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"Ohh! My beautiful face! How could you?"

Lipsyncher is a female lipstick monster created by Lord Zedd from Trini's lipstick that was inside Kimberly's purse. She is the secondary antagonist of the episode "Two for One".


Lipsyncher was created by Zedd from lipstick of Trini, that was inside purse of Kimberly, to aid the Pursehead in battle gainst the Rangers. Lipsyncher used in battle lips like sword. She also could fire powerful sound waves. She attacked Jason. She threw him on the ground, but Red Ranger stroke her with Power Sword and made her shut up. Then Zedd enlarged her and she fought and nearly defeated Red Dragon Thunderzord, managing to survive even it's finishing strike. Unlike most monsters, she knows she can't win against the entire Ranger team and begins to panic when they form the Thunderzord Assault Team and cowers in response to the Red Dragon Thunderzord's diving staff attack which took her down for good. After she was destroyed, she reverted back to the form of Trini's lipstick. Two for One


Lipsyncher is a very vain, prideful monster who initially behaves like a marching majorette in a parade or a dance instructor before her face is damaged, then quickly becoming focused on destroying Jason

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength-Lipsyncher is a very strong monster when compared to even future monsters in the season, sending the Red Dragon Thunderzord flying with a single jab of her sword butt.
  • Durability-Lipsyncher has thick enough skin to be unaffected by the Red Dragon Thunderzord's flames and unfazed by the Red Dragon Thunderzord's (ground) staff finisher.
  • Sonic Sound Generation-When the Red Dragon Thunderzord first showed up, she posed with her sword which generated an apparently painful sonic wave which made the Zord clutch it's head.
  • Sound Waves-Lipsyncher can exhale purple energy notes surrounded by purple energy through her mouth. This is her strongest attack as a single blast wiped out the Red Dragon Thunderzord in one hit.


  • Sword-Lipsyncher has a lip shaped sword that she can use in combat.

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