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"I didn't do nothin'! It must've been my twin sister, Leisure!"
―Loafer's first lines to Heckyl.[src]

"Hey, bluebird! You and your friends are gonna pay for destroying my sister!"
―Loafer to the Blue Ranger.[src]

"My holidays are over!"
―Loafer's final words before his destruction.[src]

Loafer is a summer-themed monster who is one of Sledge's outlaws serving Heckyl and the twin brother of Leisure.


Loafer was first seen on Sledge Ship when his twin sister Leisure fired her Vacation Beam at the Earth, causing everyone to act lazy and want to go on vacation, with the Red, Pink, Green, Black and Gold Rangers being effected by it. Heckyl angrily thinks that Loafer did this, but he said it was not him and said that it was his sister Leisure, for which Wrench said that he's telling the truth. Heckyl was most impressed and was far more impressed when Loafer said that monsters are immune to it, which gives him an idea. He sends Loafer and Fury to attack the now relaxed Red, Pink, Green, Black, and Gold Rangers to get their Energems, but they were interrupted by Poisandra and Curio, who are also trying to get the Rangers' Energems. After a small pep talk, Fury attempted to take the Gold Ranger's Energem, but he missed and gets kicked by the Gold Ranger. Loafer attempted to help out by firing his energy laser at the Green Ranger, but the former only said, "Cool". He later encounters the Blue Ranger with Fury and Poisandra. Koda morphs and fires his blaster at Fury and Poisandra, but Loafer blocked the shoots, grabbed one of the energy blasts, and fired it back at the Blue Ranger. After a long battle, Fury joined in and threw a beach ball at the Ranger. The Blue Ranger was outmatched, but luckily the Red, Pink, Green, Black and Gold Rangers came in and morphed for a "Dino Super Charge Vacation". Unfortunately, it was because Loafer set up a shop for grass skirts and flower bands for a hula. The Blue Ranger then takes on Loafer himself and he had the upper hand at first, but Fury comes in and attacks him, outmatching him again. Luckily, the Purple Ranger has successfully managed to destroy Leisure with the Plesio Charge Megazord and used the lens used by Koda's Grandfather to reflect the sun's ray on the Rangers, changing them back to normal. With all six Rangers back in fighting shape, Fury runs off, leaving Loafer to fight the Rangers by himself. The monster angrily wanted to get revenge on the Rangers for destroying his sister, with Poisandra and Curio holding on to him. The three tried to escape, but the Rangers cornered them. Poisandra summons an army of Vivixs to aid them while they attack the Rangers, but both she and Curio run away after realizing that the vacation the Rangers wen through had made them stronger, leaving Loafer by himself to fight the Rangers. The Blue Ranger overpowers the monster and holds him down, allowing the Red Ranger to become the T-Rex Super Charge Red Ranger Ankylo-Pachy Formation to ambush the monster. With the T-Rex Super Charge Ranger Ankylo-Pachy Formation's T-Rex Super Charge Blast Final Strike, Loafer was destroyed for good.


Compared to his sister, Loafer is much more relaxed. While shown to be a capable fighter, he prefers to goof off and relax, but he has shown loyalty to Heckyl and is shown to care for his sister.

Powers and Abilities


  • Energy Deflection: Loafer can catch an upcoming energy-based attack from his enemies, make it stronger, and then fire it back.


  • Strength: According to the Blue Ranger, Loafer possesses far greater strength then his sister Leisure.
  • Durability: Loafer has thick skin that is strong enough to withstand the Blue Ranger's Dino Morpher Blast.


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  • Right Crab Claw: Being a crab-like monster, Loafer possesses a crab claw on his right arm for combat.
    • Energy Laser: Loafer can fire red-orange colored energy lasers from his claw.
  • Left Ice Cream Cone Drill Arm: On Loafer's left arm is an ice cream cone-like drill arm for which he can also use in combat.
  • Beach Ball: Loafer possesses a beach ball for which he can throw it at his enemies with great force, when hit on contact it will explode.

Behind the Scenes


  • Loafer is voiced by Aaron Ward.


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  • In Kyoryuger, Loafer/Leisure (they're one monster in sentai) is part of a group of monsters called Attacking Group of the Four Seasons. They represent summer, while Smokescreen represents spring, Half-bake represents autumn, and Heximas represents winter.
  • Loafer is the fourth and final monster that does not get enlarged by the Magna Beam and engage in a Megazord battle, the first being G-BO, the second being Hunter, and the third being Scumlaw.
  • In the Japanese version, Loafer and Leisure are in fact a single monster with the ability to create a solid illusion of itself to keep the Kyoryugers distracted.
  • His name sounds slightly similar to Lothor's name.
  • Loafer seemingly came from Sledge's ship, despite not having previously been seen, in any of the cells.


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