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"Power Rangers! RAHHH! Must destroy Power Rangers! Nnnaaaaaaarrrr!"
―Lizzinator's first words after he punched through the wall of a building.[src]

"I was just trying to help. This car’s illegally parked little Red Ranger. But you want it down?"
―The Lizzinator when confronted by Jason when holding a car above his head.[src]

"Oh ho. The Power Rangers. Finally, a suitable challenge."
―The Lizzinator when confronted by five Power Rangers.[src]

"Hoh! Hoh! Do you smell that puny Zords? It is the smell of defeat! And, as Rita has commanded, I shall destroy you both! Ye-e-es!"
―The Lizzinator's most famous line after blasting the Megazord and Dragonzord with his Super Stink Breath.[src]

"What is this?! Hey, wait, No fair! I was just about to win!"
―The Lizzinator reacting to Titanus and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Lizzinator was an extremely powerful lizard monster who was the eponymous main antagonist of the episode "Enter... The Lizzinator."


The Lizzinator was created by Finster and forged from super-metals from another galaxy and was sent to destroy the Earth whilst the Power Rangers searched for Kelly Hart, Kimberly's cousin who the Putty Patrol had kidnapped because Rita was vain and petty. The Lizzinator was extremely powerful and could easily outmatch the Rangers' skill and weaponry with his raw physical strength and amazing armor.

The Lizzinator was sent down to Angel Grove and was first seen punching his way through drywall before starting to demolish cars. Contrary to the plan however, Jason was also downtown since Ernie sent him to get some supplies so discovered the Lizzinator's rampage and morphed. However, the Lizzinator picked up a car with amazing ease and threw it at Jason, knocking Jason flat although he rolled to narrowly avoid becoming a puddle under the car. In response to this, Jason drew his Blade Blaster and attacked but the Lizzinator let Jase slash him multiple times only for it to fail in penetrating his armor. Bored, the Lizzinator turned the tables by punching him down so hard he was crippled and mocked Jason who charged but his Blade Blaster was blocked. Just to add insult to literal injury, the Lizzinator then lifted him into a fireman's carry and threw him down before picking him up by the shoulders and chest palming him into a wall. Now bored with the lack of a worthy opponent, the Lizzinator retreated although not before saying he would come back when he could face all six Rangers together since they were so pathetic that facing them one on one would prove to be a waste of his time. In the meantime, the Rangers regrouped in the Command Center where even Zordon admitted that, even with the whole team assembled in battle, they would be unable to destroy the Lizzinator.

The Lizzinator soon reappeared in the quarry where he found a car and started to push it around only to be now met with the full team (bar Tommy who was absent despite morphing with them). He blasted them all down with eye beams before summoning Putties and going back to pushing the car although Jason jumped onto him and bounded off, knocking him back. Jason then tried to get into the car but was unable to because a Putty Patroller had managed to get inside and drive around in it. Jason was then chased by the car until he jumped onto the roof and had to hold on tight as it tried to throw him off. After a moment of fooling around, the Lizzinator blasted the car with more of his eye beams, throwing Jason off but also destroying the car in the process (albeit off-screen). The Lizzinator then approached and proposed another game so Jason charged but the monster used small rocks as soccer balls, knocking Jason flat on the ground. He then picked up a massive boulder and wished to crush Jason flat and threw it but Tommy (who only just arrived apparently) arrived and jump kicked it back into him, taking the monster to the ground. The Lizzinator was happy to have proper competition but Jason was badly hurt by the soccer rocks so Tommy had to take him on alone when the monster charged. In spite of his limited powers, Tommy easily delivered a beat-down to the Lizzinator, overwhelming him and knocking him flat with a powerful double punch to his chest but even Tommy failed to do any harm.

Deciding to take advantage of her monster, Rita made the Lizzinator grow into a giant with the monster snarling all the way at which point he tried to crush the Rangers underfoot but they rolled. Tommy then summoned the Dragonzord and took on the monster but all the hits were either dodged or bounced off of the monster's skin. The Lizzinator then easily grabbed its tail mid-swing and comically spun it around and throwing it to the ground at which point the other Rangers summoned their Dinozords and formed the Megazord to aid it. However, the Lizzinator easily overwhelmed the Rangers' Dragonzord and Megazord, blasting them with his Super Stink Breath before declaring that he would now finish them off. With every weapon proving absolutely useless against the Lizzinator, Jason had no choice but to call for Titanus. The Lizzinator was horrified and accused the Power Rangers of cheating but they quickly formed the Ultrazord. With the added firepower, the Ultrazord was able finally to break through the Lizzinator's metal skin, knocking him flat on his back and destroying him in a burst of flame. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Enter... The Lizzinator

A year later, the Lizzinator was seen chasing after the Rangers right after Lord Zedd and Rita's wedding, assisting along with the other monsters that had attended their wedding. However, before that, he didn't appear at all nor was his fate ever shown.Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding

Much later, Finster recreated the Lizzinator (now without his German accent), the Fighting Flea, the Octophantom, and the Stag Beetle to help Rito Revolto ambush and destroy the Thunderzords. The Lizzinator was successful in demolishing the Zords but his fate from then on is unknown. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ninja Quest


The Lizzinator was an aggressive and dangerous monster, he will do anything in his power to destroy the Power Rangers. Due to this, he was arrogant and thought that no one can stop him, although he was very loyal to Rita and Zedd.

Powers and Abilities


  • Super Physical Strength: The Lizzinator possesses Herculean strength, being the strongest monster in the season in terms of physical strength. He was able to lift cars over his head and throw huge boulders with ease as well as lift Jason up in a fireman's lift, spin on the spot, and then throw him. When giant, a single palm strike to the chests of the Megazord and Dragonzord made them stumble back although his most impressive feat of strength was when he grabbed the Dragonzord by the tail and threw it down with minimal exertion.
    • Minor Earthquakes: The Lizzinator's initial move of punching through drywall made the very ground around him shake enough to make Jason nearly drop his supplies.
  • Metal Armor-Like Skin: The Lizzinator's skin was incredibly thick that and was like reinforced metal armor. Multiple slashes from Jason's Blade Blaster were dealt across his chest but he just laughed at Jason and, during the quarry fight, Tommy kicked a boulder back at him hard enough to take him down but it did little damage. It took the full power of the Dino Ultrazord to destroy him for good.
  • Teleportation: The Lizzinator could teleport to any location at will by deforming into a purple shape that vanishes.
  • Explosive Eye Lasers: The Lizzinator could fire explosive red colored energy lasers from his eyes. These were powerful enough to cause large explosions, knock down all five Rangers with one hit, and apparently destroy the Putty car,
  • Super Stink Breath: The Lizzinator could spew out white mist from his mouth that exploded with enough force to immediately knock back the Megazord and Dragonzord with one hit.


  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat: In addition to the Lizzinator's raw strength, his is also a skilled fighter, being able to both avoid and counter both the Dino Megazord and the Dragonzord's strikes with ease while at the same time being able to subdue them.
  • Agility: Despite being literally made of super metal, the Lizzinator is a very agile monster, being able to dodge several swing kicks and easily duck under the Dragonzord's tail.
  • Putty Summoning: The Lizzinator could summon an army of Putties to aid him in battle.


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  • Claws: Whilst he lacked weapons, the Lizzinator possessed clawed hands for combat.

Behind the Scenes



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  • The Lizzinator comes from what is commonly referred to as Zyu2 footage and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.