The Go-Busters made their first appearance ever when Basco Ta Jolokia tried to steal the Gokai Galleon and the Ranger Keys from the Gokaigers. Naturally, Red Buster (Hiromu) is the first to appear, making him the first ever Go-Buster to appear in any media, except magazines. However, their faces aren't revealed.

Since the series have as main protagonists the Go-Busters, it is natural that the team leader would appear in every episode and movie from the series. Since the Go-Busters' faces weren't revealed in their first appearance, it is the first appearance of Hiromu untransformed.

This crossover movie includes every main Super Sentai Rangers, at this time, including the Go-Busters, and thus, Hiromu appears in it.

This crossover movie includes some Super Sentai Rangers, and Go-Busters are part of them. Since the team is full, Red Buster (Hiromu) is here.

This movie is basically a crossover between the Go-Busters and the Kyoryugers (with guests being the Zyuranger and the Abarangers, as wall as ToQgers cameo).

This episode of Zyuohger is an anniversary episode tribute that includes archive footage from all the Super Sentai series at this time, including Zyuohger. However this is archive footage, and Hiromu is only seen transformed.

This movie is basically a crossover movie between Zyuohgers and Ninningers, but Zyuohger being an anniversary series, all Super Sentai are fighting in a great battle, in the same way as Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle. However he appears transformed only.

This crossover movie includes some Super Sentai Rangers, and Red Buster (Hiromu) is part of them in the Strongest Super Sentai Team along with Gokai Red (Captain Marvelous), Kyoryu Red (Daigo Kiryu, in his Carnival form only), ToQ 1gou (Right Suzuki, in his Hyper form only), and AkaNinger (Takaharu Igasaki, in his Chouzetsu form only). However, he's seen in his Powered Custom form only, not even untransformed.

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