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Lingering SummerHeat Ninja Bero-Tan (残暑忍者ベロ・タン Zanshounin Berotan?, 29): A tongue-themed Chunin in mailbox armor who came from the postal service planet. Using his Space Ninpou: Human Stamp, he licks people into stamps. This was all part of Satorakura's plan to send letters to various friends, Berotan ingesting the letters to unleashes a heatblaze to incinerate the Earth while blasting the letters safely to their destinations. He studied the Hurricanegers' moves, countering their attacks until Yousuke and Kouta work together to defeat him. But Bero is revived and uses his "Tongue Tie"/"Bero Shocker" Ninpou combination on Senpuujin until Tenkuujin arrives. Bero is then forced to puke out his victims with Senpuujin's Hundred-Hand Press before being destroyed by Tenkuu Senpuujin.


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