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Liquidroid Wateru (リキッドロイド ワテル Rikiddoroido Wateru): A blue colored liquid-based giant produced after Basco loses his remaining sixth hero Ranger Keys to the Gokaigers. It has a flexible body and stretching arms while using electricity-based attacks. Destroyed by Shinken Gokaioh. Clash! Sentai vs. Sentai



concept art

  • Height - 50.3m
  • Weight - 377.5t


  • Wateru is the first Giant Battle Pseudo-Lifeform to appear.
  • Wateru is the first monster in Gokaiger to immediately appear in giant form.
  • Wateru appears to have a design on the left side of his chest that resembles the Symbol of Yin and Yang.
  • None of the Giant Batlle-Pseudo-Lifeforms appeared on Power Rangers Super Megaforce because Sally was unadapted, due to Nickelodeon's 20 episode limit.

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