost destroyed her.
    • Buzzsaw Shield: A buzzsaw that could act like a shield to reflect enemies' projectiles.
      • Saw Toss: Drillion could toss the saw as an offensive move and attack the targets multiple times similar to that of a boomerang since it easily cleaved through two cars and made them explode.
    • Wire Cutter Claw: A claw similarly structured like a wire cutter that could either be used for combat or to grab on to things.
      • Wire Cutter Holographic Attack: Drillion could also project a purple holographic image of the wire cutter to attack enemies and even launch it as projectiles. When used to cut, it was able to tear apart the Ninja Fusion Zord.
  • Bike: Drillion threw a bike at a bunch of people where it exploded but had no effect.
  • Left Toolbox Claw: After being upgraded by Madame Odius, Drillion got a toolbox claw on his left arm that aided him in combat.
    • Tool Ambush: Drillion could launch red holographic power tools from his toolbox claw to attack enemies with a homing effect.
    • Tool Blast: Drillion's strongest attack where he could launch purple holographic power tools similar to the Tool Ambush, but they are fired as projectiles. This was able to take out five Rangers with one barrage but had no effect on the Lion Fire Zord and Lion Fire Megazord.

Behind the Scenes



  • Lord Drillion was one of the many monsters in the Power Rangers franchise whose animal theme had a species change as his Super Sentai counterpart was often depicted as a monkey Yokai.
    • The reason for this whole animal change is most likely because, if one looks closely at Lord Drillion's face, it actually looked more lion-like than monkey-like which could explain why they called Lord Drillion a lion.


  • His name came from drill and lion to fit his theme and appearance.


  • Lord Drillion was the first monster in Power Ranger Ninja Steel not to be a contestant from the Warrior Dome ship.
  • Lord Drillion was the only one of Galvanax's contestants to appear in more than one episode.
  • Lord Drillion was the only monster outsourced without applying directly to the Warrior Dome.


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