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Lights, Camera, Action is the thirty-third episode of the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


The Power Rangers take the special message of the power of education to the airwaves but Zedd tries to stop the show by changing a TV camera into the evil Showbiz Monster.


As Aisha completes her report on the history of television, Ms. Appleby reminds the class that the Power Rangers will be appearing on television tomorrow to promote the power of education across the country. Adam is nervous about being in front of the camera while Bulk and Skull are planning to unmask the Rangers on live TV and be famous. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd intends to create evil twins of the Power Rangers and put them on television to spread a much more malevolent message. When Goldar and his Z-Putties are quickly defeated by the Rangers as they head for the television studio, Zedd is forced to abandon his plan due to lack of time.

On the set of The Harvey Garvey Show, host Harvey Garvey introduces the Power Rangers as the audience chants for their heroes to arrive. After some introduction, the heroes begin talking to the audience that being a Power Ranger requires not just physical strength, but the power of an educated mind. To demonstrate, Kimberly and Billy tell the tale of their early battle with Pudgy Pig and how they outwitted the monster. Backstage, Bulk orders Skull to drop a sandbag to distract the Rangers while he pulls off their helmets, but Skull pulls the wrong rope and nearly hits Bulk. They trade places and try again as the Rangers teach Harvey how to do a jumping kick, only for Bulk to get hit by a bag of feathers.

Lord Zedd decides to ruin the show by creating the Showbiz Monster, and Zordon is forced to call the Rangers off the set so they can deal with the crisis. The heroes remind the audience to stay in school as they teleport away, just missing Bulk and Skull as they barge onto the set and tackle Harvey. In the park, Showbiz and a gang of Z-Putties are ready to start a fight scene, and Goldar is also present to deal with Tommy personally.

The Putties are dealt with, Goldar retreats, and the Thunder Megazord is summoned to destroy Showbiz. The next day at school, Ms. Appleby asks the class what they learned from the Rangers and also shares a fax sent from Jason, Trini, and Zack in Switzerland. They agree that education is the key to world peace, a feeling which their fellow Rangers share. Then Ms. Appleby wonders where Bulk and Skull are, before they enter the classroom acting like celebrities because they appeared on the show, until Ms. Appleby tells them to sit down. After they comply to her request, Ms. Appleby tells Bulk and Skull that they have detention for all of next week for being 10 minutes late to class, much to their anger.




  • The episode's first line says that "and television as we know it was first introduced at the World’s Fair 50 years ago in 1939.” Television was actually invented in 1928 by Philo Taylor Farnsworth.
  • The footage of Zedd stepping down from his throne is clearly footage of him stepping down from the observation balcony.
  • Due to needing to redub lines to avoid paying royalties, several mistakes are made;
    • Zack is completely silent in the flashback even when being hit.
    • Trini says when her Power Weapon is stolen. In the actual episode, Trini says "No! Billy! Get him while he’s eating.”
    • Jason is mostly silent even when hit.
    • Jason yells "no" when his Power Sword is taken when he said “man, my sword” in Food Fight.


  • This episode was originally meant to be the 100th episode of Power Rangers.
  • This episode is notable for being the first appearances of two Power Rangers mainstays.
    • Kim Strauss, who played Harvey Garvey, would later go on to voice Ninjor in the third season.
      • This was his only non-voice acting role in the franchise.
    • Bob Papenbrook, who voiced the Showbiz Monster, would voice Rito Revolto in Season 3 and several other monsters.
  • Footage from the episode was reused in a 2017 Ford commercial to advertise the Ford Escape.
  • Word arrives from Jason, Trini, and Zack from the World Peace Conference in Switzerland, the first the Rangers were heard from them since The Power Transfer.
  • The shot of the audience yelling "We want the Power Rangers" was repeatedly used by Fox Kids for Power Playback commercials.
  • The footage featuring the Rangers fighting Pudgy Pig utilized the substitute voice actors for Jason, Zack and Trini, as Saban was not willing to pay royalties to Austin St. John, Walter Jones and Thuy Trang by using the dialogue in its original context.
  • The score that plays when Skull accidentally drops a bag of feathers on Bulk is the same theme from the James Bond franchise.
  • General David Sarnoff, who is referred to as the father of television on the video at the beginning, is the grandfather of Daniel J. Sarnoff, one of the writers of this episode.
  • An earlier script draft featured a bigger focus on Adam's fear of cameras and an extended version of Bulk and Skull's sandbag antics. Both were removed for time.

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