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Locomotive Mask

Locomotive Mask.

Locomotive Mask (機関車仮面 Kikansha Kamen, 46) is the fourth of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Locomotive Mask is a Masked Monster sent out by Magman to run throughout several locations non-stop with a special radar computer on its leg; using the radar, it runs through several locations believed by the Black Cross to be the secret headquarters of the Gorengers. When Peggy and Asuka initially encounter it, Locomotive Mask easily crushes them as it runs right through them and even throws Green Machine high in the air throwing Midorenger into a tree. As it continues its run, Daita tries his hand trying to slow it down but the train Masked Monster ignores him and even proves his power and speed with ease. When the Gorengers find out about Locomotive Mask's mission for Magman, they become even more determined to stop it before it finds the location of their base.

Ultimately, Kaijo ends up facing the Masked Monster in the Varitank, getting into a stalemate as it tries to prevent Locomotive Mask from pushing him back and ultimately out of the way. Eventually, Locomotive Mask finally falls when it unknowingly steps on a rock throwing it down to the ground as Akarenger runs it over with the tank. Stunned, it faces the Gorengers but prevents them from performing a Gorenger Hurricane at first by using its staff to catch the ball. After getting the ball back, Kirenger decides to taunt Locomotive Mask with the rock/paper/scissors option of his Ki Stick until in an area where it can't run around well enough, allowing for the team to complete the Gorenger Hurricane and transform it into coal that becomes lodged within its steam pipe, wearing it down and completely stopping it to its defeat. Ep. 46: Black Super Express! Locomotive Mask's Big Rampage


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Modus and Arsenal

Locomotive Mask is a Masked Monster that becomes unstoppable when it starts moving, with its ability to run through and around anything and everything, knocking aside anything in its way. By inserting coal into its stove within its head, it can increase its speed to the point of being faster than even a bullet train. It also has a grappling arm staff and can shrink its entire body into the train head to move like an actual train.

Behind the Scenes


Locomotive Mask is portrayed by Kazuo Niibori (新堀和男 Nīborikazuo). His voice was provided by Akira Shimada (島田彰 - Shimadaakira).


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