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LR Rescue Ops

The Lightspeed Aquabase

The Lightspeed Aquabase was the Base of operations for the Rangers in Lightspeed Rescue. It was built prior to the start of the series.


The design of the Aquabase is a cross between the Power Chamber, Astro Megaship, the Aquitian base of the Alien Rangers, and Terra Venture. The underwater base, located in Mariner Bay, consists of a central control room (Rescue Ops), connected by several tubes to various pods that lie on the outside. These pods typically contain living areas. The inside of the base has several control panels throughout that are similar in design to those in the Astro Megaship with the interior walls and screens being somewhat reminiscent of the Power Chamber. Aside from Rescue Ops and the living quarters, the Aquabase also had a galley dome, weapons testing area, Submarine Bay, and the Train Bay, which stored all Lightspeed Zords (excepting the Max Solarzord, which was stored in a separate bay that locked onto the left of the Train Bay) inside, with a crane arm for repositioning of the Lightspeed Rescuezords, Rail Rescues and Omegazords; the top of the Train Bay had a hinged portion that could rise up, and a Lightspeed symbol here would launch the Rescue Bird and the Red Mobile Armored Vehicle; for the Rail Rescues and Solarzord to launch, large tracks would also rise up and link with a nearby suspension bridge. The base was built underwater due to the demons' weakness to water, which protected the base, Rangers, crew, and Zords for most of the series.


In Rise Of The Super Demons, the last episode before the start of the finale, Jinxer plants a single Batling card on the Lifeforce Megazord. In the season finale, that card is activated and Batlings swarmed the base, destroying all they could. They also took control of the Lifeforce Megazord and used it in the destruction of the underwater base. When Captain Mitchell froze up during the attack, Ms. Fairweather took command and ordered an evacuation. However, the Rangers (minus Ryan Mitchell and Carter Grayson), Ms. Fairweather, and Captain Mitchell became trapped in Rescue Ops when the Lifeforce Megazord destroyed the connecting tunnels, effectively sealing off their escape routes.


The pressure from the water combined with the attacks on the base began to crack the windows. Using a maintenance shaft Joel found, Chad led the remaining Rangers and staff through it to the submarine bay. They fired torpedoes at the walls of the bay, allowing the water to flood in so they could escape. Two more torpedoes destroyed the Lifeforce Megazord, which took the remainder of the Aquabase with it. Among deleted scenes from Forever Red, a completely rebuilt Aquabase was supposed to be shown.

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