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Peropero Bōma (ペロペロボーマ Peropero Bōma, 6) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes who comes to serve Boma Doctor Lehda

Character History

Released from a sealed coffin within a polluted lake by Lehda, Peropero Bōma uses his long tongue-like loin cloth to suck up the pollution from the lake to produce deadly monsters called Bōma Zombies (暴魔ゾンビ Bōma Zonbi), which destroy and corrode anything including the Turbo Lasers of the Turboranger. Holding the grandfather of Hiroshi and Misa hostage, Peropero Bōma uses his Bōma Zombies to overpower the Turborangers until Dazai turns the tables by giving the team their signature weapons. Pink Turbo wounds the monster with her W Stick's Stick Boomerang before the team finishes him off with Plasma Shoot. Peropero Bōma is then revived as a giant by Lehda and creates another zombie servant to assist it before both are destroyed by Turbo Robo.


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His main abilities are to use his long tongue to attack as well as to emit a corroding gas which can destroy anything struck by it. However its ultimate ability is the creation of its Boma Zombies, formed from pollution and which can likewise destroy and corrode anything they come in contact with.

Behind the Scenes


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