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Londer Prison (ロンダー刑務所 Rondā Keimusho) is a prison kept by the police of the 31st century for the captivity of those who break the law. Those who are sentenced to imprisonment are sealed away with a special cryogenic process, in which the prisoner has a special "Depression Seal" placed upon them before being frozen, which stops all movement and shrinks them down to a small size, after which they are stored away until their sentence is completed. The same confinement processes can be used to release a prisoner and restore them to a normal size, with the only disadvantage being the instant growth of a prisoner to a giant size if the Depression Seal itself is removed, forcing authorities such as the Time Defense Bureau to create their own freezing technology to return prisoners to a small state. Case File 2: The Unseen Future Aside from the central prison, Londer Prison also possesses a special "Hell's Gate" section, where the worst prisoners, who are to be sealed away for life, are kept. Case File 20: The Renewed Bond
Cryo Prison

The Londerz Prison

Londer Prison unexpectedly becomes the base of a group of criminals due to the escape of mafia boss Don Dolnero, who escapes from the freezing process with the assistance of his partner Gien and decides to go into the past in order to commit crimes without being pursued by future authorities. Using a special cloaking device, he makes the prison appear to vanish, forcing the TDB to send officers in pursuit; but when they travel through time by way of Providus, they unexpectedly hit the cloaked Londer Prison, sending both through time into 2000 and allowing for Dolnero to begin his rampage in the past. The prison ends up in a forested area far from the reach of the stranded TDB agents, giving the criminals peace and security to begin their assault on this time without interference and to release the Londer Prisoners. Case File 1: The Time Fugitives Case File 2: The Unseen Future

While the prison remains the main base of the Londerz' action in the past, it slowly becomes more derelict and abandoned as the leaders start moving in different directions. After making a windfall of money from his manipulations, Dolnero eventually moves into an office in the city to control his criminal activities on the ground. Meanwhile, the growing insanity of Gien made him release more and more dangerous criminals, including the Hell's Gate prisoners, in order to satiate his desire for chaos, while working in a warehouse on his machine experiments. By the end of the battle, the prison becomes abandoned in the past as all remaining prisoners are either captured by the Timeranger or ultimately given to the team directly by Dolnero after Gien ultimately kills him. Case File 47: The End of the Don

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