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Lightning Monger (イナズマモンガー Inazuma Mongā, 49) is the final Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma, created from the space outlaw Inazuma Ginga

Character History

Main article: Inazuma Ginga

After multiple changes in the personell of Black Magma, including the death and "revival" of Führer Hell Saturn and the final death of Queen Hedrian, The Omnipotent God forces a new order into Black Magma by making Amazon Killer the new queen and forcing Inazuma Ginga, who had outstayed his welcome within the group, to become a Monger using the "physical ghost" of Hell Saturn throwing him inside the Monger maker. When sent out to face Sun Vulcan, Lightning Monger shows himself weaker and less effective than his original base, allowing for Sun Vulcan to easily dispose of him, first with New Vulcan Ball, then with Sun Vulcan Robo.


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He can spawn psychic explosions, jump high, and fire a lightning beam from his eyes. For weapons he is equipped with a rapier, a shield, a pair of pistols, wrist rockets, a wrecking ball, and Andromeda Bombs in his torso.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Lightning Monger’s costume is merely Inazuma Ginga’s, with the star swapped out for Black Satan’s emblem.


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