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"Guess I finally made the big time!"
―Lion Tamer Org after being enlarged by Toxica[src]

Lion Tamer Org is a circus animal trainer themed org.


It is not revealed what an Org Spirit acquired to become the Lion Tamer Org. He takes control of the Rangers and the Wild Zord. When Lion Tamer Org and the Rangers battled for control over the Wild Zords starting with the Wild Force Megazord components, they each went through several Kongazord combinations until Kite got through to them. The Org was destroyed by the Isis Megazord.Taming of the Zords

Onikage used an illusion of Flute Org appearing in the city to draw out the Rangers.The Master's Herald


  • Whip: He used his whip to control humans, animals and even zords.


"Red Lion, sit." - Lion Tamer Org

"White Tiger, jump through the hoop." - Lion Tamer Org

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