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This article is about a/an cross-series toyline in the Power Rangers franchise.

The Lightning Collection is a Power Rangers cross-series toyline. It is the first Power Rangers toyline to be produced by Hasbro after the company acquired the global Power Rangers toy license from the previous company, Bandai America, in February 2018. The line will serve as the successor toyline to the latter company's Legacy Collection, produced from 2016-19.


Hasbro unveiled the line at Power Morphicon 6 in August 2018, touting the upcoming release as "the most show-authentic Power Rangers figures ever". Each figure stands at approximately 6 inches tall, half an inch shorter than the Legacy Collection figures, and features a less "heroic" body sculpt with real-world proportions. In addition, each figure features over 20 points of articulation. Each figure comes with the character's personal weapons and other accessories, including interchangeable hands, optional "special effect" parts, and a separate "civilian" head featuring photo-realistic likenesses of the Rangers' actors.[1]

The line is being described as an "anthology series" with waves fearuring Rangers from different teams and eras.[1] The first figure from the line to be revealed was the Mighty Morphin White Ranger, with Hasbro displaying a prototype of the figure at Power Morphicon 6. A 55-second video showing the creation of the figure was shown at Power Morphicon, which included footage of the figure with its alternate "civilian" head bearing the likeness of actor Jason David Frank.[2]

Like the previous Legacy Collection, the Lightning Collection figures retail for $19.99.[1]


Wave 1 (April 2019)

Wave 2 (August 2019)

Wave 3 (October 2019)

These figures were slated to be released in December 2019, but were released in some places in October 2019.

Wave 4 (March 2020)


Non-Action Figure Releases

Upcoming Releases

Wave 5 (June 2020)

Wave 6 (2020)


Non-Action Figure Releases


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