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""Ohh! My beautiful face! How could you?!""

Lipsyncher is a female lipstick monster created by Lord Zedd from Trini's lipstick that was inside Kimberly's purse. She is the main antagonist of the episode "Two for One".



Lipsyncher was created by Lord Zedd from Trini's lipstick, that was inside Kimberly's purse to aid Pursehead in battle against the Rangers. Lipsyncher used a sword resembling a pair of lips in battle and could fire powerful sound waves. She attacked Jason and he threw him to the ground, but Jase struck her with his Power Sword and scarred her face which enraged Lipsyncher. Wanting her to shut up, Zedd enlarged her. With the other Rangers busy fighting Pursehead, Jason deployed his Red Dragon Thunderzord but he was no match for Lipsyncher's incredible power and was easily knocked down. However, before she could finish him off, the other Rangers arrived in the other Thunderzords and confronted Lipsyncher, much to her shock. First to fight was the Unicorn Thunderzord which rose boulders out of the ground and pelted her with them, one crashing down on her right foot. The Griffin Thunderzord then raced forth and she tries to destroy it with her sonic waves but it was unfazed and shot her with fireballs whilst the Firebird Thunderzord fired an energy tornado which knocked her flat. Meanwhile, Jason recovered in his Zord and jumped up whilst the other Rangers formed the Thunderzord Assault Team. Lipsyncher then blasts the formation but it was completely unfazed and rolled through the explosions. Unlike most monsters, she begins to panic when the Red Dragon Thunderzord comes at her and finishes her off with an airborne variant of it's staff finishing attack. After she was destroyed, she reverted back to her lipstick form.


Lipsyncher is a very vain, prideful monster who initially behaves like a marching majorette in a parade or a dance instructor before her face is damaged, then quickly becoming focused on destroying Jason for scarring her. However, she was also a very cowardly creature since she cowered before the descending Red Dragon Thunderzord coming down to slay her.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: Lipsyncher is a very strong monster when compared to even future monsters in the season, sending the Red Dragon Thunderzord flying with a single jab of her sword butt.
  • Durability: Lipsyncher has thick skin that allowed her to withstand the Red Dragon Thunderzord's flames.
  • Mouth Sound Waves: Lipsyncher can exhale purple energy notes surrounded by purple energy through her mouth. This is her strongest attack as a single blast wiped out the Red Dragon Thunderzord in one hit.


  • Sword: Lipsyncher has a lip shaped sword that she can use in combat.
    • Soundwave Generation: When the Red Dragon Thunderzord first showed up, she posed with her sword which generated an apparently painful sonic wave which made the Zord clutch its head.

Behind The Scenes


  • Lipsyncher is voiced by Alex Borstein who he was also the voice of the Bloom of Doom.
    • Lipsyncher and the Bloom of Doom have literally the exact same voice with Lipsyncher just having a slightly pitch shifted voice.


  • The reason that the Lion Thunderzord did not display any powers against Lipsyncher is because its attack in Dairanger was an illusion based attack involving the blatantly Japanese main villain who would later be adapted into Mondo the Magician.
  • Lipsyncher actually grew twice in the original episodes (since she appeared in a two parter which introduced the other Thunderzords).The growth shot from her first battle was used here but only the second battle was actually used. The first battle was a one on one battle against the Red Dragon Thunderzord's counterpart where they were evenly matched until she was forced to retreat when they took each other out with their finishing attacks. During the second battle, the newly introduced Mythical Chi Beasts combined into the Heavenly Chi Palace (the counterpart to the Thunderzord Assault Team) which enhanced the Red Dragon's counterpart enough to kill her.
    • The reason for this cut is because the second battle involves a temple and the Pink Dairanger, making all surrounding footage unusable so finding a reason for her to retreat from her initial fight was impossible. This is also why Pursehead was in the episode in the first place.
  • Lipsyncher was one of the five villains to appear in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting Edition video game for the SNES as both a boss and playable character.

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