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GSD-Gorma Four Deva Kings

Gorma Four Deva Kings

Gorma Four Deva Kings's appearances


  1. Ep. 20: First Public Opening Of The Gorma Palace (初公開ゴーマ宮 Hatsu Kōkai Gōma Miya)
  2. Ep. 28: Everyone Appears!! (総登場だぎゃ!! Sō Tōjō Dagya!!)
  3. Ep. 29: The (Secret) Inside Story of a Mother and Child's Tears (母子涙の(秘)裏話 Boshi Namida no (Hi) Urabanashi)
  4. Ep. 30: The Deadly, Fast-Talking Workaholic (必殺早口仕事人 Hissatsu Hayakuchi Shigotonin)
  5. Ep. 31: Again, a New Hero Came Forth (また出た新戦士 Mata Deta Shin Senshi)
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