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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of alcohol drinking. Viewer discretion is advised!

Thirty-sixth Lesson - Mukyu-Mukyu! The three Phantom Thief Sisters (修行その36 ムキュムキュ!怪盗三姉妹 Shugyō Sono Sanjūroku: Mukyu-Mukyu! Kaitō San Shimai) is the thirty-sixth episode of Juken Sentai Gekiranger. It is a transitional episode between the end of the Kenma of RinJyuKen and the beginning of the battle with Genjuken, introducing Long's partner Sanyo.


Retsu becomes dragged into getting back Elehung's precious gem after it's stolen by three thieving sisters who desire beautiful things.


At SCRTC, Ken gets frustrated that the other Gekirangers minus Retsu want to use SoZyuTo themselves. While this occurs, Retsu helps Sharkie in moving Elehung's things until they find a diamond he got from a Hong Kong starlet he dated in the past. This turns out to be the Raspberry Diamond, which costs 20 billion yen and attracts the attention of the Blossom-Storm Sisters, a trio of jewel thieves who seek to take the diamond for its beauty. During the fight, one of the sisters, Cherry, saved Retsu from getting hurt. But the sisters are later attacked by a Rinshī who is also after the diamond to bribe Mere into promoting him to the Rinrinshi rank. Retsu comes to their rescue, driving the Rinshi away as the two Kensei arrive. Taking them to a Chinese restaurant, Rose and Lily attempt to steal the diamond though using sake, with Cherry refusing to go along and intends to quit. But Rose and Lily refuse to lose the diamond and are over-powered by Retsu using his Jaguar-Drunk Fist style. During the fight, the Rinshī returns wearing Butoka armor, succeeding in stealing the gem. Once giving it to Mere, she awards him with her Infinite Violent Waves, but messed up and cause him to enlarge instead. By then, Ken runs in to fight the giant Butoka in SaiDaiOh to prove that SaiDaiOh is his, easily defeating the Butoka-Rinshī. Once the other Gekirangers arrive, the three sisters decide to take their leave while Mere realized the Raspberry Diamond was a fake. Once she returns to Rin Jū Hall, Long introduces to Rio two of the Four Gen Jū Generals, one in a coffin while being dragged in by the other: Gen Jū Basilisk-Ken master Sanyo.


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  • Pre-Credits: SaiDaiOh

DVD releases

Gekiranger DVD Vol 9

Gekiranger Volume 9, DVD cover

Juken Sentai Gekiranger Volume 9 features episodes 33-36: Lesson 33: Fure-Fure Gatchiri! Kung Fu Chūshingura, Lesson 34: Gowan-Gowan's Dain-Dain! Beast Fist Giant God, Comes, Lesson 35: Gyuon-Gyuon! Beast Power Blooming, and Lesson 36: Mukyu-Mukyu! The three Phantom Thief Sisters. [1]

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