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Lord Draven's Forces are a group of psychotic villains ruling over the Antiverse, another dimension similar to feudal Japan and serve as the main antagonist of the special anniversary episode Dimensions in Danger.


The samurai like warlord, Lord Draven, had long had aspirations of conquering the multiverse and ruling it all. Eventually, in 2018, he got in contact with Madame Odius, head of Galaxy Warriors (apparently occurring sometime after the death of Wolvermean and the loss of Foxatron) and made an alliance where she would give him footsoldiers and technological support if he helped her acquire the Power Stars. To this end, Odius sent him Basherbots, Kudabots, and robotic cloning technology as well as androids to use for the cloning machines. To this end, Draven kidnapped Katherine Hillard, Rocky DeSantos, Gia Moran, T.J. Johnson, Trent Fernandez-Mercer, Antonio Garcia and eventually Tommy Oliver to use as bases for the clones to create his Robo Rangers. This forced Wesley Collins, Gemma, and Koda to enlist the support of the Ninja Steel Rangers after helping them to acquire the Blaze Zords. They discovered that one of the Robo Rangers had been turned into Draven's second in command and that Odius planned to have him destroy the dimensional barrier using some enchanted arrows. However, this could only be done when the sky glowed red or it wouldn't work. They followed him into the Antiverse and the Ninja Rangers took on Draven whilst the others freed their fellow Rangers. The Ninja Steel Rangers were no match for Draven but the other Rangers freed the captured Rangers and Tommy destroyed his evil clone using his past Ranger forms and Master Morpher. Brody and Sarah found the Mega Arrows and Preston tried to take them out of the Antiverse with his Dragon Zord but the Robo Rangers shot it down and Draven retrieved the Mega Arrows. Draven then sent up his second Mega Arrow, leaving just one Arrow left to destroy the barriers. Although initially outnumbered, the Ninja Steel Rangers were joined by the Legendary Rangers and Draven ordered his forces to attack, beginning the Battle of The Antiverse. The Robo Rangers, despite heavily outnumbering the Rangers, were easily destroyed but Odius decided to Gigantify him so that he wouldn't be able to be stopped by the Rangers before firing the Mega Arrow. Being unable to summon their Zords, since they were in another dimension with no portals to teleport them through, all seemed lost but Tommy summoned his White Ninja Falconzord and grabbed the Mega Arrow once Draven shot it. Draven took down the Rangers with with one stamp but they stunned him with their blasters before Tommy shot the final Mega Arrow back into Draven's stomach, killing him, ending the Antiverse threat, and eliminating the last of Lord Draven's forces. Dimensions in Danger

Lord Draven and his forces were posthumously mentioned by Odius as one of her many failures before the arrival of Brax and General Tynamon. Prepare to Fail



  • Lord Draven's army has no direct Sentai counterpart since the Robo Rangers appear exclusively in Ninja Steel and Lord Draven's counterpart (Juza Yumihari) worked directly for the Kibaoni Army Corps (the counterpart to Galaxy Warriors).

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