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―Loki’s final words before his death.

For the Enemy and ally of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, see Thor & Loki

Loki (pronounced Lo-kai) was a fierce and loyal warrior demon and friend to Diabolico (to whom Loki gave a spider/scorpion-shaped amulet to as a token of their millennia-long friendship) and Vypra. He served as the dumb muscle of the demons, and was considered expendable by Bansheera despite his loyalty. When Diabolico was destroyed for the first time, Loki and Vypra were anguished by his death and considered the newly matured Olympius as a mere child who would not make a suitable leader. After losing favor with his mother, Olympius discovered that Bansheera considered making Vypra and Loki the new second in command and plotted to eliminate them by having Vilevine bury them alive. The two managed to survive and escape to where the demons were first imprisoned and brought Diabolico back to life to help get rid of Olympius. In a plan to destroy the Power Rangers, Bansheera telepathically took control of Diabolico's body and forced him to use Loki's bazooka to take aim at the Rangers, an act that would also risk harming Loki. The Rangers managed to survive the blast, but Loki was fatally wounded and died in Diabolico's arms, his body exploding and reduced to ash in the typical way monsters were destroyed. Diabolico swore to avenge Loki's demise at the hands of Queen Bansheera.

The monsters Loki created were mainly earth-elemental, including Quakemon and Elestomp. In battle, Loki normally used a two-pronged staff as his weapon, but in "The Wrath of the Queen", the final episode he appeared in, he used a bazooka that was in the shape of a dragon's head. Loki could also expel electricity from his eyes. Loki also knows hand-to-hand combat.

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