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Lionheart is the season premiere of Power Rangers Wild Force, establishing the primary Wild Force Rangers, Princess Shayla the Orgs and Cole Evans' journey to find his family. This is the first Disney Era Season of the Power Rangers series.


For the past year, Princess Shayla has been gathering individuals to protect the Animarium, a sanctuary for the Wildzords, against the return of the Orgs. She has four rangers, who have worked well together when Cole arrives onto the scene. Cole is a young man with an affinity for animals, looking to discover what happened to his parents.


Deep in the jungle, a young native man named Cole swings through the trees with a monkey friend of his. The two stop for a bite to eat and talk, which is helped by Cole's ability to talk to animals. Cole is then called away by other members of his tribe as his ceremony is soon to begin. That night, Cole is told by the tribe's leader that while they have raised him since they found him as a baby it is time for him to follow his life's path. He is given two things that were found lying close to him where he was discovered; a photograph or him as a baby with his parents and a red crystal orb. The leader hopes that they will lead Cole to his destiny. The next morning, Cole says his farewells and leaves the tribe on a boat hoping to find out who he really is, not knowing that he will discover far more than he could ever have thought.

Near the jungle lies the metropolitan city of Turtle Cove. While all seems peaceful one night, a desperate battle takes place between the four Wild Force Power Rangers and a creature known as an Org. This monster, known as Turbine Org (Wild Force), flies through the air only to be attacked by the White Ranger. His attempts to get away only cause him to run into the Black Ranger, who gives him more of a beating. Before he can recover, the Blue Ranger rises out of nearby water and drags him in, raining more blows. Turbine Org uses his fans to escape through the air, only for the Yellow Ranger to catch him and fly in to a nearby building where he is surrounded by the four. Before they can destroy him however, they are blasted by the newly-risen Plug Org who then escapes with his fellow Org.

The four Rangers attempt to recover and demorph. The young Blue Ranger, Max, and his muscular but soft-spoken friend Danny, the Black Ranger, discuss the fact that they've never seen two Orgs together before. Something has happened to stir the Orgs up. Alyssa, the kind-natured White Ranger, agrees and states it's time they found the team's fifth Ranger. However the team's leader, the Yellow Ranger Taylor Earhardt, disagrees and tells them they're doing just fine as they are.

Cole continues his river voyage until he finally arrives in Turtle Cove. Upon arriving, he starts asking the locals (who are startled by his jungle gear) if they know who the people in the photo are. Getting no answers, he climbs a lamppost to check the people himself, only to discover just how large the population of the city is. That night, he sits on a park bench when a dog approaches him. Cole asks the dog if he knows who the people are, but obviously the dog doesn't know and runs off. Cole decides to go to sleep. Nearby, the dog is captured by Toxica and Jindrax for use in scientific experiments. As Toxica is disgusted at the very idea of humans keeping dogs as pets, the dog barks for help which is heard by Cole who runs to help. At their base in Turtledyne Laboratories, Jindrax notes they've got all the animals they need. He and Toxica go for a bite to eat, allowing Cole to break in and release all the animals that were captured. Toxica and Jindrax hear the commotion and rush to stop Cole, but it's too late and he escapes using his highly advanced agility. This is witnessed by a mysterious woman through mystic waters, who tells Taylor she thinks she's found who they're looking for. 

Outside the lab, Toxica and Jindrax lament their previous days of power and glory wishing their master was able to return. Just then the two spot Turbine Org flying through the air and are amazed to see one of their kind again. The two cheer, knowing that Orgs rising again means their master has finally returned. The two then change their forms and reveal themselves to be Duke Orgs

  The next morning, Cole wakes up to find himself surrounded by the four Rangers. Alyssa, Max and Danny try to talk the startled young man into coming with them, however when he hesitates Taylor goes for the direct approach and knocks him out with a punch to the gut telling him he's just been 'drafted'. Cole wakes up in an area not unlike the forest where he grew up. A few seconds later, however, he sees something he never would have seen in the jungle: a giant eagle flying overhead.

Climbing to a higher vantage point, he sees a wonderful valley complete with mountains and a lake. Looking around, he is approached by more giant animals: a black bison, a white tiger, and a blue shark which join the yellow eagle in observing the newcomer. Finally able to see them up close, Cole finds they don't look like normal animals at all but more mechanical looking. From the top of a hill, a red lion lets out a majestic roar. Cole is able to understand the lion, and climbs up to join him. However, climbing higher lets him realise the truth about his new surroundings: he's on a floating island, shaped like a turtle. Cole speaks to Red Lion, who tells Cole he's been searching for him. Cole's red crystal starts glowing, and taking it out he sees an image of Red Lion appear inside. Cole then enters a temple, finding the mysterious woman waiting for him inside. She introduces herself as Princess Shayla, telling him he is on the Animarium and that he is destined to be the leader of the Wild Force Power Rangers. The other four Rangers step forward and introduce themselves formally, grudgingly in Taylor's case. Cole believes a mistake has been made, but the others assure him it's no mistake and that they were all chosen in the same way. Cole tells the others that he came to find his destiny, showing them his red crystal. The other Rangers then surprise him by showing him their own colored crystals.

Any further discussion is halted when a nearby pool starts to bubble. It shows Plug and Turbine Org have returned, and the four Rangers head out. Alyssa stops and asks Cole to help them.  At Turtle Cove's dam, the Rangers find the two Orgs attacking people. Cole sees the animals are frightened and asks if he can help stop the Orgs. Taylor tells him he can, if the Red Lion chose the right person, and gives him a Growl Phone telling him to mimic their movements assuring him he'll understand. Cole does so and the five Rangers morph, Cole transforming into the Red Ranger for the first time. 

The now assembled Rangers immediately go on the attack against the two Orgs. Taylor and Max take on Turbine Org Danny, Alyssa and Cole take on Plug Org each one declaring their animal spirit. The two Orgs team up and start blasting the Rangers. Taylor is ready to rush back into the fight, but Cole shocks the other Rangers by telling them Red Lion spoke to him telling him they need to combine their weapons together to beat the Orgs. The Rangers summon their individual weapons and form the Jungle Sword. Plug Org is determined to beat them, and rushes towards the Rangers however this allows the Rangers to score a direct hit with a Savage Slash, finally destroying him. Turbine Org tries to flee, cursing Plug Org for not waiting for him before attacking. On top of the dam, he is shocked to be approached by Toxica and Jindrax. Turbine Org is amazed to see two Duke Orgs, and Toxica tells him they have something for him to get him back in the fight. 

The Rangers search for Turbine Org knowing he couldn't have got far. Suddenly Turbine Org appears behind them, having been transformed into a giant. None of the Rangers have ever seen a Org this big, and Cole's attempts to attack just get him swatted away. As he recovers, Cole finds his Crystal Saber is glowing and his Animal Crystal appears in his hand. The same thing happens to the others, as Princess Shayla tells them it is time for them to insert the crystals into the sabers to allow them to summon the five Wild Zords down from the Animarium to help in this fight. Inserting the crystals causes the sabers to play a melody, and the Rangers call for the Wild Zords to 'descend'.

On the Animarium, the Wild Zords, led by the Red Lion, respond to their call and use their powers to head down to Earth for the first time. They arrive and immediately begin attacking Turbine Org with the strength and special powers. However, this isn't enough and Turbine Org is still standing after their flurry of attacks. The Wild Zords gather with the Rangers, and Cole tells his fellow Rangers that just as they combined their weapons they must now combine the power of their zords to defeat Turbine Org for good. The five Rangers use their Crystal Sabers to fire beams at Turbine Org, and the Wild Zords fire their special attacks together too. This blast sends Turbine Org flying and causes him to explode, destroying him for good.

The five Rangers celebrate their victory, as Cole's battle against the Orgs and his quest to find out where he comes from begins.



  • Princess Shayla says that the Orgs have never grown to giant size before, but this is untrue as 3,000 years prior, both Animus and Merrick (the future Lunar Wolf Ranger) had fought against a giant sized Master Org. *It's possible either Master Org was giant sized, or that she was referring to regular Orgs


  • This is the first appearances of Cole, Taylor, Max, Danny, Alyssa, Princess Shayla, Toxica and Jindrax.
  • This is the second season to show already-active Rangers in the first episode, the first being Power Rangers Time Force.
  • Although he is mentioned only as 'their master', Master Org does not appear until the second episode "Darkness Awakening," making this the first and so far only time that the lead villain does not appear in the first episode.
  • Danny Wayne Stallcup appears as the human form of Jindrax but would not voice the character until "Ancient Awakening" and onward after replacing Richard Cansino.
  • This is also the only episode in which Jindrax and Toxica are seen taking human form.
  • This is the first episode to feature a White Ranger since Power Rangers Zeo's "Rangers of Two Worlds".
  • This is the first episode to feature a Black Ranger since Power Rangers Lost Galaxy's "The Power of Pink".

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