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Super Beast Combination Live Boxer (超獣合身 ライブボクサー Chōjū Gasshin Raibu Bokusā): Liveman's second robot, built by Black Bison and Green Sai based on blueprints left to them by their slain siblings. Comprised of Bison Liner and Sai Fire when the command "Combination! Boxer Dimension!" (合体! ボクサーディメンション! Gattai! Bokusā Dimenshon!) is given, Live Boxer specializes in boxing and kick-boxing attacks. Its special attack is the Piston Punch (ピストンパンチ Pisuton Panchi), and its finishing attack to destroy giant Brain Beasts is the Miracle Big Blow (ミラクルビッグブロー Mirakuru Biggu Burō), a charging double punch with energized fists. The toy version was also able to equip Sai Fire's cannons as handheld rocket launchers.


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Bison Liner

Bison Liner (バイソンライナー Baison Rainā): A trailer piloted by Black Bison with Red Falcon and Yellow Lion as occasional co-pilots. Bison Liner is armed with the Bison Beam fired from its horns and has a ramming attack powerful enough to split a mountain in half. It can also fire a teleportation beam from its rear structure in order to quickly bring passengers onboard. It forms the head, body, arms, and left foot of the Live Boxer; and the left shoulder, helmet, skirt, and feet of the Super Live Robo.

Appearances: Episodes 28-31, 33, 35-37 & 39-49.

Sai Fire

Sai Fire (サイファイヤー Sai Faiyā): A missile truck piloted by Green Sai; with Blue Dolphin occasionally sering as co-pilot. Sai Fire is armed with twin missile launchers and is able to burrow underground with only its horn protruding to trip opponents. It forms the legs and right foot of the Live Boxer, and the forearms and right shoulder of the Super Live Robo.

Appearances: Episodes 29-31, 33, 35-37 & 39-49.

Super Liverobo

Super Live Robo (スーパーライブロボ Sūpā Raibu Robo): The combination of the Live Robo and the Live Boxer into a powerful robo. The two robots combine when the command "Fusion! Super Live Dimension!" (合体! スーパーライブディメンション! Gattai! Sūpā Raibu Dimenshon!) is given. Its ultimate finishing attack to destroy monsters is the Super Big Burst (スーパービッグバースト Sūpā Biggu Bāsuto) fireball shot from Land Lion's mouth. It was first used to destroy the giant robot Giga Volt.

Appearances: Episodes 30, 33, 35, 37, 40-43, 45 & 47-49, Episode 30 of Gokaiger & Zyuohger episode 29.



  • Super Live Robo is the first Sentai Mecha to be formed from multiple giant robots.


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