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Light Armadillo (ライトアルマジロ Raitoarumajiro?) (25): The result of Maria's Bio Dimensional Bug imbued with armadillo DNA fused with a Baseball field's light post, this monster can roll itself into a ball while using its light bring shadows to life while the target becomes weakened over time as their life force transfers into the shadow. When attacked by the Jetmen minus Gai, it creates the Shadow Jetman (影ジェットマン Kage Jettoman?) as its enforcers as Maria creates an artificial light for the shadows to thrive in until their hosts all die. Canceling Maria's artificial light, Gai joins his team in defeating this monster with the Fire Bazooka. This was the first monster to be destroyed with Jet Garuda.

Light Armadillo appears in the Choujin Sentai Jetman video game as the boss of Area D.

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