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"Oh my. Where are the gorgeous Power Rangers? I just want to KISS THEM ALL TO PIECES!"
―The Lipsyncher’s first words upon being created.[src]

"Ohh! My beautiful face! How could you?!"
―The Lipsyncher after Jason maimed her.[src]

"Eraaaaaa! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
―The Lipsyncher upon being enlarged.[src]

"Surrender Red Ranger. You are no match for me. Time to kiss this world goodbye! Oh yeah."
―The Lipsyncher when confronted by the Red Dragon Thunderzord.[src]

"Huh?! NO!"
―The Lipsyncher reacting to the Red Dragon Thunderzord dive bombing her from the Thunderzord Assault Team and her final words before her destruction.[src]

Lipsyncher was a female lipstick monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Two for One.”


Kimberly's lipstick.

When Tommy and Kimberly decide to go on their first date, Lord Zedd to affect their personal lives. Since Tommy has recently rejoined the team as the White Ranger, Zedd decides to create two monsters in a combined assault. During the date, he sends down the Putty Patrol to attack Tommy and Kimberly, and the Putties steal the purse belonging to Kimberly’s mother. After Pursehead freezes Tommy and Kimberly in place, Zedd creates the Lipsyncher from the “Siren Song Red” lipstick that was within the purse. Lipsyncher’s mission is to aid Pursehead in battle against the remaining Power Rangers by destroying the four that are not frozen.

To draw them out, the Lipsyncher goes to Angel Grove Park where she obliterates a statue duplicate of The Thinker, setting off the alarm at the Command Center. With Zack going to help his two frozen comrades and both Billy and Trini working to undo Pursehead’s freeze ray, Jason is forced to fight her alone. He appears but the monster throws him to the ground with her vocals, but he summons his Power Sword and scars her face with a jump-slash, enraging her. Zedd enlarges her with a Growth Bomb, leading Jason to deploy the Red Dragon Thunderzord. Lipsyncher disables the Zord and continued to attack it. While the Red Dragon Zord breaks free, Lipsyncher is able to best it in combat and continues to attack the Zord.

Lipsyncher's sonic song.

Even after Pursehead’s demise, Zedd is confident that Lipsyncher is powerful enough that she can destroy the Power Rangers. However, before the Lipsyncher can finish Jason off, the other Rangers arrive in the other Thunderzords and confront the Lipsyncher. After the individual Thunderzords attack Lipsyncher and relieve Jason, the Rangers form the Thunderzord Assault Team. Lipsyncher panics when the Red Dragon Thunderzord slays her. After she is destroyed, Lipsyncher reverts back to her lipstick form within the purse that was once Pursehead.

Video Game Appearances


Lipsyncher was a prideful monster, who became completely focused on destroying Jason for scarring her.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mouth Sound-waves: The Lipsyncher’s signature attack where she could exhale purple energy notes surrounded by purple energy through her mouth. These caused large explosions but only knocked down Jason and failed to faze the Griffon Thunderzord.


  • Sight: The Lipsyncher was able to see despite the area where her eyes would be covered over.
  • Strength: The Lipsyncher was able to take down the Red Dragon Thunderzord to the ground with twelve slashes from her sword, pick it up from the ground by the neck, and then send it flying by punting it with her sword butt.
  • Durability: The Lipsyncher had thick skin that allowed her to withstand and walk straight through the Red Dragon Thunderzord's flames without getting a scratch.


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  • Lip Sword: The Lipsyncher had a razor sharp lip-shaped sword that she could use in combat.
    • Sound-wave Generation: The Lipsyncher could pose with her sword to generate an apparently very painful sonic wave which made the Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode clutch its head.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Her name is a reference to lipsynching and a reference to her lipstick origins.


  • Lipsyncher’s suit did not appear in US footage.
  • The Lipsyncher was never referred to by name by Lord Zedd. The three times he referred to her, he called her the “lipstick monster.” Her name is only known because of exposition from Zordon.
  • In the original script, her name was Lipstickia but was changed after she was mistakenly called Lipsyncher in an outtake, which production liked better.


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