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""This new Megazord's my greatest invention ever. My masterpiece! With it, I will finally avenge the Prince and redeem myself in the Emperor's eyes. Those Rangers won't know what hit them. It's payback time!""
―Levira talking to herself and inadvertently introducing her personal Zord.[src]
PRSM-Levira Megazord Cockpit

Levira piloting her Megazord in the cockpit

The Levira Megazord was a Megazord built by Levira and piloted by her in a final attempt to destroy the Mega Rangers and redeem herself in the eyes of Emperor Mavro.


After being betrayed by Redker for the failure of her and Damaras to protect the Prince, Levira deployed this creation to help her kill the Rangers. She took them by surprise when they were on patrol for the Armada. They quickly formed the Megazord by her Zord was way too strong so they formed the Legendary Ninja Megazord. However, the evil Megazord was incredibly advanced and equipped with more than a few countermeasures-including one that allowed it to defeat the Minizord. Failing that, the Rangers used the Super Mega Starburst to overwhelm it's systems and then finish it off with the Legendary Samurai Megazord's Legendary Fire Smasher and it's Samurai Strike attack. However, Levira survived but was destroyed by the Rangers after.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-The Levira Megazord may be weaker than the Armada Megazord but it still easily overpowered almost all of the regular Megazord formations. It is also stronger than Tranceferer as it was able to defeat the Legendary Ninja Megazord which has destroyed him previously.
  • Durability-The Levira Megazord survived the Super Mega Starburst finishing attack although it was crippled and left side open to attacks.
  • Eye Blasts-The Levira Megazord can fire a massive orange beam from the eyes on its chest.
  • Forcefield Generation-The Levira Megazord can generate a large green shield in front of itself that is powerful enough to shield it from the Minizord Attack finishing move.


  • Claws-The Levira Megazord has large white claws on either hand for combat.
    • Electrocution-The Levira Megazord can electrocute anything that it touches, as shown when it touched the Megazord's head.


  • In the video game Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the Levira Megazord is voiced by Tony Oliver.
  • Like the Armada Megazord, it has the face of its pilot on its chest.
    • However, it is a lot less powerful than the Armada Megazord.
    • Levira survives the destruction of her Megazord, whereas Vekar doesn’t.

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