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Forty-first Lesson - Zushi-Zushi! No More (修行その41 ズシズシ!もうやだ Shugyō Sono Yonjūichi: Zushi-Zushi! Mō Yada) is the forty-first episode of Juken Sentai Gekiranger. It is the first of a two-part story delving into the backstory of Jan Kandou prior to his abandonment in the wilds, featuring the battle with Long's two Genjuken fighters, Dorou and Sojo.


Overburdened by Rio's challenge and his father's demands for him, Jan quits the Gekiranger in hopes of being relieved of his anxiety.


After Rio assumes his rightful place as the Gen Jū King, Jan suffers nightmares tied to the recent revelations he learned, placing him in a state of pandemonium. The gang at SRCTC worry for Jan's sake and mental well-being, but Jan's hesitation and nervous breakdown irritates Gou, whom is outraged that Rio didn't see him as his destined rival. At Rin Jū Hall, in spite of Long's intent for world domination, Rio sends Long by himself to prove himself. To that end, Long gives the task to his Twin Phantoms: Mythical-Beast Capricorn-Ken Dorou & Gen Jū Addanc-Ken Sojo. As the Gekirangers fight Sojo, Jan loses his concentration and runs off as the gang brought out Geki Bazooka. Though Sojo escapes, the fight was actually part of Dorou's master plan to use the Rangers' qi in his alchemy to create his Dorou Grain. Ran manages to catch up with Jan, who quits being a Gekiranger and runs away back to his forest home near the Beast Origin Village. Knowing where he was running to, Sha-Fu decides to reason with Jan for the team's sake by taking him to an important place to help him understand Dan. While this occur, the Gekirangers find Sojo using the Dorou Grains as Dorou arrive enlarged. While Dorou battles Geki Tohja Wolf and SaiDaiOh, Geki Blue uses the SaiBlade to deal with Sojo. But at the last second, the Twin Phantoms tag each other using Sojo's illusion to evade their opponents' respective deathblows. While this occurs, Mele confronts Jan and Sha-Fu as they head to Dan's hometown, refusing to accept Jan as Rio's rival.


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Gekiranger DVD Vol 11

Gekiranger Volume 11, DVD cover

Juken Sentai Gekiranger Volume 11 features episodes 41-44: Lesson 41: Zushi-Zushi! No More, Lesson 42: Wasshi-Wasshi Moving On!, Lesson 43: Hapi-Hapi! Merry Christmas, Osu, and Lesson 44: Wafu-Wafu! Father's Melody. [1]


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