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Lila (リラ, Rira, 1-47): Don Dolnero's right hand woman with pink hair. She is portrayed by Asami Kuru.


A rather obnoxious girl who happens to be a mistress of disguise and good with a pistol. Being a material girl, she frequently steals clothing and jewelry that suit her fancy. She mostly stuck around Don Dolnero as he had the two aspects she adored: money and power. She admitted she liked him a bit even if he had lacked them. After Dolnero's death, Lila went into hiding and has been missing ever since.

It is never mentioned whether she is human, a robot or a cyborg. However, considering that she and Gien can eat, she most probably is human.

Lila Prisoner

  • Ruje
  • Baron
  • Flan
  • Babaera
  • Domiiro


All Lila's powers are use for Nadira footage except Razer Nail which is Nadira exclusive.

  • Laser Gun - she can shoot powerful laser shot from her gun.
  • Barrier - When facing ranged enermy. Lila can put up a barrier to shield herself.
  • Alter appearance - Like most female villains. Lila can disguise herself. Her recurring trait in any disguise is her bright pink hair.
  • Teleportation


  • Don Dolnero- She resembles his mother. While she clearly admitted that she keep love him if he gave her money. In episode 47, after Don's death, she said that even if he lacks money, she still loves him.
Lila last

Even you lack it, I still love you

  • Gien- Lila seems to admire him at some point about killing the Timerangers yet she isn't that coldblooded.



concept art

  • Her name is a pun on the Turkish currency, Lira.
  • Lila is the most mysterious character in Sentai series as she never given her past information at all. Her fate isn't clear either. However consider that Nadira's change of heart, Lila might also become good and gone back to 30th century.
  • Lila might be inspired by Phantom Thief Kid of Detective Conan, as both wear white clothing and often target jewelry.
  • It's mentioned in an interview with Asami Kuru that Lila's outfit was specifically designed to be less revealing than the previous villainesses.


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