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"Oh my. Where are the gorgeous Power Rangers? I just want to KISS THEM ALL TO PIECES!"
―The Lipsyncher’s first words upon being created.[src]

"Ohh! My beautiful face! How could you?!"
―The Lipsyncher after Jason maimed her.[src]

"Eraaaaaa! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
―The Lipsyncher upon being enlarged.[src]

"Surrender Red Ranger. You are no match for me. Time to kiss this world goodbye! Oh yeah."
―The Lipsyncher when confronted by the Red Dragon Thunderzord.[src]

"Huh?! NO!"
―The Lipsyncher reacting to the Red Dragon Thunderzord dive bombing her from the Thunderzord Assault Team and her final words before her destruction.[src]

Lipsyncher was a female lipstick monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Two for One.”

Character History

When Tommy and Kimberly decide to go on their first date, Lord Zedd decides that this is a good time to mess with their personal lives. Since Tommy has recently rejoined the team as the White Ranger, Zedd decides that two heads were better than one and will create two monsters in a combined assault. During a date montage, he sends down the Putty Patrol to meddle in their affairs and they steal the purse belonging to Kimberly’s mother which she was given for this date. After Pursehead freezes Tommy and Kimberly in place, Zedd creates the Lipsyncher from the “Siren Song Red” lipstick that was formally contained within the purse. Lipsyncher’s mission is to aid Pursehead in battle against the remaining Power Rangers by destroying the four that are not frozen. Lipsyncher uses a sword resembling a pair of lips in battle and can fire powerful sound-waves. Upon being created, she is happy and upbeat and wants to find the Power Rangers although she just wanted to do so in order to "peck them to pieces."

To draw them out, the Lipsyncher goes to Angel Grove Park where she obliterates a statue duplicate of Michelangelo's The Thinker which finally sets off the alarm at the Command Center. With Zack going to help his two frozen comrades and both Billy and Trini working to undo Pursehead’s freeze ray, Jason is forced to fight her alone for the time being. He appears but the monster easily throws him to the ground with her vocals but he summons his Power Sword and scars her face with a jump-slash, enraging her. Wanting her to shut up, Zedd enlarge her with a Growth Bomb and she cackles maniacally so Jason deploys his Red Dragon Thunderzord which blasts her with fire but she runs right through the explosions so it turns into Warrior Mode. The Lipsyncher mocks it by proclaiming her superiority before she unleashes a sonic wave from her sword. The wave disables the Zord and makes it hold its head before the Lipsyncher slides forward and lays a beat-down on it. After several moments of a sustained beating, the Red Dragon grabs her by the arms and breaks it although she promptly delivers another beat-down. After twelve slashes, the Red Dragon Thunderzord finally goes down but she picks it up again by the neck and punts it away with a strike from the butt of her sword.

Even after Pursehead’s demise, Zedd is confident that the “lipstick monster” is so powerful that she can destroy and and reduce the Power Rangers “to multi-colored specks of power dust” before proclaiming premature victory. However, before the Lipsyncher can finish Jason off, the other Rangers arrive in the other Thunderzords and confront the Lipsyncher, much to her shock. First to fight is the Unicorn Thunderzord which rises boulders out of the ground and pelts her with them, one crashing down on her right foot and making her hop around in pain. The Griffin Thunderzord then races forth and she tries to destroy it with her sonic waves but it is unfazed and shoots her with fireballs whilst the Firebird Thunderzord fires an energy tornado which knocks her flat. After that barrage gives him time for a breath, Jason recovered in his Zord and jumped into the air whilst the other Rangers formed the Thunderzord Assault Team. The Lipsyncher then blasts the formation with her musical notes but it is completely unfazed and rolls through the explosions. Unlike most monsters, she begins to panic when the Red Dragon Thunderzord comes at her and finishs her off with an airborne variant of its staff finishing attack which slashes into her chest fatally and makes her spin. As it lands and stops spinning its staff, the Lipsyncher falls on her side and explodes. After she is destroyed, the Lipsyncher reverts back to her lipstick form within the purse that was once Pursehead.

Video Game Appearances


The Lipsyncher was a very vain, and prideful monster who seemed to be bipolar since she could go from peppy and happy to demented glee. She also acted like a marching majorette in a parade or a dance instructor before her face was damaged. Once she was scarred however, she lost most of her personality traits and quickly became completely focused on destroying Jason for scarring her although she gained a penchant to launch her head off whenever she was winning.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mouth Sound-waves: The Lipsyncher’s signature attack where she could exhale purple energy notes surrounded by purple energy through her mouth. These caused large explosions but only knocked down Jason and failed to faze the Griffon Thunderzord.


  • Sight: The Lipsyncher was able to see despite the area where her eyes would be covered over.
  • Strength: The Lipsyncher was able to take down the Red Dragon Thunderzord to the ground with twelve slashes from her sword, pick it up from the ground by the neck, and then send it flying by punting it with her sword butt.
  • Durability: The Lipsyncher had thick skin that allowed her to withstand and walk straight through the Red Dragon Thunderzord's flames without getting a scratch.


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  • Lip Sword: The Lipsyncher had a razor sharp lip-shaped sword that she could use in combat.
    • Sound-wave Generation: The Lipsyncher could pose with her sword to generate an apparently very painful sonic wave which made the Red Dragon Thunderzord Warrior Mode clutch its head.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Lipsyncher was voiced by Alex Borstein who was also the voice of the Bloom of Doom.
    • The Lipsyncher and the Bloom of Doom had the exact same voice with the Lipsyncher just having a slightly pitch shifted voice. Once she was scarred, her voice became the exact same in fact.


  • Lipsyncher was originally a marching majorette in Dairanger which is why she has a gigantic scalp resembling a marching band hat.


  • Her name was a pun on lipsynching, the act of making lip movements match to the original show common in dubbed shows from other countries. Ironically, Power Rangers has never had this problem
    • Oddly, the Lipsyncher was never referred to by name by Lord Zedd. The three times he referred to her, he just called her the “lipstick monster.” Her name is only known because of exposition from Zordon.


  • Lipsyncher’s suit did not appear in US footage as usual at this point in Season 2.
    • This was probably because, even during filming of the Dairanger episode, the suit was clearly falling apart such as when her face was scarred and her shoulder can be seen tearing.
  • The Lipsyncher was never referred to by name by Lord Zedd. The three times he referred to her, he just called her the “lipstick monster.” Her name is only known because of exposition from Zordon.
  • The shot of Lipsyncher being created was a combination of the three shots of her first appearing in Dairanger. They had to be carefully edited together due to the presence of the unmorphed Ryuu and Houou Rangers reacting to it.
  • Lipsyncher actually grew twice in the original two-parter she was featured in during Dairanger. The growth shot from her first battle was used here but only the second battle was actually used in Two for One. The first battle was a one-on-one battle against the Red Dragon Thunderzord's counterpart where they were evenly matched until she was forced to retreat when they took each other out with their finishing attacks and she was badly hurt. She returned later but the newly introduced Mythical Qi Beasts combined into the Heavenly Qi Palace which enhanced the Red Dragon Thunderzord's counterpart enough to kill her.
    • The reason for this cut was because the second battle involved a temple and Houou Ranger, making all surrounding footage unusable so finding a reason for her to retreat from her initial fight and then returning was impossible.
      • This was also why Pursehead was in the episode in the first place since there was a complete lack of usable footage in the episode.
  • The reason that the Lion Thunderzord did not display any powers against Lipsyncher was because its attack in Dairanger was an illusion-based attack involving the Super Sentai main villain who would later be adapted into Mondo the Magician.


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