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Liogin (ライオギン Raiogin) (25) is the lion-themed Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone.

Character History

Liogin was originally a member of the Galactic Circus with his partner, Jeeg, traveling throughout the galaxy performing his shows and making people and children smile in the process. However due to Zone destroying many of the planets and killing many of the children that the circus had performed in, Liogin saw the hopelessness of trying to defy the invaders and becomes a Galactic Warrior to bring about what he believed was the inevitable. Despite it leaving the circus, Jeeg couldn't understand why his partner would leave and tried to pursue him in order to try and save him and bring him back to the circus.

Liogin is summoned to Earth to the Sakurajima area of Kyushu in order to help Zone activate a dormant volcano with the intent of covering the Earth in smoke and starting a second ice age. As Fiveman tries to take on the lion monster, Jeeg comes to Earth and tries to convince him to stop his violent action and to regain hope for the future and in making people smile again in the circus. As the doubt within Liogin began to rise, Zone decides to use Gorlin #21 to make him grow and complete his task as Meadow assisted in firing further meteors towards the planet for activating the volcano. Ultimately, using Jeeg and dressing up FiveRobo in a clown costume, Liogin finally decides to rejoin his partner and abandons the Gorlin, allowing for Fiveman to easily destroy it with Star Five as the lion and the acrobat return to the circus together once again.


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  • His main ability is the power to summon meteors from the sky, as well as uses a special see-saw as a weapon to perform gymnastic attacks against his opponents with the assistance of the falling meteors.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Liogin is the only Galactic Warrior to resist and escape the control of a Enlarging Beast Gorlin after being absorbed.


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