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"Hello, Tommy Oliver."
―Lord Draven's first words upon ambushing Tommy at his home.[src]

"Do you know what time it is?"
―Lord Draven upon being gigantified.[src]

"No! No! Argh-ah!!"
―Lord Draven's final words before his death.[src]

Lord Draven was the main antagonist of the special episode "Dimensions in Danger" who sought to destroy the multiverse by kidnapping Power Rangers from multiple worlds and commanded an army of Robo Rangers.

Character History

Draven is known to older generations of Power Rangers with T.J. Johnson specifically having disdain at remembering him. Shortly after the destruction of Wolvermean and the destruction of the Foxatron, Lord Draven makes contact with Madame Odius from his home universe, the Antiverse and teamed up with her to take over all realities. He promised to Odius that he would let her rule the prime world while he would rule the other ones. Draven is given the resources by Odius to capture the Rangers from different parts of the universes and clone them into his army of Robo Rangers. He captured Tommy Oliver to make his first Robo Ranger to command.

Odius then enchants his arrows into Mega Arrows to complete his conquest and the fake Tommy has already helped capture several known Power Rangers from the prime reality such as Rocky DeSantos, Katherine Hillard as the Pink Turbo Ranger, TJ as the Blue Space Ranger, Trent Fernandez-Mercer, Antonio Garcia, and Gia Moran as Megaforce Yellow. Despite the real Tommy escaping and shutting down the Robo Ranger factory, Draven already has enough Robo Rangers to take over the three worlds. He then tasked fake Tommy to hide the Mega Arrows somewhere until they are needed. He launched the first Mega Arrow into the sky. As the Ninja Steel Rangers, Wesley, Gemma, and Koda find the real Tommy, Draven has set his Basherbots to guard his fortress. When he finds out that the Ninja Steel Rangers had invaded his lair, he fought them personally and nearly beat them. The Robo Ranger army then arrived to aid Draven and fired on the Ninja Steel Rangers to reclaim the box of Mega Arrows that were stolen. Draven then launched the second Mega Arrow and all hope seemed lost, until Tommy, Wes, Koda, and Gemma had freed the other Rangers from captivity and got back together with the Ninja Steel Rangers to confront Draven and his Ranger Army.

End of Lord Draven

After the Ninja Steel Rangers and Legendary Rangers destroy his army, he take the last Mega Arrow with him to begin his final phase. Odius fires the Gigantify Laser on Draven to make him giant so that he will be able to fire the Mega Arrow without significant interference. The Rangers are helpless as Draven mock them and fires off the final Mega Arrow. Just before the arrow can touch the barrier however, Tommy morphs into the Mighty Morphin White Ranger and summons the White Ninja Falconzord to grab the Mega Arrow before it can make contact with the dimensional tear. In retaliation, Lord Draven stamps hard enough to knock down the entire army and then slaps them down with wind. However, Tommy then orders the Rangers to distract him so they unleash a devastating barrage of lasers from their sidearms, Drago Sword, Dino Charge Morpher, and Barracuda Blade. With Draven weakened, Tommy flies in and unleashes the Mega Arrow, far too quickly for Draven to dodge. It plunges into Draven's stomach, causing red cracks to erupt all over his body before he is torn apart explosively and thus finishing off the interdimensional tyrant once and for all.


Lord Draven was a cruel tyrant that wants to cause death and destruction wherever he went but, unlike most villains, he wanted to kill or enslave all the Power Rangers that ever existed. He was also callous, pitiless, and obsessive as he was determined to make his mark on the world and beyond. Abusive and manipulative, he controlled his army through mind control and fear and made certain that anyone who dared stand in his way either ended up destroyed or forced into slavery.

Powers and Abilities


  • Portal Creation: Draven could create a blue-black and dark red portal that allowed him to teleport between dimensions and from one location to another.
  • Force Field: Lord Draven could project a force field to protect himself. It was strong enough to block a variation of the Five Ranger Ninja Strike Steel Slash that involved Levi as well.


  • Strength: Lord Draven was one of the stronger enemies of Super Ninja Steel, being able to knock out and capture seven Rangers as well as easily overpower Brody and the other Rangers despite being heavily outnumbered.
  • Armor: Draven had what appeared to be samurai armor that was thick enough that meant that, when gigantified, the massive barrage from the Ranger's sidearms merely knocked him back a few places.
  • Hand to Hand Combatant: Lord Draven was an amazing hand to hand combatant, being able to match Brody in single combat and overwhelm all six Rangers when fighting them simultaneously. 
  • Spy: Lord Draven was a very sly and sneaky individual, being able to sneak up on and knock out Tommy without being detected until it was too late. He presumably did the same with the other Rangers.
  • Master Bowman: Lord Draven was an extremely accurate and skilled bowman, being able to unleash a barrage of arrows onto the Rangers from a very distant rooftop.
  • Agility: Lord Draven was one of the more agile enemies the Ninja Steel Rangers faced, being able to stream from rooftop to rooftop when duelling Brody.


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  • Battle Bow: Lord Draven had a large Japanese battle bow that is not only a ranged weapon but also a melee weapon.
    • Arrow Barrage: Lord Draven could pull back the string of his bow so, when released, unleashed a massive barrage of blue-purple energy arrows to strike the enemies. This caused enormous explosions but did not stop the Rangers.
    • Energy Slash: Draven could charge up his bow with dark energy and unleash a massive horizontal energy slash from it that was strong enough to wipe out all six Rangers.
  • Cloning Machines: Machines that encased and copied the captured Rangers to produce the Robo Rangers. These were obliterated when the room containing them exploded with the Tommy Oliver clone.
  • Robo Rangers: An army of copied robot replicas of Power Rangers that he has kidnapped. Their technology was given by Madame Odius. These were all destroyed by the Power Rangers.
  • Mega Arrows: Special red and white magic arrows that were created by Madame Odius from normal arrows. Draven could use them to break the dimensional barriers and send out his robot army to invade the three dimensions.

Behind the Scenes


  • Lord Draven was voiced by Rajneel Singh in his first Power Rangers role.


  • Lord Draven was based on a samurai.


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  • Unlike his Sentai counterpart, he was a direct part of the main villains rather than just teaming up with them.


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