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"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Fear the power of Lokar!"
―Lokar's first words after upgrading Mutitus.[src]

"The time has come. You promised me a great tribute, Scorpina. Where is the sacrifice?!"
―Lokar when Scorpina failed to sacrifice J.J. Oliver to him.[src]

"A moment? A moment?! Do you understand how hard it is to commune with Talos? I have given you time, Scorpina. You have wasted it. I will have my tribute. I will put an end to your excuses!"
―Lokar betraying Scorpina and sucking her back into the Talos Dimension.[src]

Lokar is a mysterious being native to the Talos Dimension which he rules who temporarily aided Rita Repulsa in her battles against the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Lokar served as the main antagonist of the two-part episode "Island of Illusion", the secondary antagonist of the two-part episode "Doomsday" and the overarching antagonist of the comic Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon.


Lokar, on his throne in the Talos Dimension.

While appearing as a floating, demonic, ethereal, blue head as he manifested on Earth, Lokar does in fact possess a humanoid body which is seen as he sat on his throne in his home dimension. The powerful Lokar is initially summoned by Rita to aid Mutitus in the scheme to send the Rangers to the Island of Illusions and their doom. He uses his "Breath of Doom" to mutate Mutitus into his more powerful form and assisted in sending the Rangers to the Island of Illusions. After destroying Mutitus, the Rangers attack Lokar with the Ultrazord, but he manages to escape as a massive fireball and Jason says "we'll get him next time". Tvicon.png TV STORY-Island of Illusion

Lokar is later summoned again when Goldar goes into battle with his extremely powerful War Zord, Cyclopsis. Lokar, heavily scarred from the previous Ultrazord attack, recreates the War Zord when it falls to the Power Rangers' attack and then aids Cyclopsis in its next two battles against the Rangers but disappears when Cyclopsis is destroyed by the Ultrazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Doomsday

After this defeat, Lokar does not aid Rita ever again and remains in the Talos Dimension. He did not aid the United Alliance of Evil in their invasion of the universe and being in another dimension allows Lokar to survive Zordon's Energy Wave. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction

Lokar returns.

Within his domain in the Talos Dimension, Lokar receives Scorpina, who has been banished by Rita for trying to find her spells and grow more powerful. As recalled by Scorpina, years pass as she attempts to bargain with Lokar but she has nothing to offer. This changes when Zordon's Energy Wave wipes out the United Alliance of Evil, purifying the souls of Rita, Lord Zedd and Finster, among others, and eliminating most of Lokar's allies in the galaxy while he and Scorpina survive by residing in the Talos Dimension. He ultimately caves in to her demands and sends her back to the Earth, 30 years after her departure due to time passing slower in his dimension, to use special Power Crystals to draw him back to Earth to conquer it. In exchange for her help, Scorpina would receive all the power she could ever want once Lokar conquered Earth. However, he loses patience once Scorpina took too long and used the Crystals to grow giant once again so Lokar returned to Earth. Scorpina begs for a bit more time but he creates a giant vortex which sucks Scorpina back into the Talos Dimension for punishment before leaving although not before proclaiming that his return would spell the Earth's doom.

Neither Scorpina or Lokar have been heard from since but it can be presumed he killed her due to being useless and since he said he'd take a different sacrifice. As for Lokar himself, he presumably still rules the Talos Dimension waiting to once again attack the Earth. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon


Lokar is a pure evil and psychopathic being who takes great pleasure in the defeat of his enemies, laughing both times that he defeated the Rangers. He was also clearly very brave, laughing at the sight of the Ultrazord despite it earlier having scared him. However, he is very treacherous against those who fail or insult him, apparently nearly killing the entirety of Rita's forces the last time she summoned him 10,000 years ago and bringing Scorpina back into the Talos Dimension for failing him in Soul of the Dragon.


Powers and Abilities


  • Power: Out of all of Rita's minions or allies, Lokar is the most powerful. According to Baboo, he nearly destroyed everyone in the Moon Palace the last time that they called upon him 10,000 years before.
  • Fireball Transportation: Lokar can transport himself to Earth in a gigantic orange fireball. This was unused for his second appearance where he appeared in a flash of blue lightning.
  • Breath of Doom: Lokar can unleash a puff of pure white mist from his mouth capable of mutating Mutitus.
    • Breath Blasts: Lokar's Breath of Doom also has offensive capabilities since he used it on the Megazord whilst fighting alongside Cyclopsis and it was strong enough to send it back-flipping through the city.
  • Teleportation: Rita commands Lokar to "send the Rangers to the Island of Illusion which implies that he teleported them there.
  • Power Lending: Lokar lent Rita the power she used to resurrect Cyclopsis which was revealed when she asked for his power.
  • Lightning Waves: Lokar can lean his head/body forward and unleash a devastating wave of lightning from his hair which was strong enough to knock over the Megazord and knock out its power pods and later the Dragonzord Battle Mode with a single blast each.
  • Earthquakes: Lokar caused the ground to shake enough to throw around the people standing on it when he arrived to confront Scorpina.
  • Vortex Creation: Lokar created a massive vortex to suck Scorpina back to his throne in the Talos Dimension when he tired of her.


  • Durability: Lokar survived the Ultrazord's finisher at least once and the comics show it a second time.
  • Longevity: Lokar has lived for at least 10,000 years and remained just as capable as he was originally. Even though there is so time difference between the main dimension and the Talos Dimension, how much exactly is unclear since Scorpina is not any more specific than "years" when describing her pleading with Lokar, it would be at least 5,000 years.
  • Flight: As a giant head, Lokar can fly through the air.


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Behind the Scenes


  • Lokar was played by Masahiko Urano via stock footage from Zyuranger.
  • Lokar's voice was dubbed by the late Robert Axelrod who had been voicing Finster throughout the season and would become better known for later voicing Lord Zedd.


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  • Lokar was supposed to be among the unresolved villains from previous seasons that Amit Bhaumik hoped to provide some resolution to in Hexagon, the original plan for the season after Wild Force. However, this was scrapped when Disney bought out Saban and fired Amit.
  • Because his counterpart never spoke in Zyuranger (only laughing or snarling instead of coherent Japanese), all of Lokar's dialogue were made only when he was not shown on screen.
  • In the Power Rangers Dino Fury episode, "Ultimate Mystery", Lokar is revealed to have a nephew, Lothorn, whose Sentai couterpart, Satan Minosaur, was repainted from Lokar's Sentai countpart, Dai-Satan's, "Ultimate Great Satan" form.


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